Ruby Tuesday
The Story of Yannic's Love Life

Seeing we need time to process the information he’s told us, Kean gives us some space and joins Ondelin and Andra outside the cave. We start coming up with a list of questions about our situation, and we consider the possibilities of asking the Lady of Learning or Sandy. Kaiva brings up a place she knows that might have helpful information: the library at the Monsterary. She’s hesitant about bringing us there, though, and she explains that it’s a hidden, sacred, and secret place. Kean can’t come because he’s a clone of Keanvari. Yannic says he probably shouldn’t go until we fix the part of Yannic’s memory that’s still missing, just in case.

Yannic and Betha go to find Kean. Betha asks when he thinks the envoys will start arriving, and Kean says he can maybe hold them off for two or three days max, since the cave’s cover is blown. Betha apologizes to the twins and goes back inside. Yannic suggests that Ondelin try a restoration spell to dispel Modify Memory. Although Ondelin is doubtful his spells would work, he tries. Yannic mentions the beholder plan, and Ondelin says it isn’t a good idea. Kean protests that Jan isn’t that bad.

Kaiva waves Yannic over and asks what he wants to do about his brain. Yannic says Ondelin thinks the beholder is a bad idea, so we decide to try contacting Sandy first. Fen asks Kean for a tuna clock, and Remi suggests maybe trying Sending, since none of us really know how to contact Sandy via prayer. Fen draws a clock on the cave’s floor and places the plate of tuna in the center, and then she chants and dances around it all. Yannic, thinking it won’t work, goes to talk to Kean instead.

Yannic asks if Kean can come talk with him elsewhere, out of earshot of Andra and Ondelin. Kean silently waits for Andra’s permission first, which she gives after a bit. Yannic begins by apologizing “for everything.” Kean tells him not to be, since none of it was his fault, or anyone’s. It was just unfortunate, and Yannic shouldn’t feel bad. Yannic asks if Kean will be okay, and Kean asks what he means. Yannic says it’s probably the worst timing given everything, but he loves Kean.

Kean is very quiet, and Yannic reassures him he doesn’t need to say anything, whether or not he feels the same way. Kean tells him he’s not good at this, despite wanting to be. Yannic takes Kean’s shaking hand, and Kean says he’d like to ask Yannic out on a date, even though now is a terrible time. Yannic says he wants to. Kean stammers and stumbles on his words for a good minute or so while Yannic tells him to breathe. Kean apologizes for being so bad at talking, and Yannic tells him he’s doing better than he expected. Kean says he’s very happy and it isn’t just Yannic who feels that way. Kean gave up Callum for Yannic, and that’s a big deal.

Yannic asks if a hug would be a good idea, and Kean says he doesn’t know. Yannic says he’s down for anything, anytime, and he can wait. If Kean needs to write things down, that’s okay too. Kean kisses Yannic, and then briskly walks away in the wrong direction, away from the cave. Yannic wanders back to the cave, and he lets Andra and Ondelin know that Kean’s out taking a walk of his own volition.

In the time it takes for Remi to craft a message for Sandy, Yannic returns, very much in a daze. When Remi casts Sending to ask Sandy how to best reach him, Sandy’s reply is 25 seconds of meowing, like a cat stuck behind a door. After some careful listening, Betha opens the door to Ondelin’s bedroom, and a cat wearing a purple bowtie walks out and over to the tuna.

When we ask Sandy about Yannic’s missing memory, the cat attempts some detailed Pictionary in the dirt of the cave floor. He draws Yannic kneeling in front of Keanvari in Hell and asking for something. Yannic says he doesn’t understand, so the cat walks through the wall. We all look at each other, hold hands, and follow.

On the other side, we’re in a stone chamber that serves as a sitting room, albeit with lots of cat furniture all over the place. Sandy tells us he isn’t sure whether it was the past or future. Fen offers cuddles and pets in exchange for information. Sandy says he can either uncurse Yannic’s hand or undo the Modify Memory spell, not both. We discuss options at length. We decide against asking Keanvari about either. Sandy informs us that the beholder scenario doesn’t go well, since she cheats.

Sandy offers Yannic the choice of reliving the moments that he forgot, with the chance to change them. Yannic says he’d rather just see or know what he forgot. Sandy says Yannic made a promise (on Banfey). We ask if someone else could volunteer an experience or memory instead of Yannic. The price Sandy asks of Yannic is the memory of taking Kean to his house one Banfiend. Yannic would remember that Kean never showed up. If Fen were to give up a memory, Sandy would take the day that Vega picked her up. From Remi, Sandy would take Grandma Therris’s adoration and love; Remi would only remember that she adopted him and he lived in her house. From Kaiva, he would take Monk. He would take Betha’s mother from her, but that might break her.

We ask if we could trade a future memory instead. Sandy asks for two hours from everyone – the same two hour block at once. He’ll do the courtesy of leaving us a note so we will know he’s collected. We ask for some time to ourselves to discuss what we’re willing to give up. As a precaution, Yannic shows us a ring his mother gave him when he turned 16 that he would want to know came from her. Fen tells us about her childhood with Vega and the times she fought a bear and a wolf. When we’re done, Kaiva presents our offer to Sandy. We settle on two consecutive hours in the future, provided Sandy lets us know he’s done it. Yannic says he’d rather see the memory alone, so Sandy takes him.

When Yannic returns, he looks upset. He says he’s okay and what happened won’t immediately cause destruction. After some prodding, Yannic explains that Keanvari made it seem as though a ruby was Kean and threatened to destroy it/Kean, which prompted Yannic to swear that he loved Kean/the ruby. Remi observes that Yannic kind of Banfey-married himself to a ruby.

When Fen and Kaiva are done grilling Yannic, Sandy has opened a door back to the safety cave. He tells us that the all-important conference won’t be within the next week. In exchange for promising that the two hours won’t be during Remi’s wedding, Remi promises to have Sandy as the flower cat, which Sandy only agrees to if someone will hold him up at the front.

Ondelin is the only one outside the cave, Andra having gone after Kean an hour ago. He isn’t sure when they’ll be back, so Yannic writes on his message paper. We invite Ondelin back into the cave.

Boulder vs. Frog
We're what now?

While the twins argue, Betha finishes making two vials of Swift Step Draught and seventeen-year old Yannic congratulates Remi on his engagement. A few hours into the argument, Andra shouts for Ondelin, and half an hour later, he comes out looking overwhelmed. He tells us he’s worried about the twins because they are super drunk.

Andra shouts for Kaiva, who wants to know if it’s time to drown Kean. Andra says she punched him and they’re on better terms now. Kean isn’t evil, he’s just super stupid. Andra notices Kaiva’s returned to her normal age. She still means to go with Kaiva, just maybe not tonight. She says she doesn’t want to be around the others for a while. Kaiva says she’s pissed at them too and offers Andra more soup.

After leaving the soup pot in the twins’ room, Kaiva tries to persuade itty bitty Yannic to go to bed. Yannic accepts Remi’s offer of his and Ondelin’s bed. We go to set up watches, but Betha says she’s planning on staying up all night. Everyone else wants to try it too, which Ondelin thinks is a terrible idea. They decide to make it a sleepover, and Ondelin gets playing cards from the twins’ room. Kaiva suggests poker, and upon seeing how naive Ondelin is, sets him up to be played.

Kaiva looks for Fen, to see if she wants in on the action. She finds her sitting by the boulder at the bottom of the hill, but Fen ignores her. She refuses to play with Kaiva because she betrayed their friendship. Kaiva explains that she isn’t mad at Fen; she’s mad at the four Banishers as a group because they let her down with respect to things that are really important to her. Fen argues that there were things important to her too that she sacrificed to survive and save herself and others. Kaiva says she’ll try not to be mad at Fen. When Fen asks if Kaiva’s still leaving, Kaiva invites her and mentions that they aren’t leaving tonight because Andra got drunk with Kean. Fen tries to convince Kaiva to agree to rob Kean, and the plan involves blankets for plausible deniability. They decide to get all of Ondelin’s magical flowers first, plus half of Remi’s money. Together, they head back up the hill, leaving the boulder behind.

Meanwhile, Betha and Ondelin have been on watch, and they’ve seen a few things prowling around the cave, staying about 30 feet away. Ondy elects to stay on watch, so when Kaiva and Fen return, they briefly try to figure out how to incorporate betting in Go Fish. Failing that, they decide to play Pictionary instead.

Ondelin asks Betha why she wants to try staying up all night, and she tells him it’s to disprove Yannic’s theory that time travel gave him the ability to not need sleep. Remi goes to check on Yannic then, and finds him trying to sleep with no success. Frustrated, Yannic blames it on the cave. Remi offers to cast Sleep on him, but Yannic politely declines. When Remi goes back to the others with the news that Yannic can’t seem to sleep, Betha shares Yannic’s theories about why he hasn’t been sleeping, and the group discusses how it might be that Yannic doesn’t seem to be dead from not sleeping. Ondelin argues that some of us should sleep, since he can only stave off the effects of exhaustion for a couple of people. We notice that we’re actually feeling tired, so Ondelin manages to convince some us to get some sleep. Kaiva sleeps on the floor where she was sitting, and Remi decides to sleep as well. Fen eventually falls asleep despite trying to stay awake.

