Dream Works

Good morning starshines! The earth says hello! Especially to Kaiva and Fen who are Hung Over when everyone wakes up. Drink responsibly, kids. Kean comes down and starts making breakfast. A lot of breakfast. Like, an insane amount of breakfast. He enlists Remi to make bread for this Breakfast Extravaganza. Andra says that this is a bad sign; he cooks as an apology.

Eventually All the Food is done cooking, people eat, and Kean and Yannic have a heartwrenching conversation outside. Apparently Keanvari wants them to take their relationship to the next level because should he die, he’ll immediately wake up in his Horcrux, Kean, and killing Yannic to get his powers back will be so much easier if Yannic’s nearby at the time. Kean has to stay away, for Yannic’s Own Good. A lot of crying happens, and some hugging, and the Clone Twins depart.

We all sit around, waiting for Betha to reappear, until the afternoon. Seru goes to visit Lone Wolf, who’s doing arts and crafts to make (hopefully) a magical staff. Seru helps her by doing magic for an hour, and then goes back to the tavern.

At around 4:30pm, everyone takes a nap and has the same dream. We dream that we managed to save the world on Banfey and have been summoned to Gathering to be thanked by Gorloris. Upon seeing him, Seru feels an odd urge and, giving in, socks that dude right in the face, making his elfin wife laugh a lot. Gorloris asks what we want as a reward for saving the world.

Fen asks to be unpoisoned, which takes the Gathering healers a lot longer to accomplish than it took Andraki’s underlings back in the darkest timeline. Yannic asks to learn some more magic, and Mrs. G. tries to teach him, until realizing that the reason his magic isn’t working awesomely is that his power comes from Kean(/vari), at which point Gorloris offers to be Yannic’s patron instead. Seru is content with her violence. Kaiva asks for a few small paltry things, like a couple sets of giant statues of her and Seru, a huge party, and so on.

Eventually Gorloris reveals that he has a request to make of us in turn. His son (whose name your dear summarizer did not get down) has been missing for 10 years after being kidnapped while drunk at his birthday party, and shortly after the failed Banfey rebellion, they got a ransom note. Apparently he’s being held on an island. He could be in one of two forms: a part-elf young man, or a big ol’ platinum dragon like his father.

Other things we learn: The Traveling Gazebo apparently belongs to Mrs. G., who offers it to us to find the island in question; and if we find Prince Arthur he can bring us back, and if he’s dead, his body will bring us back to Gathering.

At this point the campaign devolved into the party trying to decide between about eight different things to do for the rest of the dream, and I logged off for the night.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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