Pants Off In Front of a Fire

At sunrise (5:45am), we walk. Through wheat. For hours. We’re not alone, though! There’s a stream of geckos walking parallel to us in the wheat.

Eventually, Fen peels off to go to the bathroom. And doesn’t come back. For an hour. Also there’s smoke. Eventually we go after her and find her crouched over a smoldering fire pit, pants down. She was trying to summon Andraki as a familiar, but gets a normal frog instead, and we all go on our merry way. Except Fen forgot about the fire.

FINALLY, four hours after we discover the resulting blaze, Betha puts it out all by her tiny lonesome and sleeps the sleep of the righteous firefighter on Tana’s back. Kaiva ties herself to Fen to avoid further Incidents.

They keep walking, and are quickly approached by someone running flat-out towards where the fire had been. We convince her that the fire’s out for really serious and she collapses in exhaustion for a bit.

She is a very pale person, with visible veins and elf ears, and her name is Lone Wolf. Wolf for short. Wolf travels with them back towards Wheatfield, and so do the geckos.

Finally Seru uses magic to talk to the geckos, because she can. She makes friends with one gecko, who tells her they were sent to watch us by a woman in blue who likes knowing things. The gecko, Tiny, promptly joins the party, climbing all over everyone and generally having the time of his little gecko life.

Wolf casts Tiny Hut and the party troops inside for some rest. Remi sees something big fly overhead and talks about nightmares with Yannic. Later, Fen sees someone walking towards them, finally untethers herself from Kaiva, and goes to investigate. Long story short, she’s the Queen of the Geckos, similar to Morthred in aura, and she tells us about a party in four days that we’re invited to. Dress nice!

Tiny stays with us, and in the morning we make it to Wheatfield, a cloud forming over Gathering. Wolf goes a-looting, we go to the tower and then quickly realize what a HORRIBLE IDEA that is (or some of us do, anyway), and we go get crunk in the tavern instead. Also we learn about Planar Blades, but your fair summarizer was having an anxiety attack and didn’t take notes on that part.

Next up: A series of incredibly terrible decisions.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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