Hello! We Have...Friend!

We open on Fen doing a kegstand, with an assist from Kaiva. The shindig continues on in that vein, with Remi and Yannic drinking and Kaiva doing acrobatics. However, before anyone invents the game of Spin the Bottle, Remi hears a warping noise from outside and sees a smallish person stealing into a house.

The party wakes Seru from her nap and take some bread over to investigate their new neighbor, but they can’t find them! The house is empty and picked-over, and Fen runs back to the tavern to guard her gains of doubtful provenance. Eventually they find the creature, a small blue critter easily put to magical sleep by Remi. Seru tells everyone not to wake her up unless someone’s dying again and goes to sleep right the hell outside in the street.

The remaining party members figure out that this is a Quickling, a small fey used as a gofer for more powerful fey. Kaiva steals a tin from the Quickling’s clothing and they wake her up (after tying her up). She claims she was just doing her job, she’s already behind schedule, and has anyone seen her rent money??? They feed her bread (and eventually a reluctant Kaiva hands over the tin with the money), and upon hearing that the Quickling is looking for magical artifacts, the group sends her Wolf-ward.

After a period of time, Lone Wolf herself, in all her solitary rage, comes storming over to the tavern. Someone has STOLEN from her, and she will not stand for it! She starts erecting a barrier. The party (sans Seru and Fen) have a Circuitous Discussion about what they should do, given that they sent the Quickling to Wolfy in the first place and Wolfy seems ready to murder a blue bitch. Wolf tells them that the weapon was a commission that hasn’t been paid in full, and it’s essentially a proto-Planar Blade.

After a Roof-Climbing Adventure that goes very badly for all involved, more or less, and waking Seru up, the party troops over to referee the throwdown. Dusk comes, a puffy parcel gets dropped at Betha’s feet, and a giant net falls from the sky, trapping the Quickling who delivered it. Wolfy gets straight to the interrogation.

Eventually, it is revealed that the Quickling works for the Council of Planar Freedom, and has already delivered the proto-Planar Blade to the man with six fingers on his right hand. We manage to talk Wolfy down from her rage and she reluctantly lets the Quickling go. We retire for the night, discovering that the parcel is an order form for fancy party clothes.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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