Before Remi goes to sleep, he offers to cast Sleep on Yannic again, and Yannic grumpily agrees. However, when Remi casts the spell, it doesn’t take, even though he knows it really should have, given the strength of his casting. He apologizes to Yannic and rushes back to the group to share what happened. We conjecture whether or not it might have something to do with Keanvari, but we decide not to ask Kean until Yannic’s back to his normal self. Ondelin says some nature spirits can’t sleep, and all celestials don’t need sleep. Knowing now that Yannic can’t sleep, the rest of us decide to sleep, and Ondelin offers to take all the remaining watches. Yannic remains awake for the rest of the night, grumbling to himself.

Before dawn, Kean shakes Remi awake to ask where Yannic is. Kean starts the conversation with Yannic by apologizing for not having been a good friend the previous day. Yannic asks if he’s okay. Kean says he drank too much but he’ll deal. He wants to try to get Yannic back home where things are okay, and he has a theory of how to do that, since Kaiva turned back to herself. Kean asks if he can cast a spell on Yannic, warning that it’ll be weird. Yannic agrees, and Kean takes a minute to do so. It’s the strongest spell that seventeen-year old Yannic has ever seen Kean cast, and when it’s done, he can see a second or two into the future. Kean says it should help get Yannic home when sunrise arrives, and if it doesn’t, they’ll try again and again until it does. Yannic thanks him.

Kean asks if he could do anything for Yannic until then, and Yannic asks for food, maybe toast or something? So Kean goes to cook way too much food while Yannic watches. Andra comes over and sits next to Yannic. She outlines Kean’s theories about why Yannic probably won’t remember this de-aged time: Yannic is from the past or his mind was messed with. Given that Kean thinks Yannic won’t remember, Andra tells Yannic, “I’m going to work on forgiving you guys.” She says it will take a while, and she’s only telling Yannic because he’ll probably forget. Andra says she’s surprised by how nice her brother has been to the party, and we should be grateful he’s being more merciful than she. Yannic asks if we did something wrong, but Andra refuses to tell him, in case he does remember. And in any case, Kean is right. She simply says she’s working on it and she wanted to tell one of the party. When Andra walks away, Yannic tells Kean his sister’s weird.

Seeing all the food prep, Remi offers to bake bread. Kean accepts. Before Kean’s cooking is done, dawn arrives, and he leads Yannic outside the cave. As the sun rises, Yannic’s mind returns to its nineteen-year old state, but he’s still physically 17. Remi is also still physically older. Contrary to Kean’s theories, Yannic does remember everything that’s happened over the past day. He tells Kean he’s mentally back, and Kean says they’ll try again after breakfast by teleporting someplace where dawn’s just arriving.

When Kean finishes making breakfast, we eat. Betha grabs some food for Ondelin, and they chat about what might have been rustling around in the dark last night. Andra scoots over to Kaiva to ask if they’re still on for a trip to Sylyarus’ compound. Kaiva says she doesn’t have to come, but Andra insists because she said she would. Andra asks if they’re still kidnapping Yannic, but Kaiva, thinking that Yannic is still 12, expresses doubt about their collective ability to rear a child. She does suggest bringing Fen, which Andra is reluctant to do.

Andra explains that she recently got news, and she’s just a little peeved with everyone except for Kaiva and Ondelin. Andra explains through an extended metaphor of a boulder squashing a frog that she’s upset with the others, even though she knows it wasn’t their fault and they didn’t mean to. Kaiva says she understands because she wanted to go back to the other plane to help Morthred. Andra asks if Morthred isn’t helped already, and Kaiva says she doesn’t know, what with all the time stuff. Kaiva wonders aloud if they could ask Yannic or Betha about the time stuff, and Andra tells Kaiva to do the asking, since Andra’s mad at them. Andra says the plan is to fix Yannic and to have a discussion, and after that, they can leave. Kaiva asks if the discussion will be about the squashed frog, and Andra says she doesn’t want to talk about it, but she was the frog.

While Andra tries to stack squirrels on Ondelin’s head, Kaiva goes to ask Betha and Yannic about the timelines and planes. They are unhelpful. Betha expresses concern about Yannic’s not sleeping being potentially connected to Keanvari, so Yannic calls over Kean to explain the situation. Kean says it probably isn’t because Yannic has turned immortal, and he asks if Yannic feels particularly devilish or fiendish. He asks if Yannic has prayed to not need sleep or somehow otherwise wished or willed himself to not need sleep. He asks if Yannic has done anything to prevent sleep. Yannic says no and suggests Kean cast Detect Magic.

When he does, Kean is shocked to learn that Yannic has a devil’s hand and traces of Modify Memory in his head. Yannic explains that Andraki shot off his hand and we all went to hell on Banfey so Keanvari could fix his hand, which is when Modify Memory was cast. Kean is horrified, and when someone mentions our plan of a drinking contest with Jan the beholder, he immediately seizes on it as a good idea. Yannic says he was able to recover some of his memory from the Modify Memory, but then it just cuts off.

Kean asks Kaiva about her plans to leave, so Kaiva shares that she plans on leaving to run some errands on her own. Kean asks if she and the rest of us wouldn’t mind coming with him in case he needs to be protected while casting magic. We agree, and off we go. Luckily, in the first place we go, both Remi and Yannic return back to their normal physical ages, and we get to go back the safety cave immediately, startling all the squirrels off of Ondelin in the process. Ondelin becomes obsessed with the idea of celebrating Remi and Yannic’s “birthdays” and Remi finally acquiesces. He and Andra settle down outside for more squirrel stacking while Kean takes us inside the cave to explain a thing.

With resignation and an air of preparing for complete doom, Kean tells us to sit down. He starts by saying Kaiva is not one of the problem people; the problem people are the ones who opened the very first planar gate to the Shadowfell about ten years ago. The very first weakest of demons snuck through because the problem people sacrificed a child, and the gate opened when a group of kids killed a demon and sent it back.

That gate opening was never supposed to happen, not that early. When Keanvari originally decided to create the clones, he placed a contingency on them so they’d only wake when the gates were open. Because the gate was opened early, the clones woke up without being occupied by gods. The clones were supposed to be empty bodies that a soul could take over, not walking, talking bodies that a different consciousness would take over.

While Andra has kept herself hidden very well to avoid being possessed, Kean hasn’t been able to. As such, he’s been possessed multiple times, and in the interest of self-preservation, he and Keanvari have had an agreement for a while: if Kean does what Keanvari wants, he doesn’t have to possess his clone.

Because we killed the person who opened up the extraplanar system, each of us became the nominal representatives of each plane, including the material plane, in a future conference. A mediator will decide what happens with the planes, and that mediator is Kaiva. Kaiva was selected because she’s an independent party who is considered open to change and new ideas.

Remi asks if Kean knows who was chosen by whom, and if so, if we’re allowed to know. He says it’s pretty obvious: Yannic was chosen by the fiends, Betha by the fey, Remi by the undead, the one that died was chosen by the celestials, and Fen was chosen by the primordial version of the material plane. Because Pruaga died, the celestial plane doesn’t have a chance unless all of us are killed, which would reset the representatives.

Kaiva protests that she can’t possibly be the mediator and laments that this is really much more complicated than a boulder crushing a frog. Kean says he doesn’t know all of the plans; the plans he knows have already been achieved. He never expected the Banfey plan to work, but it did, partly because he did what he could to keep us from interfering.

Fen says what’s done is done and we can only move forward. Remi asks what moving forward means and what will happen in the future. Kean says that we’re all likely to become proto deities of interplanar travel, particularly Kaiva, who would be known for her decision, whether she was praised or cursed for it. When Fen expresses excitement about becoming a god, Kean tells us he remembers ascending, and it wasn’t pleasant. He says ascension involves losing oneself, and there’s a reason others have gone around killing people while on the cusp of godhood. Betha asks if Kean knows the timeline for our ascension, and he says no, though he’s been looking for one.

Andraki and Keanvari waver on how they feel about us, but they see our roles as a necessity. Some others want to kill us, to start again with different representatives. Someone asks what would have happened if we had stayed in the other plane, and Kean says he doesn’t know. Betha asks if that’s why he wanted to bring us back, and he says no, it was for other reasons.

Kean describes how when he first met Yannic, he was not what he expected. Kean hadn’t known how young and unaware of everything we were. He didn’t know we were scared, and he’d expected something that wasn’t there.

Kean says that’s all the big, important stuff he has to tell us. He created some planar gates for himself to prevent having his body possessed, and he and Andra are going to go close or destroy them after Andra runs the errand with Kaiva. One of us asks if Kean will be safe, and he says he’s never safe and he will never be safe. Kean says all he can do is try to do not evil things, which seems like a good idea. Possession is still a problem, but Keanvari doesn’t have to possess Kean anymore, and Andra’s a lot safer than that because Kean has made sure of it. Yannic silently takes Kean’s hand.

Kaiva asks if the rest of us are supposed to get in charge of our respective planes. Kean says we could, though we aren’t supposed to do anything other than make choices. Fen points out that we aren’t very good at those. She’s incredulous that there have been people watching us for half our lives and they couldn’t pick better people. Kean says it was the trees and nature spirits that were watching Fen. Vega took Fen home with her because of all this; it isn’t something she would normally do.

Remi asks if that’s why Eric Bridger was at every party Remi has ever attended. Kean says probably, and also he is very dangerous. He advises Remi to run in the opposite direction if he ever sees Eric Bridger. He has multiple faces, bodies, and planes of existence. He is everything and nothing, and probably the most dangerous member of the council. Nobody knows what kind of entity he is, though he’s mostly likely a god, possibly a god of the unrecognized and unnoticed.

