After we orient ourselves a little, the party heads over to the administration office. Yannic privately looks through his belongings and discovers that he is only wearing one earring, his mom is still in the sapphire Kean gave him in the other timeline, and the Kean-communication papers are all blank. Kaiva rearranges her gear, then we brush off the dust on our clothes, and check in with the administrator.

She shares what she knows about the issue we were called to investigate, and we head off to Upper Floy to power-walk to Bob’s house. Remi plays his flutelute on the way there. When we get to the clearing of Bob’s house, we can hear that there’s something going on inside. Betha tries unsuccessfully to jump through the window a few times, while Fen and Kaiva kick the door in. Once inside, we see three goblins trying to drag Bob through the back door.

Kaiva and Remi handily kill the goblins, and Bob asks who we are. We tell him that we’re the Banishers, and he asks what we know. We look at each other, and Fen says, “Too much.” When we explain what we mean, he believes us, but he starts drinking heavily. He says we can keep his stuff, if we promise to give it back to him if he asks for it. We agree.

Bob tells us we should tell Gorloris, and we ask him to accompany us, so that we might have an easier time convincing Gorloris. Reluctant to leave his hoard, especially with the knowledge that Andraki is actively looking for her needle, Bob offers to give us something that will show Gorloris that Bob believes us, if we wait until sunset. We agree and take a short rest.

Fen takes some time to write a message to Vega to send via post, Yannic writes a message to Kean via the message paper, and Remi thinks about using Sending to contact Ondelin. Fen summons Lester and finds he doesn’t remember anything from the other timeline. Also, Lester can’t take objects from the material plane with him when he goes to his pocket dimension. Yannic asks for a mirror. Remi asks Bob if he’s seen a celestial anywhere in the forest where the tower is. Bob says yes, but doesn’t know where he is exactly. He just sees him sometimes.

At sunset, Bob goes outside briefly, telling us to stay inside. This time, we do, and when he comes back, he’s holding a gold scale. He writes a short message to Gorloris on the back side of the scale, signing and dating it, and hands it over to Remi.

The party heads back to the teleportation circles in Floy, powerwalking through the spooky woods. Once there, we decide to teleport to a circle in Gathering close to Gorloris’ home (and also Remi’s). Upon reaching Gathering, Kaiva and Fen fall to the ground, paralyzed completely. Remi realizes that all of the items taken from the Therris vault are cursed and are being tracked, so Betha carries Kaiva and Fen over to the Therris home so Remi can find out what’s going on.

The Therris household lets the party in without question, and Remi goes upstairs to visit Grandma Therris. Grandma Therris is sleeping, but Remi wakes her to hug her and explain why he’s waking her up at this late hour. Being very sleepy, Grandma Therris thinks Remi’s had a bad dream, and tells him that if he and his friends were able to get into the Therris vault in the future and take stuff from it, they can keep it, it’s okay. Downstairs, unbeknownst to Remi, Kaiva and Fen are immediately able to move again. Grandma Therris tells Remi that his friends can sleep in the guest rooms, and that they can talk about things in the morning, at 6 o’clock. She goes back to sleep, having had a long day.

Remi goes downstairs to tell the party they’ll have to wait til morning to talk to Grandma Therris about what happened to Kaiva and Fen, and he is surprised to find the two are back to their animated selves. The party decides that they should see Gorloris before trying to sleep.


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