Make a Floor Check

When we last left the scene, Kean and Yannic were in a stalemate in the kitchen, Yannic glowering silently in the corner, Kean cooking frantically at the stove. Remi turns up his cheer to 11 and tries to help. It goes nowhere, and Yannic leaves to go sit sadly by the river.

Meanwhile, Andra is pumping Betha for all the hot goss, but is interrupted by Remi’s return. She goes to yell at her brother some more, and the rest of the party (sans Yannic and Tana, who goes to cuddle the sad warlock because he is the best of us all) decide to go spelunking in the creepy castle.

The castle is deserted, empty, and destroyed by means other the cruel hand of time. Kaiva finds a stone eye and finger, eventually determined to be from a statue of Callum the Hungry God that has been exterminated with EXTREME prejudice. The eye goes out the window. The finger goes in Seru’s belt pouch.

Fen finds a rusted up door hiding a spiral staircase, and Seru senses a faint undead presence 60 feet down, so down they go. The descent is split every 20 feet by a new floor (term used loosely), and by all accounts it is a wonderfully-prepared dungeon crawl, with mysterious wind and water and whatnot. Instead, we find a kitchen, with bloodstains from all the people that were killed and fed to Callum.


We bounce down the rest of the stairs to find a room chock full of skeletons, some of them moving. Seru cleans house with Moonbeam and they dip back out into the sunlit world.

Kean and Andra are still in the house, cooking and talking about something or other, so the rest of of the party cuddles in various piles on the riverbank until dinner’s ready, around sunset.

Fen tries to talk to Kean; it goes about as well as you would expect that convo to go. Kean tries to dip after dinner but Remi corners him to talk about the Therris ring. Apparently it’s hella old and hella powerful and hella full of souls that were sworn into it (not stolen), and Remi can ask them questions! That’s neat.

Next up is Kaiva, who asks Kean wtf is up with the whole blood knight thing. Turns out she somehow bloodswore herself to Morthred. Huh. Wonder when that happened. sideeye Kaiva threatens Kean into talking to Yannic, implying that he might throw himself into the river.

Kean races out to Yannic to make sure he doesn’t get his fancy clothes wet, and they have yet another angsty awkward conversation about their feelings and trust and whatnot. Kean tries to flee, like, three times, but Yannic is having none of it, and eventually they decide to meet in two days (on Thursday) to talk with adequate preparation time. Nerds. The Clone Twins bounce.

Meanwhile, Remi talks to Seru and wakes up his Planar Blade, using Sending. He names it Isilme (moonlight) and makes it a poetically-described black feathered dragon with lightning breath. The Foreshadowing Bell Tolls.

Watches! Seru and Remi discuss matters of the heart and feelings and shit, and see some blue lightning poking around in the teleportation circle. We poke Yannic awake and make him look at it, and decide that it’s just someone testing the connection. We remember that we couldn’t scrub the sigil for Keyberry Ford from the Wheatfield circle, so, that’s fun. The Foreshadowing Bell Tolls Again!

Fen and Betha talk about the circle on their watch, and about Kean and what’s up with him and Yannic. Continuing the theme, Kaiva and Yannic have a fabulous conversation about Keannic and also Yannic could be more considerate about Kaiva’s feelings, maybe ask about her day sometimes? An hour before dawn, Lone Wolf runs past their house in an unholy panic, making for the nearest empty house. Seru runs to get her and brings her back to the house with everyone else. Apparently the dragons came back to Wheatfield, Lone Wolf says.

Also, Lone Wolf is a dragon.



shannon_m_allred Millie

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