Locations, Hours, and Book Drops

While Yannic goes home to find his student ID, Betha hangs on to the book of mythology on Keanvari and Andraki and does some more research. She maps some teleportation circles she thinks might be useful and finds a book of mythology on the time god(s).

The book on time gods suggests Nemit is in the first of three stages of being a time god, since he is overwhelmingly concerned with chronology. Sandy, on the other hand, seems to be in the beginning of the second, where he understands time as a stream of progress. (A time god in the third stage understands time in way that is incomprehensible to mortals.)

Betha also goes looking for information on the fey and offspring of the fey, but the library somehow contains less knowledge about the fey than she already possesses. She does find a couple books on alchemy, however. When Yannic returns with his student ID, Betha shares the books she’s found before settling in to read. Around then, Fen finds Yannic, since Remi and Kaiva have gone off to investigate Lana’s whereabouts.

Fen shows Yannic Kida’s card, which he can’t read because it’s in Orcish. Yannic has heard of a raider named Kida Boneeater, who was given an award a while back, but not much else. Fen conjectures about whether Kida is a cannibal. Yannic decides to go see if his Abjuration professor is in her office, so he leaves Fen in the library, hoping that she won’t set fire to the books or something. Classes are in session, so the professor isn’t her office. Yannic leaves a note and a letter under her door, and he heads back to the library.

Meanwhile, Fen has attempted to talk to two studious individuals – a green dragonborn who calls the library on Fen, and a harried gnome who takes their books and leaves. Fen tries to follow the gnome, but she knocks over a cart of books, alerting Betha. Betha redirects Fen to search for books on cannibals. Betha and Fen are shown to the biographies section, where they find a biographical book on the Hot Topic twins. Fen collects all the books she can find which bear the name Vega, to see if she can find anything about her mentor.

Fen also looks for information about the term “scion of the forest” – she finds accounts of how, when people started cutting down trees, there was communication between trees and people. That’s around the time the term was first used. She searches for information about Party Island, but there isn’t much, since it isn’t a popular destination, what with the island eating people.

Betha, seeing a poem about the Hot Topic twins written by Haela, looks up the poet’s biography and literary analyses of their works. Haela (Hope) traveled with the Gorlorian rebellion since its early days. They were probably a bard.

When Yannic returns to the library, he tells Betha and Fen he’s looking for spellbooks, so they follow him, Fen throwing biographies over her shoulder one after another when she finds out they aren’t about the Vega she knows. Betha tries to keep the books from too much harm. Yannic finds a list of arcane rituals around 5pm, and he finds some of the spellbooks he’s looking for.

Kaiva bursts into the library looking for the party, since Remi requested a private conversation with one of the professors. She and Fen are of the opinion that Remi is cheating on Ondelin. Kaiva heads for the True Crimes section, looking for tales of her crime family. There’s nothing familiar, although Kaiva does find some interesting reads.

Yannic looks for information about Hillman, which turns out to be close to Keyberry Ford. He finds information about the destruction of the wizard tower of Hillman. Renatta the Brilliant destroyed the tower and got her arm chopped off in the process. Supposedly, only one person survived this incident. The wizard tower was a research university where multiple people worked. There is no record of the research they were doing there. Renatta was an anti-magic knight or paladin. Five years after the destruction of the tower, the Gorlorian army destroyed Renatta for being an extraplanar being.

Bored, Kaiva starts stacking the books that everyone has collected throughout the afternoon. Eventually, it tumbles down all over Betha, to the librarians’ annoyance. Once the librarians have neatened up some of the books, Fen tells Kaiva about the Keanvari and Andraki mythology book, specifically the story about Andraki and a fairy prince named Mayrid, who might be Morthred? The story goes that Andraki and a fairy prince encountered each other in the woods and were delighted by each other’s company for a month before the prince’s mother, Morgaine, called him back home. He left Andraki without telling her, to return to his fey wife and kids, and Andraki was reportedly devastated. The biographical book on the twins calls into question some elements of this story.

Fascinated, Kaiva begins to tear a page from the HTT mythology book, which sets off a loud siren in the library. Librarians descend, and the book is taken away for repairs. Kaiva is escorted out of the library, and Fen goes to find a children’s fairytale version of Andraki and the Fairy Prince, which she proceeds to read aloud to Kaiva in the doorway of the library. (Fen turns down Kaiva’s offer to help correct the illustrations of Andraki and Morthred.)

Kaiva and Fen argue about whether to go cut Morthred out of Bob’s heart. Kaiva tells Fen she’ll stay in Timeline 2 until the party breaks Morthred out. Fen says they’ll have to leave Kaiva behind then, because they need to find Nemit first, to ask him about Bob. Fen eventually convinces Kaiva to come with the rest of the party to Timeline 1 instead. Kaiva pouts outside while Fen returns to the kids’ section of the library.

Yannic finishes reading one of his spellbooks around 7pm, and the party decides it’s time to go find Remi, who has been on his own for a while.


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