Froggy Fears Confirmed

When we arrive yet again in Floy, we see a group of four fancily dressed Banishers using the water-powered elevator to get to Upper Floy. One of the four spots us and makes grabby hand motions towards us before the apparent leader hauls him back onto the platform. Remi recognizes the one who saw us as a divination wizard from the university.

We wait for the elevator to come back down, and by the time we reach Upper Floy, the other banishers are nowhere to be seen. After some waffling about the best way to figure out where the tower is, we drop in the Step Back Inn, where Bob is busy drinking. We update him a bit, and ask him where the tower is. Bob says he didn’t bother finding out this morning, but we could wait until sunset.

We figure the other banishers are also headed to the tower, so we poke our heads out of the inn and hear everyone talking about the fancy looking people. We follow the trail into the forest, and Fen surreptitiously pops Lester out of his pocket dimension. As we catch up to the other banishers, we can see that every so often, they’re stopping and correcting their course, so it seems that they’re using the divination wizard’s magic to guide their way.

The leader of the other banishing squad is a 16 or 17 year old with a surly disposition, The diviner seems dumbstruck. The other two seem pleasant enough? The diviner stares and stares and stares at whoever in our group tries to speak to him. Their leader is impatient to get back to banishing whatever extraplanar beings are in this forest, but the diviner is fixated, seeing gods know what when he stares at us. He says that everything’s wrong, and that everything/one is doomed. He warns us that time will fight back.

Eventually, the diviner seems to give up and walks off through the forest, with the rest of his team trooping after him. We part ways with the other group, having decided that our goals are not exactly aligned – the majority of us don’t want to meet Andraki, and they seem to be tracking her (and a couple celestials) down. Before they leave, however, Remi manages to convince their leader that they should really be looking for fiends instead of the celestials. As they leave, we learn their leader’s name, which jogs our collective memory. The grumpy kid is Sobren, one of the children Yannic, Remi, Fen, and Betha saved approximately 10 years ago on Banfiend.

Fen and Kaiva turn to the trees for directions to the tower. It takes an hour or so, but we do find the clearing in which the tower is located for the next half hour. We enter the tower, closing the doors behind us, just in case Andraki’s out there somewhere. Once upstairs, we close all the portal doors. In Undercommon, Fen asks whether Morthred is in Bob’s heart, and she hears a faint murmur from within. Kaiva wants to free Morthred, but Remi and Betha argue that doing so could kill Bob. Remi offers a compromise: if the world goes to shit again, we can come back to free Morthred ‘cause it won’t matter anymore.

When the party gets back downstairs by the tower’s doors, they realize that there’s no way to unlock the doors from the inside. It takes 3 hours for Betha to use her strength and lockpicks to open the doors, only to find Andraki sitting right outside, in frog form.

Betha pulls everyone out of the tower, and she and Kaiva try to close the doors before Andraki can get in. Andraki casts Hold Person, paralyzing the two. Fen introduces herself and tells Andraki they know each other in a different future, hence Lester. Andraki is curious. It’s when Fen mentions Andraki’s needle, the Last Laugh, that Andraki really is intrigued. She marches us back into the forest to retrieve the needle from Bob’s house, but Fen lets drop that Callum might be around, courtesy of Kean and Andra perhaps. Andraki rushes off to see about that, exacting a promise from Fen that they will meet outside Bob’s house an hour before sunset so Andraki can be reunited with her needle.

As soon as Andraki leaves, we jog for the tower, to close the doors. As we approach, we find Andraki’s hyenapeople all over the tower. Fen sits this fight out, not wanting to cross Andraki. We sneak up, dispatch a bunch of them with some excellent spellcasting from Remi and Yannic, and manage to secure the tower. However, in the process of doing so, we shut Fen outside of the tower and lock ourselves in again.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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