Fen wonders what Kaiva would be the god of, if she became a god. Kean says he doesn’t know; it’s sort of a personal choice. We wonder if Sandy would know how much time we have until the conference, or until ascension. Kean says one of us will take over the material plane, and Kaiva will decide who. Kean tells us the council will know we know soon because Kean is a clone. Kean confirms that choosing one person does not cause the others to perish. He says there will be envoys and we will be invited to council meetings. We’ll know when the conference is happening, because it’ll just be the five of us.

The point of all of this is to tear down every wall between planes that they can. If Fen is chosen, it’ll just be a world of Fen, the trees, and Kaiva. Choosing Fen means destroying civilization and returning the material plane to nature. Fen says she likes trees, but wonders how she and Kaiva would live a life on the edge in a such a world. She asks if all of us can be chosen. Kean says maybe, if Kaiva can think of a way to do it. He doesn’t know what choosing the others would really look like, because it hasn’t happened yet.

Kean says Andra needs some time to deal with the knowledge that we were the ones who woke her up. Remi says he’s sorry. Kean says he knows we are, and that it wasn’t our fault. He knows we were kids and didn’t know. Unlike Andra, he’s had a few more years to get over it.

Cage Fight

Standing in the center of Andraki’s cage, Nemit tells us we don’t have to fight him – all we’d have to do is swear we’ll stay in this plane. From the other side of the shimmery steel bars of the cage, Andraki watches impassively. We try to talk to Nemit about what our options are, and he blows us off. Abruptly, Remi physically ages three years to 26, Kaiva ages physically four years to 31, and Yannic de-ages two years to 17, both physically and mentally. As he looks around, the only person he recognizes is Remi, since Yannic has forgotten all the events of the past two years.

Kaiva attempts to seduce Nemit, who flicks a dart at her, sending into the ethereal plane. The rest of the party loses sight of her, but Kaiva can still observe the material plane. Remi tries to protect Yannic while Fen also has a go at seducing Nemit. When that fails, Fen turns her charm on Andraki, who is similarly unimpressed. Andraki reiterates that she just wants the handcuffs.

Outside the cave, Keanvari falls to knees and starts crying. Andraki’s attention is immediately focused on Keanvari. Yannic, who thinks the person outside is Kean, rushes forward, and it takes both Remi and Fen to stop Yannic from reaching through the cage’s bars to comfort Keanvari. Andraki tells us we have six seconds to hand over the manacles before she leaves. Instead of paying any attention to the demon goddess, we climb over each other to keep Yannic safe from himself and Nemit, so Andraki leaves as promised, taking her sobbing brother with her.

Nemit tells us again to swear that we’ll stay in this plane. Remi agrees. We ask if we’d all have to swear, and we ask what will happen to the other plane. Nemit tells us yes to the first, and that the other will not be our concern. He also says Kaiva can still hear and see us, even though we can’t see her on the ethereal plane. As Nemit tells us to think about all the people we’ve killed, all the children we’ve killed, he moves closer to the group, and Yannic is thrown into the ethereal plane with Kaiva.

To Kaiva’s eyes, Yannic has de-aged to be a literal child who knows next to nothing, so she tries to explain to Yannic what’s going on with the apocalypse and whatever Nemit’s talking about with the planes. Nemit’s words about being responsible for the death of so many children ringing in her ears, Kaiva gives in and swears she’ll stay in this plane. Kaiva reappears in the material plane, leaving Yannic in the ethereal plane by himself.

Remi persuades Yannic to swear as well, even though he doesn’t really understand what he’s swearing, and Fen swears just as Yannic returns to the material plane. Ondelin confusedly swears as well, but Nemit tells him he doesn’t need to. Betha swears, finally, and Nemit tells us not to do any more world shifting. We tell him we didn’t mean or want to just as Nemit steps through the air and disappears.

We turn back to the cage bars, trying to figure out how to get out. Remi attempts Knock, to no avail. Betha makes sure Andraki or Keanvari aren’t nearby before Remi uses Sending to contact Andra. When Remi tells her briefly what’s happened, Andra laughs and comes to the party cave to laugh some more.

Remi Shatters the cave floor near the entrance, turning it into rubble we can move to go under the cage’s perimeter. Andra merrily leads us back to the safety cave, laughing in anticipation of Kean’s reaction to Yannic being de-aged. Upon seeing Yannic, Kean freezes and then proceeds to avoid Yannic as much as possible. Kaiva is upset with the Banishers, so she stays outside the cave.

While Kean makes soup for dinner, Andra sidles up to Yannic to ask how he and Kean first met. She says Kean’s told her, but she doesn’t believe his version of it, given his personality and social history. Yannic says Kean was nice. When prompted by Andra, Yannic agrees that Kean “just showed up” and gave him magic. Betha recalls what Sivoreen told her just before Banfey on this plane – different people and factions took interest in each of the kids who fought off the demon on Banfiend nearly ten years ago. Hearing this, Andra gets a strange look on her face, gets up, and goes to her room.

While the rest of us discuss what extraplanar factions might have taken an interest in whom, Kaiva goes to Andra’s room to ask who is in charge of the area the Monsterary is in. Andra says it’s either the celestials or the fey, but she isn’t sure because she mostly pays attention to the fiends. After dancing around naming the place, Kaiva asks if Andra’s heard of the Monsterary. Andra says she has, slightly. Trying another tack, Kaiva asks if Andra knows about Kean’s suppliers for his magical teleportation stuff. Andra says no, but she’s interested in sitting in when Kaiva says she’ll ask Kean himself.

Kaiva approaches Kean as he makes soup as far away from everyone as possible, and she tells him they need to talk about his suppliers, specifically Sylyarus. Kaiva wants to know what Kean knows about him. When Kean says he doesn’t know much besides that he’s in the “acquisitions business”, Kaiva admonishes him for being a fool who buys from someone he doesn’t know. Kean says he hasn’t talked to Sylyarus since he finished the magic thing he was doing. He offers to draw a teleportation circle for Kaiva, one that will take her directly to Sylyarus’ compound. Kean says he isn’t sure if he’s there or dead or anything, but he does draw the circle on Kaiva’s clipboard. Kaiva tells him she’s sure he’s still alive.

Seeing that Kaiva’s done, Andra asks Kean if he was making planar gates. Andra takes Kean’s silence as confirmation, and she walks away. Kaiva tells Kean to make soup and stay away from people like Sylyarus, and then she returns to her spot outside the cave.

A little while after, Andra walks through the cave to its entrance carrying a packed bag. Kaiva stops her and asks what’s up. Andra says she ran away from her brother for ten years because she thought he was evil, and now it appears he’s been doing evil things. Kaiva asks where she’s going and offers Sylyarus’ compound, since Kaiva plans on going there. Andra tears up and makes sure Kaiva wasn’t part of the group of kids on Banfiend ten years ago before agreeing.

Andra offers to teleport the two of them, though she does warn Kaiva her teleportation doesn’t always work well. Andra suggests they get Yannic away too, so they plan to take a watch together later and take Yannic. Plan made, Andra and Kaiva settle in for Pictionary.

Later in the afternoon, Fen passes by to find the boulder at the bottom of the hill. Andra and Kaiva decline to help. It takes until dusk, but Fen manages to push the boulder up the hill by herself. Andra and Kaiva try to persuade Fen to leave the cave’s entrance open. Kaiva tells Fen that Andra is upset with Kean, so they want to play a prank on him, like taking all of his stuff. Andra gets super into the idea of drowning Kean. Between their dubious explanations and the packed bag sitting next to Andra, Fen figures something is up and calls Betha over.

Betha asks what’s going on, and Andra explains that she’s angry with Kean and needs to leave for a while. Kaiva says she has some important errands to run. Fen tells Kaiva how hurt she is that Kaiva is leaving her. Andra and Kaiva don’t mention that they want to take Yannic with them, but they provide an explanation for why they want the cave entrance left open. Betha says she’ll join them during their watch since she plans on staying up all night to test Yannic’s theory about sleep anyway. Fen rolls the boulder back down the hill and sits by it, upset by Kaiva’s betrayal of their friendship. Betha offers to make a couple of Swift Step Draughts for Andra and Kaiva, and they agree to wait at least that long before leaving.

Meanwhile, Kean has finished making his soup, and he tells everyone dinner is ready. Andra looks as though she wants some, but she’s reluctant to enter the cave. When Kaiva gets some soup for herself and Andra, Kean tells her he’s made candy as well, but Andra will have to come and get it herself. Despite trying her hardest, Kaiva is unable to wrest any candy from Kean, so she goes back to Andra and tells her they should drown Kean and take his candy. Andra laughs and says she really misses her brother. She’s not sure if the Kean in the cave is her brother or not, but that was pretty funny. Kaiva tells Andra she could stay with her brother if she wants, but Andra says she’ll go with Kaiva to do some thinking. After she gets some of that candy.

When Andra enters the cave, Kean pulls out the candy and holds it in his hand, waiting. After a bit, Andra gives in and goes to their room, and Kean follows. From behind the closed door, we hear shouting for the next few hours.

At sunset, Kaiva returns to her normal age, but Remi and Yannic remain 26 and 17, respectively.

Safety Cave, Party Cave

Fen and Yannic settle in for a watch, and a few sounds catch Fen’s notice: a slight vibration in the cave and Remi making a lot of noise in Ondelin’s room. Fen considers whether or not Remi is dying and whether or not she might be a dolphin or bat. Yannic hears nothing, and after their watch, he retreats to a recess in the cave to copy a spell instead of sleeping. Kaiva and Betha’s watch also passes uneventfully, save for the end, when Betha discovers that Yannic is studying, not sleeping. He asks her not to tell Remi, and he unconvincingly promises that he’ll sleep before he dies from exhaustion.

