(I Always Feel Like) Some Froggy's Watching Me

Curtain opens on a straggling group of heroes walking down a cliff face away from a zombie horde.

Off in the distance, Floy looks the same as it ever was, just with fewer people and more corpses (people and cows). Off in the farther distance to the northwest, the town of Webdel is encased in what looks like diluted Soul Fire. Off in the farthest distance, Gathering is still burning.

They hear a pained sound that might be moaning or might be mooing, and decide to investigate, in case it’s someone in pain or trouble. Spoiler alert: It’s a zombie cow. Morthred dispatches it without blinking an eye and then strikes a deal with Kaiva for some of her life force. So that’s a thing that happened.

Our adventurers, still sagging a little after the zombie throwdown, take a short rest in an abandoned house with a corpse outside, and Ondelin goes off to a secluded room to swoon over Remi in peace. And also find out some answers about the state of the world, whatever, but mostly the Remi thing.

While this is happening, Kaiva and Fen return to their old standby of drinking heavily, and Morthred and Yannic have a nice chat. Apparently Yannic’s magic is abnormal!

Ondelin emerges from his fainting couch to report that there are people alive in Gathering! Good people? Safe people? Bad people? Who knows! But people! With this news, they all make their way to the teleportation circle, the distant echoes of mooaning zombie cows in the background.

The teleportation circle is intact! And Yannic knows how to work it! But Gathering is still on fire, and we know not what people are there. So Morthred reanimates a corpse for a test run. Like you do. The zombie makes it to Gathering intact, and then dies almost immediately upon arrival. The group decides to walk instead (about a three-week journey).

At this point, Betha ‘goes to the bathroom’ and calls Severeen (sp?), who really desperately wants Betha to a) leave with her, or b) at least get the heck away Morthred. Betha says she’ll take that under advisement and Severeen tells her that Morgaine is living as a goo monster in the Feywild.

Betha returns from her bathroom adventure and the party goes looting! All the weapons have been taken from the general store. Also, there are a ton of people watching our party from the cliff by Upper Floy. Inhuman people, with odd heads. The party decides to dig in for the night and get some rest.

They first attempt to do this in a bank! However, the introduction of certain members of the party to a secure supply of money was perhaps a mistake, and the group soon flees the bank to the screeching of an alarm. They try again, this time in Floy’s administration building/prison.

The curtain closes on our ranger, taking one final look around outside, and finally noticing the frog that’s been hopping around after everyone for several hours now.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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