Goblin Cave

The party heads into the cave, leaving Remi to guard the entrance. Seru leads the party, following a stream that runs through the cave. The sounds of snarling can be heard from the top of some stairs to the right of them as they continue to follow the stream, only three members of the party, Betha, Kaiva, and Seru able to see in the darkness as they make their way farther into the cave.

The three members that are able to see spot a Goblin keeping watch on a bridge high above the steam, Betha firing her crossbow at them, killing them before they are able to alert anyone to their presence.

The group continues on, eventually coming across some movable walls blocking off the stream. There Kaiva finds more Goblins, the party going into battle while Yannic and Fen hang back unable to see. Betha eventually casts light, making the cave light enough for the two to join the fight.

A Goblin manages to run but is presumed dead after it runs in the direction of the angry snarling.

Seru and Kaiva find a chest of cold and a jade frog ornament (statue?) with gold eyes, Betha is able to determine that the chest of gold is enchanted and of Fey origin.

The party heads towards the bridge the first Goblin was on and cross it, heading even deeper into the cave. The farther away from the stream they get the more they are able to make out the sounds of angry/violent shouting in the distance.

They eventually reach another cavern where they find Bob being held by the large Goblin at the top of a cliff, the Goblin yelling at the Gnome to tell them where the key is. Betha sends firebolt at the Goblin, the party once again going into battle. As Seru attacks the Goblin, Bob is thrown off the cliff they were standing on.

Betha tends to Bob as the rest of the group continues to fight, the Goblin making a run for it only to have his escape blocked by Kaiva.

The party are then left to face the monster that is left in the cavern, a large creature with the head of a hyena and the body of a human. Such as creature was created by the Fiends before they were banished.

The monster manages to hit Seru with a spear and she is able to heal herself. The monster is eventually killed by an arrow through its eye.

The creature falls to the ground, dead, and its body slowly starts to disintegrate. Yannic is able to discover that the body is being transported somewhere.

When the body starts disintegrating, Bob starts yelling at them to banish it, no-one is able to calm the gnome. Betha sets the body on fire, burning it to ashes before it can fully disintegrate.

The party heads out of the cave, Betha retrieving the box of enchanted gold on the way out. Bob still upset about the group of banishers he was sent. Before they completely exit the cave, Kaiva, Seru, and Fen kill the wolves tied up in the room with all the snarling to keep them from starving to death, the body of the Goblin that ran also in the room.

As the party plus Bob make their way back to his house Betha asks if there is anything he needs and he starts talking about a key.

They enter his house upon reaching it, the building being quite small and cluttered with various items. Seru and Kaiva take the chance to look for the green bottles that the strange lady from the tavern had had stolen but are unable to find anything.

Bob allows the group to spend the night after rescuing him, the party all settling into their respective sleeping spots.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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