When Betha goes to wake Andra, she asks Betha if she was attached to Sivoreen. It turns out that Sivoreen thinks that Betha is dead, so if Betha wants to avoid being caught up in the fey royal court, she’ll have to hide for the foreseeable future. Kean might be able to help with that, once he gets his magic back.

When Betha has gone to sleep, Yannic approaches Andra and delivers the letter Kean 2.0 entrusted to him. While she reads the letter, Yannic continues to study his spellbook. When she’s read it twice, Andra tells him to burn the letter. She asks Yannic if there’s any chance he’ll go back to the other timeline/plane. He says he doesn’t know, though Kaiva is set on it. Andra has Yannic swear that if he goes back, he’ll find the Andra in that plane, using the directions she’ll give him if he swears. Additionally, he’ll need to swear not to scry, find, message or try to contact Kean in any way. Yannic asks what’s going on.

After a moment, Andra says Kean 2.0 is probably locked in a scary tower under constant guard that he will never escape. The only person who might be able to get him out is Andra. Yannic thanks her, and Andra tells him he’s confusing. Andra questions Yannic about his intentions, particularly his intentions towards Kean. After some frustrating circles, Yannic stammers that he would be okay with either banging or marrying Kean. Andra tells him to have a backbone but also not be confrontational.

Near the end of their watch, there’s a loud bang in Kean’s room and he flies out, rushing over to Yannic immediately. They hug and reassure each other that they’re okay before Kean says he’s going back to bed. When Kean leaves, Yannic asks Andra if he should follow, and Betha yells at him to please follow Kean.

Yannic knocks on Kean’s door, and when he lets him in, they talk for a while about how amazing and excellent a friend the other is. Kean apologizes for not being able to do any magic, and he apologizes for unintentionally trapping everyone in the cave, even as he admits he doesn’t know why everyone was so mad at him for the whole safety dome incident. Kean talks about how he made different choices than the other Kean, and how he was once evil but he feels bad about it now. After getting that off his chest, Kean goes to the other side of the bedroom to be awkward.

Yannic asks if Kean remembers anything from when we were in the core and if Kean talking was of his own volition or because of Yannic. Kean says he doesn’t remember anything. Yannic says Kean was holding Yannic’s hand and it was nice. Kean says although he cannot confirm whether or not that was him doing that, holding hands with Yannic would be nice. Yannic asks if he can hug Kean, and there is a long hug before Kean’s knees give out. Yannic guides him over to the bed, where they avoid looking at each other and hold hands for a long, long while.

Meanwhile, Fen has woken up curled around Kaiva’s head. The two head to the common area while Betha crawls into their bed for more sleep. Fen and Kaiva discuss the possibility that Fen might be a dolphin bat, and when Remi joins them, Fen and Kaiva rejoice that he wasn’t murdered by Ondelin in the night.

Everyone in the common area of the cave discuss the plan to capture and use Nemit for time travel. Kaiva reiterates that she wants to go back to the other plane to complete some unfinished business; Fen says she wants to go back because there are rich people there, as well as the cannibal lady. Fen remembers that this Kean still has her diamond, so she kicks down his door to ask for it. Kean jumps up from the bed and throws the diamond at Fen, who leaves the door open.

Kaiva shouts through the doorway that we need to talk about the plan to cage Nemit. Yannic tells her it’s a bad idea. When Betha joins, she echoes this sentiment. Kean asks why we can’t just stay in this cave. Andra smacks him and says Nemit will be at the next Extraplanar Council meeting. We discuss reasons why we do or don’t want to go back to the other plane. Andra argues we should stay in this plane. We discuss alternative ways to subdue Nemit, including poison and seduction. Andra is delighted by the idea of seducing Nemit.

Somehow, the topic of pregnancy comes up, in the context of Fen telling Remi she doesn’t think he can get pregnant. Ondelin is surprised by this information, and he tells Remi they’ll talk later about it.

Andra thinks if we crash the meetings, they’ll probably just let us in. The meetings are usually in fey territory, since every meeting is basically a party. Each banishing tower is the capitol of a territory. Kean apologizes for not being able to do magic, but he says we could maybe barely make it in time for the next council meeting if we start walking continuously immediately. Kaiva suggests racing there.

Andra tells us the council generally thinks we died heroically in trying to save Gathering. She thinks Onrubia would be disappointed to learn that we lived, since she believes we died heroically. Andra isn’t sure what Eric Bridger would think. Sivoreen thinks that Andraki killed Betha in some personal way.

We remember that we read some stories about the HTT, and we ask if the story about Morthred and Andraki is true. Andra refuses to say.

In the absence of Kean’s magic, Kaiva pushes the boulder out of the cave’s entrance, and since it’s close to noon already, we get ready to leave. However, just as we head out, we spot something on the distant horizon – a whole lot of dragons headed towards the location of the council meeting.

We retreat and formulate a plan to offer an alternative meeting place for the council. Ondelin volunteers to look for another meeting site, and he soon finds a cave five miles away. Kean and Andra hang out at the safe cave and at a midway point between the two caves, respectively, while everyone else prepares the new cave for a party.

Betha seeks out Andra’s advice on whether or not she should let Sivoreen know she’s alive. Andra thinks the most practical option is to let Sivoreen know, so she can continue protecting Betha from anyone who might try to assassinate her. Betha lends Andra the book on the time gods, hoping it will help in her attempts at seduction, and returns to the party cave.

Remi notices that Yannic isn’t looking well and asks him about his sleep. Kaiva proposes that Yannic doesn’t need sleep because he’s a vampire or a Dan Pierre (dhampir). Remi and Yannic both reject that hypothesis, and Yannic pretends to sleep on the floor of the cave. Kaiva and Remi discuss the plan to seduce Nemit before Remi realizes Yannic is not actually sleeping. Remi quizzes Yannic via Message, and Yannic tells Remi he’s already spoken to Betha about it and he has Yannic’s permission to have Kaiva knock him out if it comes down to it.

Yannic shares with Remi that he and Kean held hands earlier in the day and hugged, and Remi is so happy for him. Remi encourages Yannic to tell Kean he loves him, and Yannic sincerely thanks him for the advice.

Remi heads towards Ondelin, but he stops to tell Betha he knows that Yannic isn’t sleeping. Betha takes the opportunity to grill Yannic about why he isn’t sleeping. Yannic shares his theories with Betha, and she decides she’ll try not sleeping, to test his theories.

Meanwhile, Remi asks Ondelin if everything is okay, and while hesitant at first, Ondelin eventually tells him that he can have kids. The process of gaining the capability would take a few months, but he can do it. Remi suggests maybe waiting until things are not quite so dire, but they can talk about how many kids later. Ondelin also asks if he can cast a spell on Remi and pulls out a platinum ring, which Remi takes to be a proposal. When he asks if Ondelin is proposing to him, Ondy says, “I guess?” and Remi tackle hugs him in delight. They decide to talk about wedding logistics later, when things are more settled.

After some futile attempts to cling to the stalactites on the cave’s ceiling, Fen gives up and calls on Lester. She tells the frog there are dragons headed to the council’s meeting, so if they want to come to the party cave, they have the option of doing so. The frog silently checks out the cave, winks at Fen, and poofs. Remi and Yannic get the impression that the frog was Andraki, not Lester.

Remi spots something in the trees, so Betha casts Detect Thoughts, to see if she can sense anyone out there. She finds Andraki’s thoughts, telling her to scratch her head if she can hear Andraki. Betha ignores this and goes to tell the others instead. Remi spots both the HTT in the trees with very amused expressions on their faces.

Kaiva welcomes the twins to this alternative meeting space, and after the twins conference with each other, Andraki asks what we plan to do. Kaiva or Fen says we’re trying to seduce Nemit, the silver-eyed destruction man. Andraki figures out we just need him here. Someone asks if she could bring him in a cage, but Andraki says that’s our job. Someone concedes that we do have manacles. Andraki is immediately interested and asks for the handcuffs in exchange for Nemit in a cage. Kaiva says sure, and as everyone protests, she hands over the pair of fluffy handcuffs from the sex shop in Floy. Andraki tosses them over her shoulder into the forest and says she’ll be back.

Kaiva uses the reprieve to label the discarded handcuffs as Andraki’s, and five minutes later, as everyone mills in or near the cave’s entrance, a cage materializes around the entirety of the cave, even including Yannic, who has been sitting above the cave’s entrance. Andraki stands on the outside, demanding the handcuffs. Yannic attempts to Dimension Door his way out, but the spell lands him directly next to Nemit, who is standing in the center of the cave, bewildered but ready to fight.

Back to the Future

The party retraces Kaiva’s steps back to the professor’s office where she and Remi parted ways, and Fen kicks the door in. Remi apologizes for his friends’ behavior and takes his leave. In the library, we check out our six books. Betha asks Remi about the penalty for not returning books, and he says he can’t remember ever hearing of anyone not returning books on time.

We discuss for a while the logistics of getting through to the first plane/timeline. Betha goes to send some mail. After gathering his thoughts, Remi uses Sending to communicate with Andra, letting her know: “We’re trying to come over soon. Silver eye’s a time god. One apocalypse’s happening here in two days. Council might cause another. We miss you.” Andra replies, “Focus return on Stepback Inn’s Fireplace, if possible. Multiplanar link in progress. Message me before attempt so we can help process. Ondelin loves you.”

