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Accidentally Arborea

The game begins with us hand waving a ridiculous amount of teleporting as Dallinon’s population is sent to Wheatfield. Sivoreen sends a panic attack letter begging Betha to evacuate to Arborea before noon’s expected disaster, but the party (well, mostly Kaiva) remembers that every time they’ve done that before, it didn’t work out that great for the rest of the world. So, they’re not going!

But then red portals open up beneath everyone and you end up in Arborea anyway.

There’s an OVERWHELMING sense of peace that swarms over both Betha and Kaiva, and they’re totally fine with being here, it’s great! Kaiva is ESPECIALLY relaxed thanks to a nat1 save. Arborea is super great.

You show up in front of a Manor House, and inside is a high af High Elf named Tally who is THRILLED to make you a cake, why not two??? Life is great. She wants to help so much!!!

Exploring the house gives you a bit more information on fey-related things, including Sivoreen. It also gives you baths, ooh la la~

Due to time passing significantly faster in Arborea compared to the Material Plane, you all settle down for a long rest, during which Keandralin plane shift in and are trying to locate you guys. It doesn’t work out so great, despite Yannic shooting eldritch blasts up in the air.

In the morning, Kaiva and Betha regain their senses and Arborea actually sucks. Safety domed AGAIN, ugh. Betha calls Sivoreen, and Sivoreen says she didn’t intend for this to happen, deepest apologies, etc etc etc. She plane shifts you all back to…….Wheatfield. By request. She also plane shifts Keandralin in right behind you.

Wheatfield is now full of Dallinon people, and there are more Dallinon people than Wheatfield houses, so sticking your handy dandy teleportation device in a room at the Wheatfield Inn for a long rest is no longer an option. Because of this, you guys head to the one place Dallinoners(? Dallinonies? Dallinites?) are AVIDLY avoiding – Themenor’s (aka Remi’s evil af dad’s) tower.

Kaiva and Keanvari Enter a Contract

Once upon a 6am, Remi and Yannic and Betha have to figure out what to do with the muzzled little black bird in a cage that is probably Onrubia. This is a problem for many, many reasons, both politically and morally. DEBATE ABOUNDS (after the twins are corralled) as the Wheatfield-residing gang tries to figure out wtf they’re gonna do about this.

Suggestions made:

  • Send it back to the Celestial Plane
  • Send it back to Keanvari
  • Kick it and insult the bird a lot (thanks, Andra)
  • Take it into the Council meeting and put the bird in Onrubia’s seat
  • Take it into the Council meeting and tell the Celestials that KEANVARI DID IT IT WAS HIM IT WAS HIM point point point

It’s also determined that the bird is OBVIOUSLY from Keanvari, and the bird is also DEFINITELY Onrubia. Why did this happen? Questions upon questions. It’s probably supposed to be a present for Remi, though.

BUT, they (read: Kean) have Dallinon’s entire population to teleport, so after Ondelin’s objections to just leaving Bird-rubia in the inn with a blanket over the cage, the gang walks a couple miles to a beautiful little stream with wildflowers that Remi recalls from his childhood, with the intention of dropping bird-rubia off there so she at least has a nice view.

During the trek, Betha is approached by a familiar bright blue super-speedy messenger, who gives her a sparkly package from Sivoreen. Inside is a lovely wooden key and a letter that basically says that the big red column of light is Keanvari doing something dangerous and whatever that bad thing is, it’s most likely going to happen around noon, and the key would take her to a lovely vacation home on the plane of Arborea!!! So go there!!! ASAP!!!

Upon hearing this information, the party is like, “That is a good plan and we will go there!!! ASAP!!!” But it’s also decided that Kaiva should still be consulted. The poor messenger is given a reply and gets to leave, and the party teleports to the Dallinon camp —

except nope, think better of that after realizing teleportation is not an exact science when the wizard hasn’t seen the place, so the party teleports to Dallinon instead and walks for an hour.

Meanwhile, in the camp, Fen is off in the woods doing Fen things and Kaiva is making her way through the camp doing everything she can to cheer folks up and fix what she can. When the party comes into camp, there are even more decisions to make, specifically this one: if the big red light is going to do horrible deadly things, and Wheatfield is closer to that light, should they still teleport Dallinon folks to Wheatfield?

Kaiva takes out her red Keanvari book and starts corresponding with him regarding these concerns (to the horror of many).

Meanwhile, Yannic and Kean have an awkward conversation about how conversations are awkward, and make surprisingly good progress on figuring out how to communicate with no crying or running away! Sure, Kean runs away afterwards, but still! Good job, boys!

Everyone quickly begins looking over Kaiva’s shoulder to see the disaster doodle-ridden conversation which is cut and pasted here because I am lazy and all of you had access to this portion of the conversation:

yo keanvari what is going on with your red light?? Sivoreen is trying to safety dome us not into it. Also: what is going on with the bird onrubia???? why?

betha pointed out you might not know what a safety dome is cause i guess she thinks your dumb i guess. Kean stuck us in a dome of safety and it fucked up a whole bunch of stuff so safety dome = when someone sticks us in an unhelpful place so we can ensure bad shit happens because we dont help.


