Battle Royale

Here we go.

We can tell we’re not in our usual plane by the sky. It looks like an oil spill, random colors across black, and the light comes from a bunch of temporary exploding suns. The walls are 50ft tall, and there are towers and an enclosed triangle in the center. The potions in the walls are constantly changing colors. Kaiva is asleep in the corner, taking a little longer than the rest of us to come to.

The hyena man starts in on the closest – Fen – and while he’s whaling on her, Betha and then Seru get a look into that triangle. Kean, Andra, and Ondelin are standing inside, lifeless, collars like Arctus’ around their necks. There are circlets hanging on the wall by each. The Needle is resting on a table in the center.

The hyena man, Mr. Flint, is dispatched after a couple of rounds of Betha’s lightning. Fen casts Rope Trick and disappears, disqualifying herself from the competition. At this point, Kaiva stirs and wakes up, and promptly attacks Betha because those are the rules, after all.

Remi summons a spirit from his ring, and learns that taking the collars off will likely kill the wearers. There may be a way (not necessarily a spell) to undo things, but it’s beyond us right now.

Each circlet has a cheery “Wear me!” sign next to it. Seru puts on Andra’s circlet, and finds a blank husk, a bare shred of personality awaiting orders. Seru tells the rest of the party that it’s mind control, and Betha, accepting the inevitable, walks into Seru’s Moonbeam. Between that, Seru’s warhammer, and Kaiva, she’s gone quickly enough, although not quickly enough for her preferences.

By now Yannic has put on Kean’s circlet. Kaiva, getting into the spirit of things, grabs the Needle and stabs Seru with it, dying instantly. Before Seru can react, though, Yannic orders Kean to attack her; he Fireballs her, killing and disintegrating her immediately. He tells Kean to kill Remi gently, and Remi dies with a vision of Ondelin coming in for a hug.

Andraki, a bit bored by this whole affair, gives Yannic the slow clap and asks what he wants as a prize. He asks for everything we were promised at the beginning, and for Kean, Andra, and Ondelin to be put back where they were, alive and fine. Andraki complies, and we all wake up back in Keyberry Ford, sans hyena men – well. Not Kean, he wasn’t there when we were taken. But everyone else is. Alive, and physically fine, collars still around Andra’s and Ondelin’s necks, their circlets clasped in their hands, Kean’s still on Yannic’s head. Their faces are blank.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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