Meanwhile, Yannic is writing to Kean or Keanvari using his messaging paper. Kean writes back, saying he’s fine for now, but he’d like to meet up. He draws a teleportation circle for Yannic to use, which he assumes goes to Hell. Eventually, we figure out it doesn’t actually go to Hell, so Yannic asks Kean where it goes. Remi pays 5,000gp for someone to cast a teleportation circle spell, and just as we step through, Fen casts Disguise Self to alter her appearance to resemble someone who might be Betha’s cousin.

We arrive in a cold, snow-covered place that seems to be in the middle of nowhere. There isn’t a teleportation circle beneath our feet. Ahead of us is a curtain of smoke, through which we can’t sense anything, but there are faint outlines of footprints leading into the haze. Remi guesses we’re somewhere to the north. Kaiva exclaims over Fen’s disappearance and the sudden appearance of someone else. To Betha’s frustration, Fen introduces herself as Olga, Betha’s cousin. After some arguing, we all go through the curtain of smoke.

Inside, there is a clearing clear of snow. A small house with a porch and a garden sits there. Above, the sky is the same snowy grey as outside the barrier. When Yannic knocks on the door, a wary Kean opens it. He eyes Fen, but Kean lets us into the house.

Yannic asks Kean if he’s going to be okay. Kean says probably. Yannic tells him we’re leaving for the first plane/timeline, and he asks Kean if there’s anything he can do to make it easier. Kean says no. Yannic asks for some privacy and space from the rest of the party, which is huddled in the doorway trying to figure out what the heck happened to Fen and who the heck Olga is.

Behind a closed door, Yannic asks if Kean thinks Keanvari will let Kean go. Kean tells him he was never supposed to wake up; the fact that Kean’s awake changes things. He tells Yannic again that there’s nothing Yannic can do. When Kean goes to leave the bedroom, Yannic asks him to wait. He explains that he wrote Kean a letter, but he felt that wasn’t enough. Kean means so much to him, and he wants him to know.

Kean says, “That’s good, thanks.” He tells Yannic it’s good he’s leaving, since it sounds like things might work out better in the first timeline. He’s known that this was coming for a while. He awkwardly tells Yannic it’s time to go, but realizes he has no paper to write on. Kean leaves the room long enough to draw a teleportation circle on a sheet of paper. (It’s the same as the one he last sent Yannic.) Kean tells Yannic that he runs away a lot, and this is where he goes.

Kean explains that there’s a schedule, and he has 15 hours until Keanvari uses his body as a vessel for approximately 40 minutes, probably. He trails off, then rallies, taking comfort in the knowledge that this doesn’t sound like a concern in the other timeline. He pats Yannic’s shoulder, and Yannic starts to cry.

The rest of the party gangs up on Kean, asking him what he did to Yannic. He protests that he was trying to help. “Olga” tackles Kean into Yannic before Kean takes himself back into a corner of the bedroom to look sad and confused. Yannic shuts the door on the rest of the party and tells Kean, “I wish I could have done more, but I have friends and I’m going to go where they go.” Kean tells him he has a request, and Yannic immediately says, “Yes, anything.”

Kean asks Yannic to deliver a letter to Andra. Yannic agrees, so Kean goes to find some paper again. With the two of them back where the others are, Remi Messages Yannic to ask if he’s okay. Yannic replies no, but he’ll just listen to Fen spinning a tale about Olga for now.

As Kean writes his letter, Kaiva and Fen admonish Betha for being a bad cousin. Obviously, Olga is here as a dead gnome-tree ghost because she had unfinished business with Betha. Betha grits her teeth and hugs Fen, hoping to keep her there until she has turn back into her halfling self. Fen wriggles out of her arms and through the front door, drops Disguise Self, and returns as Fen. She explains to Kaiva that she had to come through the teleportation circle later, after the rest of the party did. Betha goes outside the smoke barrier to pack a snowball and lies in wait for Fen. When Kaiva and Fen leave the house, Betha lobs her snowball at Fen’s head. Kaiva and Fen decide to have a snowball fight and build a snow Olga.

Inside, Kean hands a letter to Yannic, who asks if he can make a teleportation circle for us to get to the Stepback Inn in Floy. Kean realizes he forgot that we can’t teleport. He says yes, but he’ll have to be outside the barrier to do it, and it will take him a minute to cast. There isn’t any way to make the casting time faster. Kean leaves the house, and Yannic reluctantly follows. Remi goes through the smoke wall, and it’s just Betha, Yannic, and Kean left inside.

Yannic begins, “If I don’t see you again-” Kean interrupts, “But you are!!” Yannic says, “But not you.” Kean says that’s okay and good. Betha eyes Kean, glances at Yannic, and walks through the wall of smoke. Yannic tells Kean he loves him, to which Kean says, “THANKS!” and shoves Yannic through the barrier. Yannic is visibly crying, so Betha goes back through the smoke to ask Kean what happened. Kean takes a moment, and then he’s coming through to cast teleportation circle. Two-thirds of the way in, we see something dark high in the sky directly above and getting closer. Fen readies a bow and arrow, Kaiva readies a sword, and Yannic squeezes Kean’s shoulder as we all get ready to jump. When Kean finishes casting the spell, we all jump in. At the last moment, seeing that a bird is headed straight for Kean, Kaiva decides against joining Kean and instead throws her sparkly shield at him.

We’re back in Floy. We head to the Step Back Inn, where the bartender is on the clock and a couple people are finishing up their dinner. There are plenty of time ghosts here, but Remi sees that the entire fireplace is shimmering faintly. We briefly consider flexing our authority as Banishers, but Remi magically sends the inn’s other occupants to sleep instead. Kaiva gently, carefully deposits their sleeping bodies behind the bar to keep them out of harm’s way.

Fen punches the fireplace just as Remi casts Sending. He tells Andra: “Fen’s punching the fireplace to open the time portal so we can come through, but we gotta fight something first. Hopefully we’ll see you soon.” Andra replies, “Follow the white string through to us. It’ll be up for 1 hour maximum. Be SILENT when you arrive. See you soon, Ondelin loves you.”

Immediately after Fen punches the fireplace, a glowing blue mummy hand emerges, and Betha quickly Banishes it with a faint pop. Remi tells the others what Andra told him, and Kaiva pulls out the silken Friendship Rope so we can all hang on to something. Remi goes first, then Fen, Betha, Yannic, and Kaiva. It’s hot and humid on the other side, and there’s silver everywhere. If we look back, the fireplace is still there, but the rest of town is not. On this side, we can see a white thread wrapped around and around the fireplace. Around us, we don’t see a Gathering Hollow; we just see what Yannic saw when he scryed on Bob – a plain that never had a hollow blasted into it.

Grabbing onto the thread, we walk forward a bit, before we look back to see we haven’t moved at all. Fen holds on to the thread, lets go of the rope, and walks back towards the fireplace. When she pushes her hand against it, her hand starts to pass through a jello feeling, so she returns to her place in the line. Remi tries letting go of the thread instead, and immediately falls and falls and falls, his life flashing before his eyes. Fen manages to stop Remi from falling all the way, and Remi climbs out of nothingness.

We move forward, being careful to hold onto both the thread and the rope, but especially the thread. We walk for a while, and at some point, we get the sense that we’re walking to the left, even though we’re facing the same direction as before and the thread is still straight. Ahead, we can see the fireplace of the Step Back Inn, and we pass through its jello-like consistency.

Ondelin grabs onto Remi’s hand and pulls him through, and everyone else falls through. We see Ondelin’s been gagged. Ondelin and Remi hug, and everyone else sees there’s a teleportation circle ready to go. Andra pulls everyone over to the circle, and Kean staggers over from where he had his hands on the fireplace to activate the teleportation circle.

Kean passes out as soon as we arrive in some kind of very dimly lit cave. Yannic and Betha rush over to check on him, but Andra says aloud that he’s fine. Hearing Andra speak, Remi removes Ondelin’s gag, and the two of the cry over each other and hug a lot. Andra tugs Yannic and Betha away from Kean, and she explains that this room and area is safe. Everything else is not. We ask what’s going on. Andra says things are colliding, but the three of them have been focused on getting us through to this timeline.

Andra asks who among us other than Fen wore her circlet. Kaiva says she did, and Andra goes over to gently slap Kaiva’s face, then properly slaps Fen’s face. We ask how they got out of the collars. Andra says they woke up in a falling city, and Kean teleported them out. The city dropped a bit then stopped, but they don’t know why.

Andra drags Kean to another part of the cave to rest. She says Nemit was at at least one council meeting. The council is meeting every two days, in a space outside. Andra and Kean can get in, since they look like Andraki and Keanvari, but it would be difficult to get anyone else in. Fen suggests Betha should go as a member of fey royal family, and Betha says no.

Around 11pm, we set up watches, exempting Kean for obvious reasons and Remi and Ondelin because they’re cuddling a whole lot.

Locations, Hours, and Book Drops

While Yannic goes home to find his student ID, Betha hangs on to the book of mythology on Keanvari and Andraki and does some more research. She maps some teleportation circles she thinks might be useful and finds a book of mythology on the time god(s).

The book on time gods suggests Nemit is in the first of three stages of being a time god, since he is overwhelmingly concerned with chronology. Sandy, on the other hand, seems to be in the beginning of the second, where he understands time as a stream of progress. (A time god in the third stage understands time in way that is incomprehensible to mortals.)

Betha also goes looking for information on the fey and offspring of the fey, but the library somehow contains less knowledge about the fey than she already possesses. She does find a couple books on alchemy, however. When Yannic returns with his student ID, Betha shares the books she’s found before settling in to read. Around then, Fen finds Yannic, since Remi and Kaiva have gone off to investigate Lana’s whereabouts.

