MORE Cannibal Cave

We begin outside the Cannibal Cave, with Andra recently rescued from the blood well. Remi is exhausted due to Immortal’s End (the godkiller kit sword) wanting to draw some blood and him not providing that service!

A magical black hole portal appears out of a plothole to deliver a letter to Betha!


The letter is passed around. It is discussed. Generally, it is considered to be Not Good.

Upon re-entering the cave, discussions are had about what to do to nullify the threat the blood well poses. Feeblemind-ing the well seems like a good idea, but none of you have that spell, soooooo… ¯\(ツ)

The rope you dropped down to pull Andra back out has 15 feet of blood on it. It’s a 30 foot deep well.

As an experiment, you decided to drop one of the corpses around the Good Dreams Tree into the well. The tree is NOT happy about this idea, and is extremely protective of the bodies!! But, it is placated. The body is harnessed up via Friendship Rope, and dropped into the blood well.

There’s 50 feet of severed rope off the Friendship Rope when the rope was tugged taut (sideways) during depth experiments.

Back in the lava room, Kaiva uses her spider cloak to spider chilmb through the lava cave and finds her way to a convenient little lever on a landing, with a very obvious moving wall! She flips the lever, and the wall opens into the nice secret room (which is now a sauna thanks to the Good Vibes Water being dropped into the now-lit braziers in the room). As the wall opens, so too does the floor, which rotates, and stairs down are revealed! They are beautiful stairs, brightly lit, and leads into a very big room.

Since nobody else can get past the lava, the party has to access it via the waterfall entrance. Yannic can’t swim, so Betha leads him through the water.

Ondelin is cautious, remains cautious, and warns everyone else to be cautious.

Inside the big brightly-lit room, there are ~20 old glass tubes, 12 of which have people in them, floating in blood in the tubes. Most of it is very old, but some parts are refurbished. There’s a few tables, and three chests as well – one full of tools, and two full of basic armor and weapons and other Starting Adventurer’s Gear. There’s also a tubey contraption that takes up much of the room, and the tubes with people in them are connected to it. The contraption channels all the blood through a variety of Things and eventually it focuses on a single little dropper above one of the tables.

It is quickly and obviously determined that this is some Evil Shit. There’s a whooole lot of necrotic magic around.

Andra starts swinging a weapon at the glass, and Kaiva offers to help, which is appreciated! They break the glass apart, and the blood goes into a drain in the floor while the body flops out of the tube, alive. The person is under the effects of what seems like an augmented Gentle Repose spell.

As the contraption churns its way through the tube blood, about half an hour later, it’s all dropped through the little dropper. This contraption-processed blood is shiny, pretty, ruby-like, and that whoooole body-containing tube of blood is distilled into half a vial of sparkly blood. It’s HIGHLY concentrated necrotic magic, with a bit of diamond dust picked up somewhere in the tubes.

(In other words: it’s pretty much a person in a bottle.)

When you give the sparkly vial to the person whose tube it was processed from, they come back to life! You do this to a few of them, and they all say that yes they are Banishers, definitely definitely Banishers, just like you!!! 100% Banishers, all the way. Totally. They also all have very vibrantly colored eyes, hmmmmm……….

The mummy one takes a lot longer to resuscitate, but it does still work. Ondelin helps the healing as well. Eventually there is an elf instead of a mummy!

Remi explains the situation to the “Banishers” and the resurrected mummies (and there’s a happy reunion with each other and the Good Dreams Tree). They were dead for a whiiiile, as in the mummy-elves are pre-Banishing War. The resurrected “banishers” are also surprised to hear the year.

Kaiva tries to convince one of the “Banishers” that it’s okay to be honest, Kaiva’s not a narc, and it doesn’t quite work. It’s clear that they’re all extraplanar. All of them leave ASAP, and Kaiva watches them leave. They all leave the second they’re equipped and healthy enough to vacate the premises.

Meanwhile, back in the lab, the party destroys all the glass! The tubes, the contraption, all the things!!! The blood well is now completely empty as well, and Yannic dispels the enchantment on it.

Kaiva finds some shrines in town (Dallinon, if you forgot the name). It’s a 300-400 year old town, maybe?

Dana, one of the folks who brought the party here, confirms she doesn’t know anything about the cannibal cave, and nobody else in town does either.

The resurrected mummy elves are very grateful but have no idea what to do next, other than get their tree healthy again and restore the cave to the place of tranquility it once was, and no, they’re not clerics. The tree and cave were once a stop on a pilgrimage of sorts, a journey from place to place to find solace and comfort (and good dreams). There are other places like this one out in the world. There was definitely no lava or blood well in the cave when they were here last time! And the basement was more of a temple to local nature spirits, not a cannibal distillation room.

Speaking of: there were over 20 zombies, all of which were created as a byproduct of the cannibal juice thing. Once their sparkly blood was consumed, the body turned into a zombie. Gasp.

Anyway, the elves are gonna stick around to try and fix/heal up the cave. But if you guys say it’s unsalvageable, they’ll move on. You don’t say that, though, so they stay in the ex-Cannibal Cave to help their tree!

AND THEN, having now seen a bit more of the town, the party visits Old Herb, the town’s leader! He gives the same answers as Dana about how the town had no clue what was going on in the cave. But he knows the TRUE STORY of the cave!!!!!!!!!

Dallinon is all that remains of the proud great noble kingdom of Dallinon, ruled by King Callum, who was the Best King Ever, For Real. He was destroyed in the Banishing War! Cowards ran into the cave in Callum’s greatest hour of need, ABANDONING HIM >:( and wtf of course they weren’t cannibals when they went in, that happened IN the cave. ANYWAY, BACK TO HOW GREAT CALLUM WAS. He came and saaaved the land during one terrible winter, came with FOOD, and saved us all!! The people became strong, powerful, and prosperous, and Callum’s great reign lasted for 100 years!!! He was on the edge of godhood, and they continue to worship him at the little shrine! After he was killed by GORLORIS HIMSELF in Keyberry Ford, the land lost his blessing. Alas. BUT DALLINON REMEMBERS!!!!!

Gorloris gave the world stability, but they lost a lot more in the process. So, opinion of Banishers is kinda :/

The game closes on y’all trying to decide how to tell Andra about this shit, if to tell her at all.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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