Our Intrepid Adventurers Take The Damned Day Off

Everyone gathers upstairs, where Remi is still seizing/whatever mystical thing is happening to him (hint: it’s necromancy) is still going on. Eventually it wears off, and he wakes up, achy but otherwise intact.

Fen and Kaiva go in search of breakfast, and proceed to spend the whole day eating and drinking.

The other four go outside to burn the body of the dead angel (it smells weirdly sweet). Despite Seru rolling the first of a few natural 1s of the day, they convince a bird to go find Kean, since he seems the most likely to know what’s going on.

Eventually Kean shows up and examines Remi. Apparently there are a ton of souls hanging around him, waiting for him to absorb them, which is something Kean’s never seen happen to a mortal before. Having delivered this pronouncement, Kean once again Gets The Hell Out of Dodge, off to do things/stuff.

The group decides to spend the day safe in Kean’s ward, picking through Bob’s house and mentally recovering from the past few days. They stay fairly quiet until sunset, when a massive flash of energy lights up the sky with a huge crack.

The fey who had previously taken Betha away (a sister, of sorts, according to Betha) comes by to offer to take Betha with her, since all the barricades between the planes are either down or in the process of coming down. It should all be finished by Banfiend, she says.

Betha decides to stay with the party, who decide (minus Fen and Kaiva, still partaking of Bob’s edible stores) to try for the Tower in the morning, and to go to Floy if that doesn’t work out.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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