Draw a Dick on a Tree

We tentatively lift up the edge of the curtain, eyes half-closed, to see that nope, we’re still in that hella sad moment, Remi and Yannic cuddling while Yannic’s face leaks all over the place. While this is going on, Fen re-summons Lester and stores him in a pocket dimension for safe-keeping, and Betha retcons her own history to clarify that Kean doesn’t need a particular potion, just a very strong one. Fen draws facial hair on Ulita while they sleep. Eventually, Yannic falls asleep, and Remi puts Ondy’s circlet onto his golden head.

Betha dithers for a million years on whether or not to call Sivoreen for help; Kean says Keanvari would technically be a stronger potioneer to call, but, no. Also, Kean knows wayyyyyy too much about Ulita for his own comfort, but no, they’re not a danger.

What is a danger is the fact that Andra’s been asleep for coming up on 24 straight hours, and her pulse is verrrrrry slow, and it takes a lot of shaking for Betha to wake her up. Turns out the circlet is a Sometimes Food, and too much of it results in Badness. (Ondy, who can’t physically sleep, just gets more puppet-like the longer he has his own on.)

Remi tries to start a heart-to-heart with Kaiva, and then tries to restart the flowcharting, but now that they have a bunch of answers from Kean, the ghosts really aren’t necessary, so they hold off. Remi switches his attention to Fen, complimenting her artwork on the sleeping Ulita, and eventually the two of them go outside to ask Remi’s tree friend if Fen can draw a dick on it. The tree acquiesces, and also reveals that while they were all gone, there was a SWARM of hyena people all over town, rebuilding the house and looking for something, most likely.

During dinner, the sleepers are woken up and Ulita grows more and more confused as they learn more and more about their new friends, starting with Remi’s revelation that everyone there (save Ulita and Yannic) has died at least once. Ulita just starts taking notes on their arms and hands, and also has a very illuminating side conversation with Fen, who is very annoyed that no more shinies will be forthcoming from Kean, it seems.

Watches! Ulita and Betha take the first watch. The night is still unsettlingly calm (as the days have been), and Ulita takes advantage of it to go through Fen’s belongings, find the big-ass diamond Kean gave her, and slip it back into Kean’s pocket for later. During the second watch, Remi and Fen bond talking about bears. It’s fucking adorable is what it is.

In the morning we resume Question the NPC Time. Kean says he could restore Ondelin and Andra but not himself, and Andra could finish restoring him but not start the process. Also, this whole soul-life split thing means that Kean does, in fact, have a soul, a fact that he is emosh about, and so are all the rest of us.

Due to Ulita’s redistribution of wealth, Kean has two diamonds on him that it is safe to use, and one that is less so (there’s a person in it). He knows where to get more. Ulita goes sleuthing all over town and finds a lovely pearl necklace but no gems; Fen sends Lester hop hop hopping away to find some more shinies. We end at 6:30am, on the day Betha reluctantly agreed to call Sivoreen and ask for help.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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