Fen shows Yannic Kida’s card, which he can’t read because it’s in Orcish. Yannic has heard of a raider named Kida Boneeater, who was given an award a while back, but not much else. Fen conjectures about whether Kida is a cannibal. Yannic decides to go see if his Abjuration professor is in her office, so he leaves Fen in the library, hoping that she won’t set fire to the books or something. Classes are in session, so the professor isn’t her office. Yannic leaves a note and a letter under her door, and he heads back to the library.

Meanwhile, Fen has attempted to talk to two studious individuals – a green dragonborn who calls the library on Fen, and a harried gnome who takes their books and leaves. Fen tries to follow the gnome, but she knocks over a cart of books, alerting Betha. Betha redirects Fen to search for books on cannibals. Betha and Fen are shown to the biographies section, where they find a biographical book on the Hot Topic twins. Fen collects all the books she can find which bear the name Vega, to see if she can find anything about her mentor.

Fen also looks for information about the term “scion of the forest” – she finds accounts of how, when people started cutting down trees, there was communication between trees and people. That’s around the time the term was first used. She searches for information about Party Island, but there isn’t much, since it isn’t a popular destination, what with the island eating people.

Betha, seeing a poem about the Hot Topic twins written by Haela, looks up the poet’s biography and literary analyses of their works. Haela (Hope) traveled with the Gorlorian rebellion since its early days. They were probably a bard.

When Yannic returns to the library, he tells Betha and Fen he’s looking for spellbooks, so they follow him, Fen throwing biographies over her shoulder one after another when she finds out they aren’t about the Vega she knows. Betha tries to keep the books from too much harm. Yannic finds a list of arcane rituals around 5pm, and he finds some of the spellbooks he’s looking for.

Kaiva bursts into the library looking for the party, since Remi requested a private conversation with one of the professors. She and Fen are of the opinion that Remi is cheating on Ondelin. Kaiva heads for the True Crimes section, looking for tales of her crime family. There’s nothing familiar, although Kaiva does find some interesting reads.

Yannic looks for information about Hillman, which turns out to be close to Keyberry Ford. He finds information about the destruction of the wizard tower of Hillman. Renatta the Brilliant destroyed the tower and got her arm chopped off in the process. Supposedly, only one person survived this incident. The wizard tower was a research university where multiple people worked. There is no record of the research they were doing there. Renatta was an anti-magic knight or paladin. Five years after the destruction of the tower, the Gorlorian army destroyed Renatta for being an extraplanar being.

Bored, Kaiva starts stacking the books that everyone has collected throughout the afternoon. Eventually, it tumbles down all over Betha, to the librarians’ annoyance. Once the librarians have neatened up some of the books, Fen tells Kaiva about the Keanvari and Andraki mythology book, specifically the story about Andraki and a fairy prince named Mayrid, who might be Morthred? The story goes that Andraki and a fairy prince encountered each other in the woods and were delighted by each other’s company for a month before the prince’s mother, Morgaine, called him back home. He left Andraki without telling her, to return to his fey wife and kids, and Andraki was reportedly devastated. The biographical book on the twins calls into question some elements of this story.

Fascinated, Kaiva begins to tear a page from the HTT mythology book, which sets off a loud siren in the library. Librarians descend, and the book is taken away for repairs. Kaiva is escorted out of the library, and Fen goes to find a children’s fairytale version of Andraki and the Fairy Prince, which she proceeds to read aloud to Kaiva in the doorway of the library. (Fen turns down Kaiva’s offer to help correct the illustrations of Andraki and Morthred.)

Kaiva and Fen argue about whether to go cut Morthred out of Bob’s heart. Kaiva tells Fen she’ll stay in Timeline 2 until the party breaks Morthred out. Fen says they’ll have to leave Kaiva behind then, because they need to find Nemit first, to ask him about Bob. Fen eventually convinces Kaiva to come with the rest of the party to Timeline 1 instead. Kaiva pouts outside while Fen returns to the kids’ section of the library.

Yannic finishes reading one of his spellbooks around 7pm, and the party decides it’s time to go find Remi, who has been on his own for a while.


When we return to our own bodies, we’re still on our way to Wheatfield via Floy. Ondelin watches us with much confusion as we discuss what we’ve just experienced. Kaiva is confused that we didn’t ride dinosaurs like she did.

The place from which Fen took the marble dragon figurine might be a big city of many dragonborn, Arphalon, which is known to have blueish stone architecture. The city is in the mountains, to the west of Floy.

We decide that we do still want to deal with Remi’s dad before finding Nemit. Ondelin, upon hearing how personal this is for Remi, tells him he’s not the same Ondelin who is Remi’s friend. He asks if Remi is sure he really wants him there. Remi says we could use his help, but it’s up to Ondelin whether he wants to join us. Ondelin says he’s uncomfortable with going after Nemit, but he can help take out Remi’s dad before going back home. Remi says he understands.

We get to Floy at 11pm, and when we get to the tavern in Wheatfield, everyone’s asleep. We book all four vacant rooms, and Ondelin stays up on the roof, since he doesn’t need to sleep.

We wake at 8am, and we learn from Henry, the innkeeper, that Lana, Remi’s bard friend, is away because she was asked to perform for Banfey celebrations in Gathering. She’ll be back in a couple of days. Henry doesn’t recognize Remi, nor does anyone else in the tavern. Remi asks about the tower on the edge of town, and Henry tells him a wizard lives there, along with his assistant, who’s been there for years. They’re cranky but decent people. It’s best not to bother them, though.

We call a meeting, including Ondelin, to discuss next steps. Ondelin says he saw a brown haired elf walk a robed person to the teleport earlier. We decide if Theminor answers the door, we’ll pretend to be selling cookies on behalf of the Gorloris scouts. If the assistant answers the door, we’ll tell her about Theminor and gauge how much she knows before deciding how to proceed.

We head to the tower, and we meet a skeptical, distrustful old elf named Mia. She says Theminor is away. Remi introduces himself as Theminor’s son, giving his given name, and he explains that Theminor has been killing his children to prolong his life longer than is normal for an elf. Remi and Betha can tell that this is new information to Mia, but her reaction is otherwise difficult to read. She doesn’t seem open to hearing more, and Betha naively suggests Remi leave some of his blood so Mia can test the secret door in Theminor’s bedroom. Remi offers, and Ondelin is horrified and tells him not to. Mia looks more interested, but Remi rescinds the offer. At Ondelin’s urging, we leave. Ondelin tells us to be careful with our blood because someone could track us anywhere and anytime for the rest of lives by drinking our blood.

We walk a ways from the tower and stop in a random street in Wheatfield to discuss next steps, again. The teleportation platform was last used to travel to Nimrine. There are a lot of time aberrations in Wheatfield, and we consider fighting one to jump through to the other plane. Ondelin offers to stay in Wheatfield to watch for Theminor’s return. He can call us using the Sending Stone if he sees anything. Remi leaves him 10 gold pieces to cover food.

Remi uses Sending to tell Andra in Timeline 1 that we’re alive and in another timeline, and that Nemit is intent on causing the apocalypse in our timeline. Andra says she’ll talk to Ondelin and Kean about it. Andra is glad we’re alive and tells Remi to use Sending again soon and to get more information.

Fen remembers seeing a teleportation platform in the village by the Lady of Learning’s temple, so Yannic writes to Kean to ask about the teleportation circle that would get us there. He receives a circle, along with a message that implies something might be wrong with Kean, because he doesn’t sound like himself.

Yannic scrys on Kean 2.0, and he sees a really creepy black building on an island in a lake. Kean appears to be talking to a bunch of people in Infernal. Every so often, he looks down at some papers he’s holding in his hand, and he seems terribly amused by the situation. Then, he stops doing anything at all, before going back to the paper. Yannic stops scrying to tell the party that Keanvari has taken over Kean’s body, probably because of that thing Sandy mentioned, where the gods can’t manifest as themselves in the prime material plane.

Feeling deep mistrust in Keanvari’s suggested teleportation circle, we decide to go to the university to research the circle. We teleport to the university, where Fen goes to hug a tree before rejoining Kaiva in her attempt to sell Gorloris scout cookies. Remi goes to find her mentor, to thank her, but finds she’s teaching a class how to play the flutelute.

Yannic and Betha go to the library, where they learn the circle Keanvari gave them does indeed go to the Lady of Learning’s ascendancy point. In the same reference book, we also see there are 2 temples to the Lady of Learning, and one temple in a lake that Yannic recognizes as the one he saw in his most recent Scry. After a bit of researching, we learn that that temple is the ascendancy point of both Keanvari and Andraki. In doing that research, we find a book on mythology regarding the Hot Topic twins, and we ask about checking out the book. Unfortunately, Yannic doesn’t have his student ID on him, so he goes home to retrieve it and see if his dad’s around. HIs dad isn’t home, so Yannic writes a couple letters before returning to the university.

Meanwhile, Betha goes to find Remi, to see if he has his student ID. Remi does, but he wants to wait to talk to his mentor before joining Betha in the library. Betha goes back to the library to look for more books to check out. After asking his mentor whether she wants help teaching the class, Remi joins her and helps for the last 15 minutes of the session. Afterwards, Remi thanks Maria and asks whether she might have heard of a flutelute-playing bard named Lana who performed in Gathering during Banfey. Maria says no, definitely not. She weirdly appears to be cagey about knowing Lana. Maria dismisses Remi, and Remi goes to the library to meet up with Betha.

At the library, Remi talks over Maria’s weirdness about Lana with Betha. Remi decides to go ask some other professors about whether Lana was in Gathering at all. Betha stays in the library to do more research.