BAD ANSWER TRY AGAIN!!! give me a clue at least??? how bad is this gonna be? are people gonna die?

A clue, hmm.

I will say that the red light is not for you. People will die, certainly, but when do they not? [draws a cage around the previously drawn bird, followed by a smiley face]

Is the red light for the bird onrubia? IS IT ALL CONNECTED? can we play 20 questions or can you just like tell me, idk if you know this, i’m a very good detective so I will be getting involved [bad picture of kaiva with a magnifying glass]

Kaiva, every single thing I have done has been for one singular goal, and that goal is not to just incinerate an obnoxious celestial-bird. [draws a big moustache on kaiva]

can you give me an outline of your goals plz? [drawing of Kaiva and KV talking, in the dialogue box it says MY GOALS]

[under box, writes: – THINGSSTUFFPLANS]

keanvari i swear to god you are going on my STICK LIST I am trying to help here bud!!!

with WHAT?

just generally! making sure everyone is happy and healthy and not dead and doing well!!! that includes you and andraki too even if you are on my stick list!!!

[circles the ‘happy and healthy and not dead and doing well’ part and then the ‘andraki’ part and puts an arrow between them] Would you swear?


Eventually, a deal is offered: if the party will go destroy the Heart of the Abyss (which was already requested previously – supposedly, it’ll turn Andraki sane again), he’ll stop his evil plan to summon a giant super bad dragon and have it kill people.

Kaiva takes the deal, and signs a contract IN BLOOD, which reads as follows:

I swear that if you destroy the Heart of the Abyss, I will stop any and all plans on how to summon and ascend Uther, as well as destroy any information that could lead others to do so as well. [signed ‘Keanvari’]

Then I promise I, Kaiva, maybe with the help of the others or maybe not, will destroy the heart of the Abyss or die trying [signed ‘Kaiva’]

After the imp messenger (Bizzle) poofs away with the contract, the red pillar of light winks out almost immediately.



Kaiva Beans Kean
The Party Splits


Event Planning
Is Not Our Strong Suit

Placeholder; summary will go here

Andra and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Afternoon

While Fen hugs trees in a yard in Dallinon, Kaiva approaches Andra to discuss the whole remember-the-Callamo situation in town. After some roundabout discussion, Andra promises not to hurt or kill anyone in town, and Kaiva informs her of the Situation, and also of the statue/shrine to Callum in town!

When Andra heads over to the statue/shrine to beat the shit out of it, Kaiva readily hands over her battleaxe, and most of the party supports this initiative of Andra’s by blocking the angry villagers who are watching Andra beat the shit out of their beloved statue! The crowd will not disperse, and Andra becomes more and more agitated. So, she stabs herself in the neck. Kaiva rushes to help, but (with a natural 1) ends up actually making the knife thing even worse. The party rushes to assist, but when Ondelin arrives, he tries to get everyone away from Andra because this neck-stabbing was done to summon Andraki!

And summoned Andraki is, arriving in her usual big black blob way. She revives Andra, and Andra tells her to kill everyone. Finding this absolutely hilarious, Andraki says no, winks at Fen, and leaves. Andra just kinda stares up at the sky for a while, frustrated and pouting a bit. Eventually, she just gets up and starts to leave, and the party follows her out of town (after Fen draws a dick on the statue, by the shin).

As the walk continues, y’all finally show her the Keanvari letter, and she gives you the advice to just do what Keanvari says and follow HIS plan. When midnight arrives, Andra shakily teleports everyone back to Keyberry Ford and also tells you all to not tell Kean about the little Dallinon sojourn.

Everyone goes to bed(ish) in the little house (Kean’s already asleep in the bottom bunk bed), watches are done, and around 4am, there’s a red flash on the teleportation platform. When notified of this, Andra takes the red string from Yannic, and then rouses Kean just enough so they can nope out via teleporting (Undercommon discussion is very sharp on Andra’s part, Kean doesn’t even get out of bed).

As dawn and the ruby drop approaches, Betha decides to try calling Sivoreen, but nothing happens. They notice there’s a slight shimmer that more or less encompasses all of Keyberry Ford, some kinda AoE thing Keanvari set up.

DAWN ARRIVES. At the teleportation platform, there is a flash of white (not red!) light, and two cloaked figures step away from the platform after placing a small wooden box in the center. Inside is The Ruby, as well as a small golden charm shaped like a tree, which, upon some checking, is discovered to be a very old symbol of the Feywild royalty. One of the two cloaked figures is Sivoreen! She declines any attempts at communication. Both figures do, and leave relatively quickly.

In the meantime, since there’s oodles of time til party planning, Fen goes foraging and encounters yet another heart attack deer. Curious about this phenomenon, Fen and Kaiva go exploring to figure out what’s going on with these animals. Turns out they’re being poisoned by eating poisonous berries, gasp! Fen picks some, and Kaiva makes her promise to not poison herself or others.

And then, it was party planning time, dun dun dunnnn…..


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