Breakfast at Gorloris'

A brief spot of retconning: there are many people about, beginning to party in anticipation of Banfey.

We approach the guards by the entrance to Gorloris’ residence to ask for an audience with Gorloris. Remi explains that it’s a matter of great importance, and that we have a token from Floyrian the dragon that says he believes us. We convince the guard that they should ask Gorloris whether he should see us, and they carry away Bob’s scale.

We join the other supplicants in waiting around this early, early morning. Kaiva goes to sleep, and Yannic heads towards his home to visit his parents. However, on the way there, he checks his text-paper, and sees he’s received a reply from Kean saying he wants to meet up outside Gathering. Yannic asks for a time and location, and receives the teleportation sigil he vaguely recognizes but doesn’t quite remember. He goes, and arrives in Gehenna, where Kean pulls him into a house to question him.

Yannic tries to explain what happened with the time travel and the future past. Kean believes that Yannic believes what he’s saying, but he’s convinced that time travel isn’t possible. Kean says that Yannic’s mom has gone missing; Yannic shows him the sapphire that his dead mom is in. Yannic mentions that Andra was present in the future past, and Kean wants the deets, stat. Yannic tells him what the Lady of Learning told Kean about where and when to find Andra, but also says that she was dead when Kean found her.

Despite his disbelief, Kean says he’s here to help. He doesn’t think that Gorloris will be able to help (neither does Yannic). Kean warns Yannic to be careful and not to trust people, especially not people who look like him unless Yannic verifies that they are actually Kean and not Keanvari. Yannic asks if he can hug Kean. It is awkward. (and so so sad)

Yannic returns to the party, and shortly after his return, he feels someone attempting, with great difficulty, to scry on him. It feels like Kean? So he asks Kean on the text-paper if it was him, and Kean says it wasn’t. Hardly anyone feels like sleeping after that, so a bunch of us take a point of exhaustion.

A couple hours before dawn, we’re told that Gorloris will see us, at dawn. As dawn breaks, we’re ushered into Gorloris’ home to the protest of everyone who’s been waiting to see him. We’re brought to a room where Gorloris is eating breakfast, and he greets us politely and asks us what we know.

As our spokesperson, Remi explains that we’re from the future – a future in which an extraplanar council was able to set off destructive soulfire explosions using the teleportation system on Banfey. We name the members of the council, and we also mention that we saw Arctus once, at the party celebrating the success of the extraplanar council. Gorloris immediately wants as much information about his son as possible, and he asks Remi to drink a super truth serum so that he can verify the truth of our information. Remi acquiesces. Once we’ve given as much information as possible about Arctus, Gorloris offers us breakfast and some of the super truth serum. Yannic asks if Gorloris could see about helping restore Yannic’s mom back to life, and Gorloris takes the sapphire containing Yannic’s mom. Gorloris leaves to prepare a response to the extraplanar council’s plans, though we get the impression that what he most wants to do is to find (and save) his son.

We eat, and upon leaving Gorloris’ home, we split into three groups: Remi and Betha to the Therris home, Kaiva and Fen to the post office, and Yannic to his home. We agree to regroup in an hour.

Yannic finds his home the same as when he left, less than 24 hours ago (in this timeline). His father plies him with food, and complains that Yannic’s friend stopped by and didn’t want to eat. He also asks if Yannic has seen his mom? Yannic says she’s unwell but safe with Gorloris at the moment. He then tries to convince his dad that as a banisher, he’s been gifted with prophetic dreams that say Yannic’s parents should leave Gathering City for a vacation for Banfey. Yannic’s dad refuses to leave without his mom. Yannic eats some more, then heads to the rendezvous point.

In the Therris household, Betha naps in Remi’s room while Remi goes to explain things to a considerably less sleepy Grandma Therris. All over the Therris house, there are queues of people looking busy and holding papers, some reciting speeches. Remi finds his grandmother in her office, and he explains that he really did travel from a future because of the core under Gathering City. She says that the core can do that, and seems to be more believing this time. Remi also shows her the letter that Andraki brought him from a dead Grandma Therris, and she’s glad to know that she’s happy in the afterlife. Remi also tells her that there’s someone special to him that he’d like her to meet, and she’s excited to meet him. Remi and Grandma Therris hug a bunch, then Remi collects Betha, and they too head to the teleportation circle nearest the Therris home.

Meanwhile, Kaiva and Fen have found the post office and a long line of people waiting to send mail. Fen, being her stealthy self, sneaks to the front of the line and presents her letter to the clerk, who tells her that, for 2 silver pieces, the mail may or may not be delivered to Vega “in the forest”. Having gotten turned around while looking for the post office, Kaiva and Fen aren’t sure where to meet up with the rest of the party. They look around for a bit, and decide to get a drink. Kaiva attempts to pay for a whole bar’s patrons’ worth of drinks with 1 platinum piece, gets a dirty look, and the two of them scamper. With fifteen minutes to go until the party is due to leave, Kaiva uses the Sending Stone to ask Betha where to meet up. Finding their bearings, they head over to the designated teleportation circle.

For a brief moment, in separate parts of the city, Yannic and Fen each see shimmering in front of them. Fen punches the shimmering thing, which goes, “Ah” or “Ow”. Passing her hands through the thing again and again, its consistency fades from jam back into empty air. Kaiva believes she might have gained magical powers.

Yannic quickly casts Detect Magic on his shimmery thing, and he learns that the shimmering is an old magic and a strange combination of abjuration and transmutation magic. It seems as though something was trying to change a barrier. It could be someone trying to get through planes and barriers, which is difficult in this pre-Boom Boom Day state of things, or it could be something old that’s stuck.

Kaiva and Fen finally find the others, and after Kaiva briefly tests her magical powers, we all teleport back to Floy, in hopes of finding the tower before it moves.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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