After failing to sell cookies, Kaiva and Fen try their hands at pickpocketing instead. However, on Fen’s first attempt, she’s caught red-handed, and the lady whose wallet she lifted tells her she doesn’t need to resort to pickpocketing – just ask for money. The lady hands her 20 gold pieces and a card in Orcish with her name (Kida Boneeater) and address, in case Fen ever needs more money. Impressed, Kaiva tries this method and persuades someone to buy 10 cookies, after which the duo continue to try pickpocketing, convinced that Kida Boneeater is a criminal mastermind.

Times and Trials

We find ourselves in a large dark cavern filled mostly by a big dark lake. There are no obvious exits or entrances, and we have no recollection of how we got here. A voice speaks in our minds, inviting us to forget our worries by stepping into the lake. Wary, we question the voice’s identity and intent. The voice introduces itself as Lethe, a large fish living in the lake. Eventually, the fish tires of asking us to join it in the water, and tentacles come out of the darkness to pull us in. A white cat comes running, and we find ourselves elsewhere.

When we come to our senses, we’re in a circular room with two doors, one labeled ‘Times’ and the other ‘Trials’. A white cat with a dark hourglass marking on its chest sits between the doors, watching us realize that we aren’t in our own bodies anymore. Fen, being in Yannic’s body, realizes she has an opportunity to message Kean as Yannic and does so before Yannic in Remi’s body can retrieve the papers.

Fearing ‘Times’ means math, we go through the ‘Trials’ door, and we’re in another circular room with five doors ahead. To the cat’s annoyance, we check behind each door before stepping through the first door, which opens into the bottom of a pit. We climb out of the pit into a grassy field and see a dinosaur running towards us, so we rush towards a door we see in the field. The cat sits next to the door, and when we pass through, we’re back in the first circular room, although in different bodies that are still not our own. To Fen’s delight, she’s in Remi’s body and once again in possession of the texting papers. She writes another message, in Remi’s hand this time, before Yannic wrests the papers away. Yannic hastily writes his own message to Kean to explain what’s going on.

This time, we choose ‘Times’, and we enter a room that has three hallways leading off into the distance. The hallways are labeled ‘Past’, ‘Present’, and ‘Future’. The doors in the Past hallway are markedly different from one another, and some of them are recognizably doors we’ve seen before. The doors in the Present hallway are similar to each other in shape but different in style. The doors in the Future hallway are the same as all the other doors we’ve seen in this strange place so far, except as one walks farther down the hall, the doors get blurrier.

Remi chooses a door he recognizes in the Past hallway – his bedroom door in the Therris estate. We step through into the hallway outside Remi’s bedroom to hear Grandma Therris crying in her bedroom. She hears us discussing what to do, and comes to ask if Remi needs anything. She doesn’t notice that anyone else is present. Fen, in Remi’s body, tells her everything’s fine, she was only looking for a glass of water. Grandma Therris reminds Remi that he can come to her if he needs anything at all, and we all go find the kitchen.

We try to figure out what to do next, and we hear some noises outside the kitchen. Remi remembers that this is the night he was first kidnapped for ransom. We stand at the ready and clobber the would be kidnapper unconscious, tie him up, and leave a fake ransom note in his pocket. During the fight, Betha tries to cast magic while inhabiting Yannic’s body, and finds the entire experience unsettling and unnerving. An outside force/consciousness takes over Yannic’s head and sight briefly to survey the room in curiosity before retreating. With the kidnapper taken care of, we look around to see the cat sitting by the door. We walk through and there we are again, in the circular room with the Times and Trials doors. We’re still not in our own bodies, but different ones now. Yannic says Kean thinks the cat is an avatar of the time god.

Intrigued by the Times door, Betha chooses the third door in the Present hallway. We enter a dining room of a nice, unfamiliar house. Fen pockets a figurine of a dragon. Someone’s humming in the kitchen nearby, and there’s a sound coming from behind a locked door. Of course, we investigate. Fen picks the lock, and we descend into a dark basement. The sound stops, we look around, and we see a large white dragonborn approaching us with suspicion. Failing to convince him that we’re harmless, we turn tail and barricade ourselves in an office. Yannic examines the bookshelves and finds a collection that seems to belong to a racist dragonborn. We escape back into the circular Times and Trials room. This time, Remi is in his own body! The rest of us are not.

Fen asks if we would help her punch her mentor, Vega. We agree, and she finds a door she recognizes as the door of the place they were staying in the forest. We go through and look for Vega, who’s left visible tracks leading into the forest. Fen remembers that Vega used to ambush her as part of her training. Betha fails to spot Vega before the elf gets the drop on Betha-in-Fen’s-body, but she does manage to punch Vega once. We retreat back to the door we came through as Vega shoots Fen a few more times with tomato-tipped arrows. When we return to the Times and Trials room, Betha and Fen are in their own bodies. Remi and Yannic are in each other’s.

We decide to try a Future door this time. We choose the third door on the right, which leads into another dining hall. This home is less well-to-do, and a peek outside reveals a very rainy day in a small farming town. There’s an incessant hum in the air, and shouting in the street. The people outside are running down the street, and in the distance, we can see a column of red light. The column is identical to the ones we’ve seen at exploding banishing towers.

By rifling through the papers in the house, we figure out that the date in this time/place is sometime between Fane 25 and Fane 27 (inclusive). The column of red light is moving erratically but getting closer to the town. The world seems to be stuck at sunset. We follow the cat onto a balcony to get a better view of the column of light. We see demonic creatures emerging from the column in an extremely organized fashion. In the distance, towards the southeast, we can see the outline of Gathering. We estimate the column will arrive at the town in about 20 minutes. We see no hyenapeople or terrifying frogs among the creatures. Fen calls upon Lester to confirm that Andraki’s creatures are not present. Lester says the frogs were told to stay away from towns. Not wanting to stick around for another apocalypse, we head back through the balcony’s door to the Times and Trials room. This time, instead of disappearing, the door stays in the wall behind us. Yannic and Fen are in their own bodies now, and Betha and Remi have swapped.

We investigate the third door on the left in the Future hallway, opposite the last door, and it opens on a library where a charred person rests in an armchair. We close the door and ask the cat for guidance. It leads us to the Present hallway, and to a door we recognize as Ondelin’s house’s door. The cat warns us that this will be observation only. When we step through, we’re in the clearing outside Ondelin’s home, and Ondelin is there, wearing a turquoise scarf. Andra is leading a discussion about a contraption they’re trying to create called MOL. The other two people there we don’t recognize: a blue celestial and a rugged, grizzled elf.

We try and fail to communicate with Andra and Ondelin. Remi tries to hold Ondelin’s hand, and other than a twitch, there’s no response or recognition. Fen messes with Andra’s cloak, which Andra feels and sees, but she mostly ignores it, not recognizing it as an attempt at communication. Betha tries writing and drawing on a piece of paper she drops multiple times in front of Andra and Ondelin. Andra catches the paper a few times and immediately forgets that she’s holding it. Yannic checks his email paper and sees that the recent exchanges with Kean are gone, and there are a whole lot of other messages in their place. He sits down to read the messages, and cries. Remi joins him after a while, to provide a supportive shoulder. Yannic writes something on the paper. The cat starts meowing at us to get back through the door.

Suddenly, Kean teleports into the clearing, looking around wildly for Yannic. Fen grabs the cat and hugs it, telling it to shush. Kean tells the others that Yannic is here, and Andra worries that her brother’s gone mad. Kean continues frantically looking for Yannic until he looks at the message paper. Then, he goes still, waiting. Yannic attempts to hug him, and Kean goes on waiting, apparently not feeling anything. Yannic gives up and writes on the message paper. After a while, Kean reads the paper and decries the unfairness of the situation. Fen attempts to steal back her diamond, but finds only an egg and a small emerald containing a person. She switches the two before Yannic tells her to stop bothering Kean. Andra tries to get Kean to rest, and after Yannic tells Kean via the paper that we’re leaving, we head towards Ondelin’s house. Right before we leave, Kean tells Yannic they’re going to bring us back.

The cat leads us to a door in the Past hallway, and as it passes through, it turns into a blur of a guy. We follow, into a bedroom, and he leads us onto a balcony. Outside, we see flying ships, ludicrously tall clear buildings, and private air balloons. The god sits down, and he invites us to ask our questions. He tells us that nothing like what we’ve done has ever happened before. We did indeed create a new plane or timeline out of an Orb of Annihilation, which was a terrible idea.

We ask how to fix it, and he tells us to kill the aspect running around, the one we call Nemit. If we don’t fix it, the planes/timelines will diverge and settle into two different realities. Nemit is another aspect of the time god and has its owns motivations. The aspect we’re interacting with right now is called Sandglass, or Sandy. The way the planes are sealed off from each other prevents whole gods from manifesting as themselves in the Prime Material Plane; they have to use a vessel. The other aspect took a human vessel, which is frowned upon. If we see Sandy around, he’ll be a cat wearing a purple bowtie.

We can jump between the planes/timelines by killing or misdirecting the ether, what we’ve been calling time ghosts. We can switch people between planes/timelines or destroy one version to bring over another. Two of the same person can’t exist in the same reality at once; if they were in the same time/space, things would unravel very quickly. There were other versions of ourselves in the second plane/timeline, but Sandy got rid of them.

When we’ve run out of questions to ask him, the god dismisses us, and we return to ourselves in Timeline 2.

