Practical Uses for Teleportation

You know that bit in Gladiator where Russell Crowe walks through the wheatfield, running his hand through it and looking Masculinely Contemplative? That’s where we start, only instead of Manful Crowe, we’re a bedraggled group of paranoid apocalypse survivors.

There’s an odd rustling in the wheat – is it the wind? Is it something more sinister? Spoiler alert: It’s sinister. Over the next few hours, a huge mass of birds gather together, of all types and sizes, the only commonality their black color palettes. As they approach, it becomes increasingly clear that they’re headed for Morthred specifically.

Yannic reveals a letter from Kean, in which Kean tells him that his mother is in a blue crystal in the keeping of a woman named Mercury, and also that they should ditch Morthred and book it. To everyone’s surprise, Morthred agrees. While everyone is debating the ethics and practicalities of this plan, Morthred wriggles off Kaiva’s back and starts walking towards the birds, who deposit a humanoid and then attack Morthred, hyenas and frogs spilling out of the wheat.

The humanoid looks familiar, almost as though Kean got a gift certificate to Sol’soran Hot Topic for his birthday and went all-out. As Seru cuts through the birds, a big flash of black and red light happens in the wheat, and out walks Andraki, also in her finest Goth Leather Armor.

Hot Topic Kean sends a fireball at Kaiva and Seru (the closest of us to him) and starts muttering a spell; Andraki, in a fit of luck, casts a Sleep spell that hits Yannic and also Tana (out of what looks like a Planar Blade hilt???? Hmmmm). Apparently she’s never seen a sleeping donkey before, because she wastes her next turn laughing about it.

Betha wakes the sleepers up, and Morthred, with one last exasperated look and shake of the head at the group that cut him out of a giant heart, Planar Shifts away.

Ethical quandary now disbanded, the group books it as fast as they can in the other direction. Hot Topic Kean teleports to Yannic and stares at him, and then casts Mass Suggestion, effecting everyone but Kaiva, Yannic, Fen, and Tana The Hero Donkey. Everyone else is struck with a compulsion to get somewhere safe and stay there. The goth duo then Planar Shift away, presumably to look for Morthred.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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