Chasing Emit

When the party regroups after shopping, Remi gifts Yannic with a pair of earrings to replace his missing earring. The group look for Sobren and Nemit and find Sobren and the green dragonborn Banisher directing traffic away from the teleportation hub. When he spots us, Sobren shouts and heads towards us, to ask what we know about Emit, whose full name is apparently Emit Niprawdnem.

Sobren describes how his Banishing Squad followed Emit to a house where he caused a vortex of glass, a tornado, that caused the explosion and killed Jade’s SO. After they dragged him out of the house, Emit hit them over the head and ran off. Sobren wants to find Emit and find out what is wrong with him, what he wants, and how he’s on his team. Remi discerns that Emit’s name is actually “mend warp in time” backwards. We tell Sobren that we don’t really know Emit, but there was a mass attack averted this morning which Emit wants to cause. Remi asks if Yannic can scry on Emit, and he agrees.

Sobren takes us to the administrative building, where a loose tile falls and knocks Fen unconscious. While Yannic scrys on Emit, Betha helps Kaiva tie Fen’s body to Kaiva’s back. By scrying, Yannic sees Emit in a dark cavern, covered in blood from the shoulders down, surveying goblin and wolf corpses. He appears to be making sure everyone is dead, and then he walks out of the cave that we previously rescued Bob from. Yannic also sees that Emit’s eyes are a constantly swirling silver. The two groups join to search for Emit.

Betha leads the expanded party towards the goblins’ cave. On the way there, multiple conversations are had via the Message cantrip. Remi, Kaiva, Yannic, and Betha discuss what Emit might be trying to do, and Remi explains to Kaiva what happened on Banfiend approximately 10 years ago. To Remi, Kaiva describes the lady who’d been looking for soulfire as being extraplanar and fey, maybe. When we’re a bit past Bob’s exploded house, we spot a flying horse in the sky, far off in the distance. It seems to be moving at a normal horse’s pace.

A little while later, we find the cave, and some footprints that lead westward into the forest, towards a river. As we track Emit deeper into the woods, the forest gets prettier and more manicured. We see a small house in a clearing, and Betha gets the sense that something is celestial about this place. After a rush to the house, it becomes clear that neither Ondelin nor Emit are here, though Remi does see that they have started heading north.

We follow their tracks for a while, and at 5:30pm, we notice the blue sky is becoming a darker shade of blue, despite it being Midsummer. The flying horse also seems to be much closer. During this leg of tracking, Remi converses quietly with Yannic via Message, voicing doubts about whether he and Ondelin should be together in this timeline. Yannic does his best to comfort his best friend.

By 6:30pm, the sky has become an even darker blue, and we see that we’re approaching the tower. Behind us, a big black horse seems to have landed and is just following, albeit slowly because of the shrubbery. When we get to the tower’s clearing, we see recently dead hyena people all over and Ondelin guarding the tower door. Emit is nowhere in sight. Sobren and Jade confront Ondelin, and Remi intercedes. Betha lets slip that they know Ondelin’s name.

Remi tells the other Banishers that this is the friendly celestial he told them about, and Sobren looks very relieved. Once we convince him that we’re not trying to prevent him from protecting the tower, Ondelin eventually indicates the general direction that Emit went off in, and Jade stomps off into the woods, Sobren following close behind. He looks as though he wants to wait for us, a bit, but keeping Jade from killing Emit is more pressing. Our party stays a while longer, so Remi can explain how we know him.

Remi explains about the time travel and that he and Ondelin were important to each other in an alternate timeline. Remi begins to tell Ondelin what he knows about him, and when he hums his favorite tune, Ondelin stops him. Remi waits patiently, as Ondelin tries to process this overload of information. The most pressing issue on Ondelin’s mind is whether or not he successfully protects the tower. Betha tells Remi that Ondelin might need some time to process, and that she does know how to find Ondelin’s home again. Remi agrees that they should follow Jade in her hunt for Emit, and Betha hugs Remi.

As soon as they step into the forest, the group finds themselves face to face with an awkward Kean. He’s come to examine Yannic’s new hand. He questions the party about how long Yannic was with Keanvari, and when we say five minutes, he exclaims that Yannic was there for an hour, because of how time dilation works between planes. Kean examines Yannic and discovers his head is covered in the enchantment Modify Memory. Worried about what Keanvari or Yannic might have said during an hour together on Banfey, Kean is intent on finding a beholder to nullify the magic.

We try to explain why we think it’s more important to find Emit first, and we explain about the time ghost ripples, how the clones and Ondelin were bound by the collars in the other timeline, and how Emit seems to know something about time. Looking around, we spot a ripple nearby, but Kean can’t see it. He tells Kaiva to touch it, and she does so by swinging her battleax. When she lands a hit, a large silvery Ondelin-looking figure materializes, finally visible to Kean, who just stares in shock. He stares long enough for Kaiva to hide behind him and for the creature to attack him. The party drags him away, and when we get about 30 feet away, the creature fades back into ripples. Betha heals Kean, and the party sits for a breather. Kean says he believes in time travel now, despite never having heard of it before.

We discuss other ways of getting information about time travel and how the ripples are happening. The Lady of Learning is suggested, as are Remi’s ghosts. We try to formulate some questions for a ghost, and Kean chimes in when we describe the ripples as time ghosts. We explain that they appear to be a weird mix of abjuration, transmutation, and necromancy. He says that’s what planar barriers are made of. He asks how for more information about how we time travelled, and we explain how we used an Orb of Annihilation to power the core and the way it sent out a few bursts of magical effects. Kean is horrified that an Orb of Annihilation was potentially the base for creating a new plane. Usually, special trees, rocks, or water are used.

Remi asks if there is anyone at the college doing research on time travel. Kean says that there is someone who is not at the college, but we don’t want to meet her. She’s known as the Skinner, and her appearance changes. She’s similar to Ondelin in that she’s on the cusp of godhood. She’s supposed to be dead, but it turns out that she can rise again. Kean also says there’s someone in Hell that might be doing that research. Bizzle is Keanvari’s resident researcher.

The party decides to continue in Jade’s path to hopefully confront Emit and prevent any potential worldwide explosions before dealing with Yannic’s head.


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