Other Than The Death Threats, It's Been Fine

The food is getting cleared away, y’all. It’s time to get buckwild.

In a stunning feat of memory, Remi realizes that he’s sen Milktoast before, and not just in the Lady of Learning’s trial. Apparently “Eric Bridger,” aka Milktoast, has been a servant at nearly ever fancy rich-person party that Remi’s ever been to, going back possibly 10 years. And he’s never aged a day.

Yannic’s mission, if you’ll recall, is to get Andraki away from the Twister mat and back to Keavnvari’s side. This is accomplished by Seru talking to Kaiva and convincing her to convince Andraki that it’s time to go. Kaiva gives Andraki a piggyback ride over to the other pavilion where Keanvari is waiting (Betha and Remi splitting off to stay within 500 feet of Morgaine).

Over in Morgaine’s tent, Dossana approaches Remi. Apparently she’s been told that he’s the guy to talk to in order to make the world safer and more orderly? He’s the man with an infinite army. Remi is confused.

Kaiva deposits Andraki with her brother and the two of them start to have a private conversation that Fen shamelessly eavesdrops on. Apparently the Hot Topic Twins are waiting for a dragon to come to the party. Armed with this knowledge, Seru goes to fill in Betha and Remi.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Sivoreen and Betha have a chat about Onrubia’s speech and the events of the party. Sivoreen says that Betha can take her sweet time visiting Morgaine; the Feywild isn’t the safest place to be these days. Also, if the party wasn’t given dance cards, they can probably go at any time.

Taking this to heart, the party tries to gather to leave. While this is happening, Keanvari quizzes Yannic on why the party’s happening. The correct answers? 1) It’s a party. 2) It’s a very very obvious trap 3) Those people who fall for the trap are people Keanvari very much wants to see eaten by a dragon. He tells Yannic he can go.

Except not really, because while they’re all trying to leave, Yannic gets stopped 500 feet from Keanvari. Whoops. In an attempt to fulfill her prime directive (and forgetting that her prime directive has been changed for this one night), Seru steps to Keanvari, who gets annoyed with her, which makes her stubborn, which gets her zapped. Kaiva and Fen, who’ve been dancing this whole time, dance-battle their way out of the pavilion and into the garden with the rest of the party

While the party rests, they notice the starts start winking out. Fast. Yannic checks his texts for the first time that night, realizes Kean thinks he can get them safely out, and they take him up on it.

Before Kean can get there, the Hot Topic Twins start booking it for the exit. The party, thus free to do the same, book it for the exit. They find the Twins crouching in front of a terrified-looking Frankenstein’s monster. The Clone Twins are standing nearby.

We get our stuff and the Hot Topic Twins teleport away with the undead creature. The Clone Twins teleport us home, and tell us that the Frankenstein’s monster is Callum the Hungry God, and the HTTs have gone to torture him for fun.

Back in the tavern, Kean and Yannic have an awkward chat, ending in an agreement to meet up the next day and talk about how much time they want to spend together. Yannic goes downstairs and chats with Remi about Remi’s nightmares about seeing his grandmother die. This heartwarming tale is interrupted by Andraclone marching downstairs, walking up to Yannic, and saying, “He was trying to ask you out.”

Yannic, furious that Kean didn’t use actual words to do that but also steadfastly refusing to use his own words, blusters for a bit and has more Bro Time with Remi, Ondy being off somewhere fighting for freedom. The party settles down into watches, and aside from a series of flashes of light coming from Wolfy’s house, the night passes quietly. Dawn comes and brings with it messengers from the fey, come to take Betha to the Feywild. She goes. Curtain drops.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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