When we return to our own bodies, we’re still on our way to Wheatfield via Floy. Ondelin watches us with much confusion as we discuss what we’ve just experienced. Kaiva is confused that we didn’t ride dinosaurs like she did.

The place from which Fen took the marble dragon figurine might be a big city of many dragonborn, Arphalon, which is known to have blueish stone architecture. The city is in the mountains, to the west of Floy.

We decide that we do still want to deal with Remi’s dad before finding Nemit. Ondelin, upon hearing how personal this is for Remi, tells him he’s not the same Ondelin who is Remi’s friend. He asks if Remi is sure he really wants him there. Remi says we could use his help, but it’s up to Ondelin whether he wants to join us. Ondelin says he’s uncomfortable with going after Nemit, but he can help take out Remi’s dad before going back home. Remi says he understands.

We get to Floy at 11pm, and when we get to the tavern in Wheatfield, everyone’s asleep. We book all four vacant rooms, and Ondelin stays up on the roof, since he doesn’t need to sleep.

We wake at 8am, and we learn from Henry, the innkeeper, that Lana, Remi’s bard friend, is away because she was asked to perform for Banfey celebrations in Gathering. She’ll be back in a couple of days. Henry doesn’t recognize Remi, nor does anyone else in the tavern. Remi asks about the tower on the edge of town, and Henry tells him a wizard lives there, along with his assistant, who’s been there for years. They’re cranky but decent people. It’s best not to bother them, though.

We call a meeting, including Ondelin, to discuss next steps. Ondelin says he saw a brown haired elf walk a robed person to the teleport earlier. We decide if Theminor answers the door, we’ll pretend to be selling cookies on behalf of the Gorloris scouts. If the assistant answers the door, we’ll tell her about Theminor and gauge how much she knows before deciding how to proceed.

We head to the tower, and we meet a skeptical, distrustful old elf named Mia. She says Theminor is away. Remi introduces himself as Theminor’s son, giving his given name, and he explains that Theminor has been killing his children to prolong his life longer than is normal for an elf. Remi and Betha can tell that this is new information to Mia, but her reaction is otherwise difficult to read. She doesn’t seem open to hearing more, and Betha naively suggests Remi leave some of his blood so Mia can test the secret door in Theminor’s bedroom. Remi offers, and Ondelin is horrified and tells him not to. Mia looks more interested, but Remi rescinds the offer. At Ondelin’s urging, we leave. Ondelin tells us to be careful with our blood because someone could track us anywhere and anytime for the rest of lives by drinking our blood.

We walk a ways from the tower and stop in a random street in Wheatfield to discuss next steps, again. The teleportation platform was last used to travel to Nimrine. There are a lot of time aberrations in Wheatfield, and we consider fighting one to jump through to the other plane. Ondelin offers to stay in Wheatfield to watch for Theminor’s return. He can call us using the Sending Stone if he sees anything. Remi leaves him 10 gold pieces to cover food.

Remi uses Sending to tell Andra in Timeline 1 that we’re alive and in another timeline, and that Nemit is intent on causing the apocalypse in our timeline. Andra says she’ll talk to Ondelin and Kean about it. Andra is glad we’re alive and tells Remi to use Sending again soon and to get more information.

Fen remembers seeing a teleportation platform in the village by the Lady of Learning’s temple, so Yannic writes to Kean to ask about the teleportation circle that would get us there. He receives a circle, along with a message that implies something might be wrong with Kean, because he doesn’t sound like himself.

Yannic scrys on Kean 2.0, and he sees a really creepy black building on an island in a lake. Kean appears to be talking to a bunch of people in Infernal. Every so often, he looks down at some papers he’s holding in his hand, and he seems terribly amused by the situation. Then, he stops doing anything at all, before going back to the paper. Yannic stops scrying to tell the party that Keanvari has taken over Kean’s body, probably because of that thing Sandy mentioned, where the gods can’t manifest as themselves in the prime material plane.

Feeling deep mistrust in Keanvari’s suggested teleportation circle, we decide to go to the university to research the circle. We teleport to the university, where Fen goes to hug a tree before rejoining Kaiva in her attempt to sell Gorloris scout cookies. Remi goes to find her mentor, to thank her, but finds she’s teaching a class how to play the flutelute.

Yannic and Betha go to the library, where they learn the circle Keanvari gave them does indeed go to the Lady of Learning’s ascendancy point. In the same reference book, we also see there are 2 temples to the Lady of Learning, and one temple in a lake that Yannic recognizes as the one he saw in his most recent Scry. After a bit of researching, we learn that that temple is the ascendancy point of both Keanvari and Andraki. In doing that research, we find a book on mythology regarding the Hot Topic twins, and we ask about checking out the book. Unfortunately, Yannic doesn’t have his student ID on him, so he goes home to retrieve it and see if his dad’s around. HIs dad isn’t home, so Yannic writes a couple letters before returning to the university.

Meanwhile, Betha goes to find Remi, to see if he has his student ID. Remi does, but he wants to wait to talk to his mentor before joining Betha in the library. Betha goes back to the library to look for more books to check out. After asking his mentor whether she wants help teaching the class, Remi joins her and helps for the last 15 minutes of the session. Afterwards, Remi thanks Maria and asks whether she might have heard of a flutelute-playing bard named Lana who performed in Gathering during Banfey. Maria says no, definitely not. She weirdly appears to be cagey about knowing Lana. Maria dismisses Remi, and Remi goes to the library to meet up with Betha.

At the library, Remi talks over Maria’s weirdness about Lana with Betha. Remi decides to go ask some other professors about whether Lana was in Gathering at all. Betha stays in the library to do more research.

After failing to sell cookies, Kaiva and Fen try their hands at pickpocketing instead. However, on Fen’s first attempt, she’s caught red-handed, and the lady whose wallet she lifted tells her she doesn’t need to resort to pickpocketing – just ask for money. The lady hands her 20 gold pieces and a card in Orcish with her name (Kida Boneeater) and address, in case Fen ever needs more money. Impressed, Kaiva tries this method and persuades someone to buy 10 cookies, after which the duo continue to try pickpocketing, convinced that Kida Boneeater is a criminal mastermind.


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