In Which Nothing Of Any Real Importance or Excitement Happens, No Way, No How

It’s 2AM and we are just settling in for some watches! Seru’s guest-starring in every watch while she waits for Alka to return, and notices that the tower is less ominously dark. During the second watch, Remi sees something indistinct slither around the ground outside, come in through the window, and head upstairs into Betha’s room. Seru and Remi wake Kaiva and Yannic, and pursue.

It’s illusion magic, and it ducks into Betha’s room and then back out the window, leaving a note on her bedside table. Back downstairs, Seru sees a flash of blue light around the corner and she and Remi go to investigate. There’s nothing there, but what there is, is a bunch of papers stuck to the outside of the door. The party invites have arrived.

Everyone gets one (Fen brings hers into her blanket cave and avoids the ensuing discussion); everyone is requested to attend, but someone crossed that out on Yannic’s and wrote “demanded” instead. Yannic wakes Kean up.

It takes a couple cups of illicit coffee, but eventually our resident nerd becomes coherent enough to express his concern over the invites and his deep, deep wish for at least Yannic not to go. As is becoming tradition with this group, we have a long, fruitless conversation that ends with no decision, and Betha fucking off to go call Sivoreen. Sivoreen very much wants Betha at the party and also very much was not actually present during Betha’s trial. And also if Betha dies, she’ll become fully fey. So there’s that.

Eventually they “decide” to go to the party – I say “decide” because it is strongly implied that they will be carried there by force if need be. We finish up the watches, Fen drawing a mustache on the sleeping Kaiva’s face in coffee grounds, and then during Kaiva’s watch there’s a big-ass lightning storm in the teleportation circle, and our golden boy has returned.

He sees Remi sleeping, assumes the worst, and starts casting Raise Dead, thus setting the rest of the day into motion. Remi wakes up, they embrace, and then make out for a while and cuddle, interrupted only long enough for Ondelin to punch Seru twice in the face.

Because of Ondelin’s inability to check for a pulse, he can’t raise Andraki-lite that day, and Kean can’t wait. So Kean whips out the friggin Needle and says he’s just gonna die for like six seconds and then Ondy will Revivify him and everything will be fine, everyone just take a breath.

Yannic objects in the strongest possible terms to this plan, so while Yannic’s in the kitchen with Remi and Betha while the plebs bake bread, Kean offers Fen a diamond worth 25K to die for six seconds.

Kean pops Andraclone out of the diamond, gives it secretly to Fen, Fen stabs herself and the corpse with the Needle, and then dies. While Ondy revives her, the sky turns black, a huge portal opens up outside the tavern, Kean takes his alive-again sister Somewhere Else, and some huge hyenafolk and a tiny frog emerge from the portal.

Fen manages to talk Andraki down and tells her Kean has the Needle now, and the Evil Animal Posse leave without bloodshed. Seru tries to have a conversation with Fen about waking Seru up if someone needs to die, however temporarily (it goes poorly), and then tries to have a conversation with Yannic about next steps (it goes poorly), and then snaps and drags everyone to the now-less-imposing tower for the worst Family Day ever. Drop curtain.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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