Daddy (Clothing) Issues

As the party gathers to consider who they just killed and what the hell to do now, Remi and Ondelin begin an intense, serious-looking conversation, that gets cut off by the Therris ring spitting out cobwebs and covering Remi in them, rendering him immobile and nonresponsive.

Some poking at the silvery stuff reveals that they are the souls in the ring, and they’re nonhostile and trying to communicate. Ondelin plants himself down next to Remi and cuddles him through the cobwebs.

Seru tries to have a Feels Talk with Kaiva, which goes about as well as Feels Talks ever do with Kaiva. Instead, they go treasure hunting, looking for diamonds in the castle and then in the still-smoldering remains of the Keyberry home. No diamonds turn up, but the teleport circle is sparking again.

The party hides in the castle, Seru on watch with a Sending stone to call the others, Yannic and Fen hidden in an alternate dimension. Out of the teleport circle comes a swarm of hyena people, set on one purpose – to rebuild the family home. They don’t seem to be getting along well with each other, but matters are progressing when Andra teleports in at roughly 8:30am, steaming mad. Apparently Yannic responded badly to one of Kean’s texts.

A few of the hyena people break off and go after her. She hides, and Fen summons her familiar, now named Lester, to distract them. He does so by trying to seduce them. RIP Lester, until Fen summons you again.

Andra makes it to the castle and starts laying into Yannic for taking Kean for granted, but the hyena people have been Made Aware of Our Presence, and that discussion needs to be tabled for a later date. There’s a hole in the wall in the second basement that the party slips out of, and then it’s Footrace Time to the teleport circle.

A good number of the party make it, but Ondelin, insisting on carrying Remi instead of letting Tana do it, is incredibly slow, and eventually just throws Remi’s still-unconscious body 30 feet towards the teleportation circle. (He was roughly 100 feet from the circle at the time.)

All the while, a familiar-looking black ooze has been forming by the hyena people, and after Remi has been tossed, Andraki steps out of the ooze and throws a handful of dark energy at us. The world goes black, and we open our eyes to chanting, and an arena. There’s a cart going around a circular track, a very large hyena man, and something we can’t see in the center.

The rules are thus: The last person standing gets a prize. If the last person standing is one of our party, we’re all restored to life, no harm done. If the last person is the hyena man, we’re all peppered for this world. If there is no one left standing, we’re all perma-dead. There are three unidentified sparkling potions, one in each of three walls, and there will be environmental actions as well.

Let the games begin!


shannon_m_allred Millie

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