Finding Bob

To keep the peace in the Gorlorian Empire, it is necessary to continually banish the now extraplanar entities (e.g. fey, demons, celestials, fiends, etc.) that occasionally slip through the cracks/tears between the planes. If things stay in the material world, the cracks get bigger and bigger creatures can get through from the other side(s). Part of banishing creatures involves disposing of the bodies properly.

There has been an influx of extraplanar reports since Prince Arctus (son of Gorloris) disappeared approximately 10 years ago. To respond to all of these reports, everyone available (or vaguely interested in banishing) is being called upon to scout for trouble. Banishing Squad #446 was assembled out of the closest available banishers. Squad #446 consists of some of the newest and lowest-level banishers, but all hands are needed. The squad’s orders are to investigate the claim of extraplanar activity. It sounds as if the “activity” is normal mischief and not extraplanar, but if the squad does find anything extraplanar, orders are to report the activity to the nearest authority immediately.

The individual members of Banishing Squad #446 are given their first mission, and they each teleport into Floy’s travel station all at once, from different places. Remi, Fen, Yannic, and Betha all recognize each other from 10 years ago and discover they are the banishing squad sent to investigate the report of extraplanar activity in Floy.

An unimpressed halfling woman herding cows through the transportation station meets them. Although she is skeptical of their status as banishers, she sends them to Bob, who can be found in the tavern in Upper Floy.


At the tavern, a mysterious woman privately asks Kaiva to retrieve some stolen goods. She can provide very few details about the burglary, but the bottles contain something very green and very dangerous. When the woman says she will pay 100 gp for each returned bottle, Kaiva agrees to retrieve the stolen goods. However, the woman spots the banishing squad approaching the tavern, and she flees. Kaiva returns to the tavern to tell her companion about the task at hand. To avoid the banishing squad, Kaiva and Seru leave the tavern to track down the strange woman for more information about the theft.

When the banishing squad reaches the tavern, they find no Bob and a server at the tavern who is very worried about Bob’s wellbeing. The squad learns that Bob is essentially the mayor of the town, but no one has seen him since the day before. He is the one who called for the banishers’ help.


Kaiva and Seru have been knocking on doors, asking for information about a theft and about a strange woman passing through town. Finding no leads, they head back to the tavern to ask where stolen goods might be fenced. The barkeep tells them to talk to Bob, whose house can be found by following the signs pointing to Bob’s house.

The banishing squad shakes down the barkeep after Kaiva and Seru leave, and he tells them he told the other two to look for Bob. The squad sets out for Bob’s house as well, keeping pace behind the half orc and dwarf. The house is about three hours away from Upper Floy, and the two groups walk there in awkward tandem. Partway into the forest, they hear someone shout for help. Everyone runs to investigate, and they all see an old gnome being carried off by goblins.

During the ensuing skirmish, in which they all try to rescue the old gnome, Bob is carried off by one of the goblins, and the party manages to capture one goblin alive. Under threat of violence, the goblin divulges little, but when he is promised some healing and safe passage, he agrees to guide the party through the woods to the cave where Bob has been taken. When asked what the party might find in the cave, the goblin says there are about 20 more goblins, and a thing. He is very frightened of the thing, whatever it is.

When led to the cave, the party releases the goblin. The two groups ascertain that they both want to save Bob, whatever their reasons. The entire party stealthily approaches the cave’s mouth together. After some fumbles with magic, the party successfully kills all the goblins standing guard outside the dark cave, and they breathe for a moment before proceeding into the cave.


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