Hello Hyena-people

We Learn to Set Watches

So we backtracked a little bit, picking up with the seven of us (the banishing squad, the cheeky campers (Kaiva and Seru), and Bob) walking back to Bob’s house. Betha recapped the events of last week’s battle for Remi, who was guarding the cave. We also learned that in order to report back to their superiors, the banishing squad would have to teleport back to where they came from.

Once everyone returned to Bob’s house, Kaiva began searching for the green bottle she and Seru were hired to find. Seru attempted to help, but after a few failed attempts gave up and went to stand by the stairs and look stoic.

Betha asked Bob what Key he kept referring to, and all he would say was that it was something that could get the hyena-people into the Tower, which moves from place to place and is in the woods somewhere.

Kaiva is eventually successful and finds a green bottle swirling with something mysterious. She and Seru decide to hide it outside by a distinctive tree, to reduce the risk of its getting jostled and exploding. Betha notices Kaiva being shifty and asks her what she’s up to; Kaiva lies like a pro and convinces her it’s nothing.

Seru goes over to Betha and asks her to do an arcana check on the jade frog they found in the cave; they determine that it’s nonmagical, but it is a symbol of the demon goddess Andraki, along with… dun dun dun… a hyena. Seru holds onto it.

They bed down for the night, in their exhaustion forgetting to put someone on watch. They get in a long rest, but at 3am, they are interrupted by 2 hyena-people busting in to Bob’s house. (Over the course of the ensuing battle, the total grows to 6 hyena-people.)

There are a few close calls, but after a lengthy battle, the hyena-people are defeated. Yannic slept through the entire battle. Fen slept through the beginning of it, but eventually woke up and joined in the fray. Bob, protected by Seru’s Shield of Faith, ignores the fighting almost entirely and begins frantically rummaging through various piles on the main and upper floors, cursing and tossing objects aside. After the battle is done, Fen picks up one of the things he had thrown aside, a ring, and decides to hold onto it herself.

The banishing squad team up with Kaiva to haul the bodies of the hyena-people outside and set them on fire. While this is happening, Seru goes upstairs to check on Bob. She finds him still searching, and eventually figures out that he’s looking for the green bottle she and Kaiva took earlier. He manages to convince her that the bottle is Bad News, and that maybe it would be safer to leave it with him, rather than try and track down the mysterious lady who hired them. She confesses that they took it and hid it outside, and the two of them go outside with Kaiva.

At this point, Betha, having successfully set all the bodies on fire, goes to investigate a stick that Bob pulled out and threw away during the battle. It’s clearly magical in nature, and is indeed a 3 foot long Unbreakable Stick. She takes it outside to ask Bob if she can have it.

Outside, Kaiva reveals to Bob that she is the one who took the bottle from his stash, and Bob attacks her, ignoring Seru trying to keep the peace.
After the battle, Remi goes upstairs to wake Yannic and tell him about the battle. He’s visibly shaken by the news, and Remi gets the sense that his sleep may not have been entirely natural.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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