Primordial Forest book

Speaking to the Trees: Primordial Forest and Humanoid Interaction in the Wild Age
These days, a tree is a tree. A forest is a forest. And while some are blessed with the ability to speak with plants, it is done magically, not as a dialogue with anyone willing to listen. Once, it was a time of open communication between trees and creatures. Now, no longer.


Have the trees changed? Have humanoids lost the ability to speak with them, some cultural language deficiency that developed after the Wild Age? Or have forests learned that silence is safer?

It is a question that many researchers laugh at, regardless of how many accounts of tree-speech are available, even in the modern era. However, the fact remains that once, long ago, there was at least enough discussion between creatures and plants that a true diplomatic arrangement had to be created.

The Scion of the Forest is considered an urban legend, myth, or superstition, depending on what they’ve heard and where they heard it. Reports call this individual a creature “claimed by the woods” and multiple accounts refer to the Scion as “tree-walker” – a logical addition to the title, considering it’s function.

Created during the early days of civilization, the Scion of the Forest was meant to be a bridge between humanoids and the wilderness (forests in particular), interpreting both sides for the other. This duty has supposedly been handed down for millennia, a sentinel of the woods who speaks the language of both people and the wild.

The actual success of this position’s creation is negligible at best, although it most likely had a major impact on the world in its early days. However, the present day world is one of chopping firewood and plowing fields, of viewing forests as a resource rather than a living entity.

When did this change? Why did it change? How was the battle lost?

While there are legends that druidic circles found deep in ancient groves or the wildest near-feral rangers still hold on to the oral history of a pre-arcana world, there’s no way to actually retrieve these tales. Even if these near-nature spirits were found and shared this information, the tales are undoubtedly warped by being retold over and over again through the centuries.

Once again, the King’s Age’s war against ancient knowledge has cost the world dearly, for millennia.

Primordial Forest book

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