Bread In This Trying Time

The watches in the tavern pass relatively uneventfully, aside from Lone Wolf making plays for Kaiva’s Planar Blade. Betha feels a magical presence watching them, but other than that, nothing happens.

At dawn, a huge column of red light beams down and hits something to the northwest of us, lasting for about 30 seconds. The party then has one of their least fruitful conversations about what the hell to do now, interrupted by Kean teleporting in, exhausted, soaking wet, and clutching a diamond.

It is revealed that he did, in fact, find his sister, except she was dead in a river and now she’s in the diamond. Kean makes Remi scry on Ondelin, and apparently he’s still in the mountains to the southwest, trying to foment a revolution of celestials (these friends are shiny blue! and the mountains are snowy, which is odd because they weren’t when we were there).

Kean confirms that the light was the last Tower falling, and proceeds to pass the hell out because he did an insane amount of magic in the last twenty minutes.

Seru, feeling guilty for how much of a dick she was to this grieving brother when he arrived, goes outside and commits herself to a path that she 100% did not think through; she wakes up her Planar Blade, names it Alka, turns it into a big golden crow, and sends it after Ondelin. Alka is to tell him that he needs to hurry, something’s happened and they need a healer. Oops. Also apparently he can’t teleport, which Seru didn’t know. Double oops. And now she’s stuck for 24 hours until Alka gets back. Triple oops.

Remi bakes bread, since apparently no one can go anywhere until the next morning. It’s the best goddamn bread anyone’s ever had, and Tiny gorges on it until he is a very small round gecko ball. Lone Wolf keeps trying for one of the Planar Blades, and eventually Kaiva calls a council of everyone not trapped on the ground via magical bird problems.

Kaiva can’t activate it, but Remi can make contact. It is a Mist Blade, and it is DETERMINED that he name it. Unfortunately, it times out before any naming happens. The group decides to wait on the Mist Blade until they have a better plan for how to deal with it.

Kean wakes up, and sends Lone Wolf into a screaming terror by appearing downstairs. Kaiva badgers him into talking, and he reveals that the light column was the Material Plane breaking. Callum the Hungry God eats people to absorb their power. The Gecko Queen is Nimueh, one of the other two people on the List with Morthred. Also, Morthred is Sivoreen’s dad, and ever since Betha and Sivoreen became blood-sisters, Betha is fey royalty now. Also, apparently Gorloris is doing guerilla warfare Somewhere.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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