Cannibal Cave

The game opens with the party standing in front of entrance to cannibal cave, which is a huge iron slab in the cliff face, 2 feet thick. It also has abjuration wards on it. After debating how to get in, Remi remembers his planar blade, wakes it up, and manages to start cutting into the iron. Fen tries kicking the door, which doesn’t help. Ondelin casts his protection spell, which will take 20 minutes.

When a hole is cut in the “door” a zombie face is there in the window. The party debates their next move until Andra starts attacking. Turns out the zombie is a large decomposing ogre with a morningstar! Attacks are made, it is subdued/destroyed, and a fireball is launched into the room beyond since there are more zombie things. Most things in view appear to be dead. Remi cuts the rest of the door, and Andra barges in. Ondelin stays outside to guard the town.

(In notes: “Huh. That was easy. How many Banishers usually come?”)

Fen casts a non-detection spell on Yannic, since going through the abjuration wards hurts him and y’all remember that whole “devil hand” thing is a Problem.

Head down tunnel off the big cave, which Andra already ran down. Andra is standing in the middle of the room, still, shaking and terrified. At the same point, Kaiva is fine! Nothing to worry about. Except that well with blood in it. It has a predominately necrotic magical signature.

The well (or something inside the well?) also talks to people psychically, asking for help. The voice seems extremely confused, and just wants help. Please? :(

MEANWHILE, deeper into the cave, there’s a room lit with green fey light that has one really big dead tree in the center, with four bloodless corpses around the base of it. There’s also a waterfall in the same room! The tree was once beautiful, and upon attempted communication, it’s discovered that there’s still a little bit of awareness in the tree. It can be brought back to life.

Down the other passage (2 of 2) from the room with the blood well, there’s stairs that descend into lava! All the zombies had burned feet. Perhaps the zombies originated from here!

Things known about blood: blood channels personality, thoughts, and conscience (whereas diamonds are existence). Dark evil magic uses [containers?] of blood for proto-clones, kinda like horcruxes.

Remi licks a waterfall. It’s magic water, and super refreshing! Things might turn out okay, I will make it through this, life isn’t all that bad! Thanks, waterfall!

Yannic pokes his staff into the surface of the blood well. There’s a gasp, and then it goes quiet.

No visible holes in the bodies, all mouths are open. Bodies have no blood in them. No sign of struggle. Age probably 25-35, fell asleep at the tree.

Green lamp (fey lamp mentioned above) is very old, probably over 1000 years old. It should be magical, but isn’t.

There’s a lot of lava down the lava passage! It appears to be mostly cooling, and there’s no sound from it. Very quiet lava passage!

Fen drops a pebble into the blood. Nothing seems to happen.

Put some refreshing waterfall water on the dead tree. There’s a bit of a press on your mind, and a sense of subdued warmth. More water leads to more awareness from the tree – relief, gratitude, hope, desperation!!!! It’s healing the tracks in the tree, and looks more like a tree in winter rather than a dead tree.

There’s tree-talking during which the tree expresses it’s very old and very upset about the bodies around it. It then provides a vision of four people being led to the tree, to sleep around it, and then the person holds out a hand and collects the four tree-sleepers’s blood in his hand, and then walks away. Tree feels deep sadness about this, and is furious towards this person in massive furry bulky robes with short dark hair!! Tree has a PURPOSE, for fuck’s sake, which you get as something like “peaceful, good dreams giving tree”

Re: the fey lamp, you get the story of how the sapling was moved here permanently by a person with very long ears who spoke Tree and told it to give people peace and then put the light there.

(“More water?” “Yes!! :D”)

Andra informs you that bulky furry robes is high-ranking cannibal garb, since their sizes changed drastically, depending on…factors.

Ondelin tries talking to the waterfall, is unsuccessful, and drinks some of the water.

Remi pours some of the water into the well, and there’s a shudder, but he’s still going to be okay and gosh darn it life’s going to work out, he just knows it!

There’s a passage underwater! It is under the waterfall and leads to a completely different place! Gasp! It’s very nice, and manmade, unlike the rough cave everywhere else. There are four unlit braziers equidistant in the room, with beautiful floors and walls, with a star-spiral design. Walls have geometrical designs, and you can tell it’s designed to move. The floor rotates and part of the left wall moves. Betha, Fen, and Kaiva know of the secret room!

Kaiva stays in the room instead of going out to talk about the discovery (because she’s still emotionally hurt and seething from the Hell Heist heistmaster demotion situation).

Everyone meets up to discuss the room, and discuss if there’s a way to traverse the magma room to get to where there’s almost definitely a secret entrance to the equally secret room! Plans, ideas, conversations!

You hear a splash from the well. Upon investigation, it is discovered that Andra is gone! Those who can hear the well’s voice in their heads can now hear that it is Andra’s voice in their head, asking all the same “help me!” questions as the previous one.

The party rushes to save Andra, communicating this to her and throwing the now-weighted friendship rope into the well. It is a very deep well. After pulling and pulling, her head surfaces, and Andra is pulled away from the well. When it is discovered that the well has taken a good part of her personality/memories/etc, she is rushed out of the cave and the enchantment is dispelled magically with a thirty from Yannic and Betha.

The well has a compulsion on it which got Andra to jump in.

“I didn’t know anything.” Andra informs the party that, “I was so confused […] except voices.” Then her name, and rope.

AND THAT WAS 1/26!!!


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