Sol’Sora has run through four distinct eras of existence, including the current one.

The first of these, the Age of Order, has very little, if any, documentation remaining. It is also considered a time of legends. The world was bright and new and, according to said legends, basically a Utopia, until the age of conflict began.

The Conflict was a time of gods, demons, and all sorts of otherworldly creatures wreaking havoc upon the world, using mortals as pawns in their never-ending wars. Great powers rose and fell, until the greatest of powers arose – Gorloris the Magnificent.

Gorloris created the planes – demons and fiends were banished to Shadowfell and the Nine Hells, the fae were banished to the Feywilde, gods were banished to the Celestial Plane, and the elements were contained in their own planes as well. Only natural creatures and humanoids (or creatures capable of passing as humanoids) remained on the Material Plane. Gorloris brought the Age of Glory unto Sol’sora, through the Gorlorian Empire.

The Gorlorian Empire was world-spanning, and extremely magical,


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