Nerd Out In The Wheat Field

The bedraggled forest crew makes it back to the gazebo! Yannic and Kean also make it back to the gazebo, and promptly nap. Kaiva wakes Seru up, but can’t get her out from under the bench, because the world is a terrifying place for a few more hours.

Sweet sweet Remi tries to strike up conversation with Ondelin, and gets no reply. Remi accepts this and goes back into the gazebo, where they all wait until 2pm and the charm is lifted! Everyone is suddenly able to think about things other than personal safety (although Seru is a bit twitchy for a few more hours).

It is discovered that the gazebo is a map of the world, and one can use the gazebo to teleport anywhere in said world (although you can’t be sure of a clean landing; sorry, Former Owner Of Fen’s Sick New Red Boots).

Remi, by this point, is concerned about his golden boyfriend, and makes his way up to the roof of the gazebo, to find Ondelin unconscious in a pool of his own blood. Remi wakes him, but he’s mostly catatonic, and also his skin is a little dull? Seru uses her Divine Sense and only gets one Celestial ping, from the figure asleep on the bench. Uh-oh. Eventually, with the aid of the group’s trusty Friendship Rope, Ondelin gets lowered down to the ground and healed up a bit, and then it’s time for Kean to Shell Out Some Answers.

Gathering is split into sectors as a result of its security measures, all of which are under timestops. Some are safe, some are not. It’s a mess. There are only two ways he can think of to figure out how to undo it: 1. Find Gorloris; 2. Consult the God of Knowledge.

The God of Knowledge has his oracle set up in Regartipal, or the Pale Mountains, which are either holy or cursed at any given time. This medium is not a happy one. If you make it through the trials, you get a full and complete answer to one question, but all Kean knows about the trial is that it has to do with your worst fear. This puts a damper on the party’s enthusiasm for this particular plan.

Nonetheless, they decide that it is probably the best plan they have, and set about deciding who will go in and what questions they will ask. Betha says her worst fear has to do with fire, Remi’s is a particular wizard, and all Kean will say about his chunk of the trial is that when they get there, they are to do EXACTLY what he says, when he says it.

What follows is, in our universe, at least an hour of careful formulation of the perfect questions to ask the God of Knowledge, because the DM still won’t let me live down the “What’s your next step?” incident. In-game, it takes several hours at least, up through 6pm/7pm. Betha starts making potions, and then steps into the wheat (effectively disappearing) to call Sivoreen. Kean and Yannic set a magical barrier around the gazebo and bond in a heartwarming, nerdy way. Everyone settles in for a long rest, planning to head out in the morning.

1. What practical and immediate actions can Yannic, Seru, Remi, Fen, Kaiva, and Betha take that would ensure the maximum number of people who survived the explosions on the most recent Banfey continue to maintain their ‘alive’ status without losing their free will? – Seru

2. What is the most practical and safest method, for Yannic, Seru, Remi, Fen, Kaiva, and Betha, and for the survivors in Gathering, to release the time-stop mechanisms in Gathering? – Remi

3. What large-scale destructive events are expected, by the instigators of the planar event that began on the most recent Banfey, to occur as a result of said planar event before the next Bancel? – Betha

4. What is the specific process that led to the large-scale creation of the undead that appeared on the most recent Banfey? – Kaiva

Kean and Ondelin have their own questions. Yannic and Fen have no intentions of going in. TANA IS NOT GOING IN.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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