To the Tower Again and Back

We’re still in the Step Back Inn, discussing what to do next. Remi remembers that his dad is still around in Wheatfield in this timeline, and at the very least, he wants to ensure any siblings he might have are safe from Theminor. The rest of us endorse punching the guy too. Arctus is still missing, as are some of Yannic’s memories. We consider visiting the Lady of Learning again or seeking out the god of time, to learn about time travel and all of its attendant problems. Since we’re still in Floy, though, we decide to check on Morthred and Bob’s heart before heading to Wheatfield.

Remi uses Sending to ask Ondelin where he is, saying we could use his help. It takes a couple tries, but Ondelin eventually gives us directions to where the tower’s moved. We trek through the forest yet again, and when we get there, Ondelin seems relieved. After Remi asks him to, Ondelin attempts some kind of healing or restorative spell on Yannic to remove the last of the Modify Memory Keanvari cast, but it doesn’t work. Yannic thanks him for trying.

The party tells Ondelin they’re going to check on Bob’s heart inside the tower, and he asks to come along, because he’s never been inside. We all go in, except Yannic, who stays at the tower door to keep watch, just in case. Up in the top of the tower, Ondelin chooses a lever at random and pulls, opening the portal to the Feywild. Betha rushes over to close it, and Ondelin, feeling awkward, retreats back outside the tower.

Meanwhile, Kaiva and Fen are inspecting Bob’s heart, which seems to be beating slowly. Kaiva seems to want to cut the heart open post haste, so Fen quietly steals all the sharp, pointy things Kaiva’s carrying. Betha suggests that Yannic try scrying on Bob using the dragon’s heart, and he does, making faces the whole time.

When he attempts to scry, Yannic feels as though he’s pushing through jelly, but it works. He sees Bob in his golden dragon form in a strange windswept plain that looks an awful lot like Gathering might, if it didn’t have a hollow blasted into it. Bob is talking to someone – Eric Bridger. There are no overt signs of hostility or anger from Bob, but it’s difficult to tell when he’s in his dragon form.

The party convinces Kaiva not to cut into the heart immediately, and she tells the heart that she’ll be back. The party revisits their prioritized to do list. Betha shares the letter Andraki gave her before the battle royale and expresses worry about her family.

We leave the tower, closing the doors behind us, and we convince Ondelin to take a “vacation” from guarding the forest, just long enough to help us deal with an evil life-stealing wizard in Wheatfield. We reach Floy again around 10pm, but decide to head to Wheatfield for some recon before finding a place to sleep.

We Actually Communicate???
Sometimes Badly, But Still

Fen wakes up from her tile-induced slumber, and we fill her in on what’s happening. We run in Jade’s tracks, hoping to stop her from killing Emit, and we arrive just as a slight time shimmer is fading midair. Betha sticks her hand into it briefly, but hesitates to jump through long enough for the shimmering portal to close. Sobren says he and Jade caught up to Emit, but he stepped into the air and vanished. Jade furiously hacks at a tree, angry that Emit got away. Yannic scrys on Nemit, but doesn’t succeed. It feels like he’s trying to push through a barrier of some kind, but it isn’t quite the same as cross-planar scrying.

The sun is beginning to set, but the barrier in the sky seems to make it darker and more muted. Fen talks to and hugs the tree that was damaged by Jade’s fury, and Remi and Betha use Mending to close its wounds. Fen promises the tree that next time, she’ll stop people from hurting the trees. In that time, the sun sets, and Yannic hears crashing in the distance.

We walk towards the sounds of crashing and shouting, and we find Sobren and Jade arguing. Sobren can’t see and wants to rest, but Jade wants to keep going. Remi convinces Jade that it would be better to rest, and Fen asks Jade to stop hurting trees.

Kean, seeing that Sobren is obviously a cleric, asks him to cast Greater Restoration on Yannic. He does so, and Yannic remembers the conversation he had with Keanvari, except for the end, which cuts off abruptly. The party convinces Kean that we should set up camp before questioning Yannic about this new information, so we head back to the hill over the cave we camped at the previous night.

Sobren immediately conks out, and Jade relaxes into sleep when she sees that the rest of us are actually setting up watches. After the two Banishers fall asleep, the party check in with Yannic, who shares that Keanvari asked him what he would do if had an hour without consequences. Yannic asked if Keanvari could reach into the other timeline to find Kean, which he did. They spoke, and Yannic apologized to that Kean.

Yannic attempts to cast Remove Curse to retrieve the last of his memory, but it doesn’t work. We discuss the plan to find a beholder, and we learn more about Kean’s beholder acquaintance, Jantrophix, or Jan.

At midnight, Fen and Betha take the first watch, which passes uneventfully. Yannic stays up, a little ways away from those on watch.

Kean and Kaiva are on second watch, which Kaiva starts by asking Kean about some correspondence she read in his binder. She tells him that she and other timeline Kean are good friends, it’s just that she never had the chance to ask him about this particular bit of information. Kean says he needed help with travelling, so he did some big magic, which required lots of materials. Kaiva asks how he knew the supplier, and Kean says he knows a lot of people. He elaborates that he chose this supplier because he’d heard about how discreet he was in his business with others.

Kean asks Kaiva what Yannic needed to apologize to the other Kean about. Kaiva demurs, saying she doesn’t like to get into others’ relationship issues. She tells him should talk to Yannic about it, especially since he loves Yannic. Kean is shocked, and leaves to finish his watch elsewhere.

At the end of their watch, Kean finds Yannic and wakes Remi. Remi, seeing that his BFF hasn’t slept, asks what’s wrong. Yannic says he doesn’t want to risk having nightmares. Remi offers to wake him if it looks like he’s having nightmares, and Yannic eventually agrees to try napping.

When the sun rises, there are no green explosions, and the barrier seems to be gone. Fen offers the party a goodberry breakfast, and Sobren and Jade leave, to go home.

Yannic tries scrying on Nemit again. This time, he sees Nemit talking to Ondelin, Kean, and Andra. The silver that had been swirling in his eyes is splintering into his skin now. The other timeline Kean teleports everyone, and Yannic’s vision is teleported along with the group. He sees a very big, fancy room with columns and gold leaf symbols all over the floor. Gadgets line the room. Ondelin continues to talk to Nemit, while the clones go out of Yannic’s sight to do something.

Yannic shares what he learned with the party, and we fret over the other timeline’s Ondelin, Andra, and Kean for a bit. We decide we should probably purchase better armor, and Kean tries and fails to teleport the group to Floy. We walk instead.

While walking, Kaiva approaches Kean to ask him about the murder room in Keyberry Ford. Kean is irritated by her line of questioning and tells her to stop.

Remi messages Kaiva to ask her what’s wrong. Kaiva explains how she was trying to ask Kean about the murder room in Keyberry Ford. Remi tells her maybe this isn’t the best time to ask. Kaiva asks Remi if he’s really okay with being a Banisher. Remi explains why he became a Banisher.

Remi messages Betha to discuss what he learned from Kaiva about the murder room. Betha says it wasn’t Kean who did those things in Keyberry Ford, since Kean was born much more recently. Remi shares this with Kaiva, who is still annoyed at Kean and the Banishers.

Seeing Kean walking by himself, Yannic joins him. Kean tells Yannic that he’s going to leave, but Yannic asks Kean to stay. He does, and explains that he’s upset because Kaiva keeps on poking at the bad things he’s had to do, the worst memories he has. Yannic asks if he can help, and Kean asks about his sister, Andra. Yannic tells him she’s a good person, and assertive and strong. Kean explains he’s trying to think of a way to resurrect her, since she might be dead when he finds her. Yannic says Ondelin would have helped last time, so he might this time if we asked.

When we get to Floy, it seems the teleportation system is working intermittently. The party heads to an armorer, and Kean, with Yannic in tow, goes to ask Kaiva if she really wants to talk. She says yes, so they walk out of town, Betha creeping along behind. Betha takes the opportunity to explain to Yannic why Kaiva’s so upset with Kean. When Kean stops, he looks around and sees Betha, who stares him down. Kean turns back to Kaiva and tells her that if he tells her, she has to agree to never ask him about it again.

Kaiva agrees, and Kean says none of what he did [in the murder room] was his choice, but he did it. Kaiva wants to know if it could happen again. Kean says he’s done everything in his power to prevent that from ever happening again. Kaiva says she’s worried about Andra, and asks if she was ever made to do things against her will. He says no. Kaiva asks how it happened, and he says they held the position before Callum came, in a time of great need, when the town was starving. Kaiva questions why the other Kean would have put the party there if things were so dangerous in Keyberry Ford. He says the Keyberry house is good and safe, but the rest of the town is not.

Conversation over, Kean walks back towards town, and Yannic catches up to him to tell him if he needs anything, let Yannic know. Yannic asks if Kean would rather be alone, and when he nods, Yannic clips off some of his hair for Kean to keep for teleportation. Kean leaves.

Kaiva and Betha rejoin the rest of the party in perusing armor options, while Yannic tries to scry on his mom. He fails, and feels like he was punched in the face by a blue sapphire wall. Everyone else buys some armor. Betha confesses that she knows where Fen’s missing diamond is.

At noon, after purchases have been made, the party regroups at the Step Back Inn and orders drinks. Kaiva asks Yannic about the Skinner, and encourages him to ask Kean about it. We talk about potentially finding Party Island and Arctus. Some of the Banishers explain to Kaiva why they joined the Banishers, and the party talks about how they feel about Gorloris’ status quo for the extraplanar system. Kaiva offers to punch a tree so Fen can fulfill her Banfey promise of protecting a tree. We begin to discuss the possibility of going back to the original timeline, and whether we’d choose to. (Fen says she would, to take back her diamond from Kean.)


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