One Month After Boom Boom Day

The group wakes up, partakes of some nourishment, and then it’s on to the next room! This one’s Ondelin’s, and it starts with the party (save Ondy) in a box, and Ondy standing in the middle of a massive courtroom, surrounded by winged peers, and facing a huge lady with four white wings.

The room shifts into a typical kindergarten classroom, the huge lady in the role of teacher, Ondy shoved into a little desk meant for a five-year-old. The lady (General Lanthwin) tells him that he’s a traitor and he will be executed if he can’t pass the exam, which is to identify colors and write down what plane they’re associated with. Only problem? Ondy is colorblind.

The party cheats using Betha’s Message cantrip, and Ondy passes. Lanthwin is displeased. It comes out that this exam is set three weeks in the future, about a month after the Boom Boom Day, and Ondelin has rebelled against the celestials and become a freedom fighter.

Ondelin is horrified and says that he would never, except that the party doesn’t let up and he reveals that yeah, maybe he did kind of want out of the military hierarchy of the celestials, and maybe he requested his posting for a breather, and maybe there’s one answer he could get from the Lady of Learning that would make this all come true. Kaiva and Remi strike up an impromptu performance so Ondy can whisper his lesson to Lanthwin (who, as we soon discover, wasn’t actually Lanthwin), and then it’s back into the study and out to the next room.

As soon as the room comes into being, Fen (but a Fen with a mullet and an eyepatch, and sans one arm) starts dragging Kaiva towards a set of tables with a group of people scattered throughout. One table is empty, one contains Morthred (who smiles and winks at her), and the other has Keanvari, a lil Andraki hyena, and two unidentified people (one woman who reads as celestial, and someone we dub Milktoast, a very boring male with no discernable aura).

Once again we’re in the future! It comes out that this is a meeting to negotiate terms of surrender from us to the Hot Topic Twins, which Kaiva wrangled using her friendship with Morthred. Fen is super DUPER nervous about the whole situation, and Keanvari is Displeased to see Yannic.

Also, Betha reveals that we’re near Hellenhell, the place of the original fey banishment.

Kaiva learns her lesson, which is that she is important and capable of doing important things, and gets her answer: Soul Fire is an attack on anything that has a soul. The undead are those whose souls managed to withstand the Soul Fire attack and are therefore alive and also dead. They’re motivated by the need for food, shelter, safety, and sometimes revenge; they are those souls that burned that are still fighting.

We made it!


shannon_m_allred Millie

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