Safety Cave, Party Cave

Fen and Yannic settle in for a watch, and a few sounds catch Fen’s notice: a slight vibration in the cave and Remi making a lot of noise in Ondelin’s room. Fen considers whether or not Remi is dying and whether or not she might be a dolphin or bat. Yannic hears nothing, and after their watch, he retreats to a recess in the cave to copy a spell instead of sleeping. Kaiva and Betha’s watch also passes uneventfully, save for the end, when Betha discovers that Yannic is studying, not sleeping. He asks her not to tell Remi, and he unconvincingly promises that he’ll sleep before he dies from exhaustion.

When Betha goes to wake Andra, she asks Betha if she was attached to Sivoreen. It turns out that Sivoreen thinks that Betha is dead, so if Betha wants to avoid being caught up in the fey royal court, she’ll have to hide for the foreseeable future. Kean might be able to help with that, once he gets his magic back.

When Betha has gone to sleep, Yannic approaches Andra and delivers the letter Kean 2.0 entrusted to him. While she reads the letter, Yannic continues to study his spellbook. When she’s read it twice, Andra tells him to burn the letter. She asks Yannic if there’s any chance he’ll go back to the other timeline/plane. He says he doesn’t know, though Kaiva is set on it. Andra has Yannic swear that if he goes back, he’ll find the Andra in that plane, using the directions she’ll give him if he swears. Additionally, he’ll need to swear not to scry, find, message or try to contact Kean in any way. Yannic asks what’s going on.

After a moment, Andra says Kean 2.0 is probably locked in a scary tower under constant guard that he will never escape. The only person who might be able to get him out is Andra. Yannic thanks her, and Andra tells him he’s confusing. Andra questions Yannic about his intentions, particularly his intentions towards Kean. After some frustrating circles, Yannic stammers that he would be okay with either banging or marrying Kean. Andra tells him to have a backbone but also not be confrontational.

Near the end of their watch, there’s a loud bang in Kean’s room and he flies out, rushing over to Yannic immediately. They hug and reassure each other that they’re okay before Kean says he’s going back to bed. When Kean leaves, Yannic asks Andra if he should follow, and Betha yells at him to please follow Kean.

Yannic knocks on Kean’s door, and when he lets him in, they talk for a while about how amazing and excellent a friend the other is. Kean apologizes for not being able to do any magic, and he apologizes for unintentionally trapping everyone in the cave, even as he admits he doesn’t know why everyone was so mad at him for the whole safety dome incident. Kean talks about how he made different choices than the other Kean, and how he was once evil but he feels bad about it now. After getting that off his chest, Kean goes to the other side of the bedroom to be awkward.

Yannic asks if Kean remembers anything from when we were in the core and if Kean talking was of his own volition or because of Yannic. Kean says he doesn’t remember anything. Yannic says Kean was holding Yannic’s hand and it was nice. Kean says although he cannot confirm whether or not that was him doing that, holding hands with Yannic would be nice. Yannic asks if he can hug Kean, and there is a long hug before Kean’s knees give out. Yannic guides him over to the bed, where they avoid looking at each other and hold hands for a long, long while.

Meanwhile, Fen has woken up curled around Kaiva’s head. The two head to the common area while Betha crawls into their bed for more sleep. Fen and Kaiva discuss the possibility that Fen might be a dolphin bat, and when Remi joins them, Fen and Kaiva rejoice that he wasn’t murdered by Ondelin in the night.

Everyone in the common area of the cave discuss the plan to capture and use Nemit for time travel. Kaiva reiterates that she wants to go back to the other plane to complete some unfinished business; Fen says she wants to go back because there are rich people there, as well as the cannibal lady. Fen remembers that this Kean still has her diamond, so she kicks down his door to ask for it. Kean jumps up from the bed and throws the diamond at Fen, who leaves the door open.

Kaiva shouts through the doorway that we need to talk about the plan to cage Nemit. Yannic tells her it’s a bad idea. When Betha joins, she echoes this sentiment. Kean asks why we can’t just stay in this cave. Andra smacks him and says Nemit will be at the next Extraplanar Council meeting. We discuss reasons why we do or don’t want to go back to the other plane. Andra argues we should stay in this plane. We discuss alternative ways to subdue Nemit, including poison and seduction. Andra is delighted by the idea of seducing Nemit.

Somehow, the topic of pregnancy comes up, in the context of Fen telling Remi she doesn’t think he can get pregnant. Ondelin is surprised by this information, and he tells Remi they’ll talk later about it.

Andra thinks if we crash the meetings, they’ll probably just let us in. The meetings are usually in fey territory, since every meeting is basically a party. Each banishing tower is the capitol of a territory. Kean apologizes for not being able to do magic, but he says we could maybe barely make it in time for the next council meeting if we start walking continuously immediately. Kaiva suggests racing there.

Andra tells us the council generally thinks we died heroically in trying to save Gathering. She thinks Onrubia would be disappointed to learn that we lived, since she believes we died heroically. Andra isn’t sure what Eric Bridger would think. Sivoreen thinks that Andraki killed Betha in some personal way.

We remember that we read some stories about the HTT, and we ask if the story about Morthred and Andraki is true. Andra refuses to say.

In the absence of Kean’s magic, Kaiva pushes the boulder out of the cave’s entrance, and since it’s close to noon already, we get ready to leave. However, just as we head out, we spot something on the distant horizon – a whole lot of dragons headed towards the location of the council meeting.

We retreat and formulate a plan to offer an alternative meeting place for the council. Ondelin volunteers to look for another meeting site, and he soon finds a cave five miles away. Kean and Andra hang out at the safe cave and at a midway point between the two caves, respectively, while everyone else prepares the new cave for a party.

Betha seeks out Andra’s advice on whether or not she should let Sivoreen know she’s alive. Andra thinks the most practical option is to let Sivoreen know, so she can continue protecting Betha from anyone who might try to assassinate her. Betha lends Andra the book on the time gods, hoping it will help in her attempts at seduction, and returns to the party cave.

Remi notices that Yannic isn’t looking well and asks him about his sleep. Kaiva proposes that Yannic doesn’t need sleep because he’s a vampire or a Dan Pierre (dhampir). Remi and Yannic both reject that hypothesis, and Yannic pretends to sleep on the floor of the cave. Kaiva and Remi discuss the plan to seduce Nemit before Remi realizes Yannic is not actually sleeping. Remi quizzes Yannic via Message, and Yannic tells Remi he’s already spoken to Betha about it and he has Yannic’s permission to have Kaiva knock him out if it comes down to it.

Yannic shares with Remi that he and Kean held hands earlier in the day and hugged, and Remi is so happy for him. Remi encourages Yannic to tell Kean he loves him, and Yannic sincerely thanks him for the advice.

Remi heads towards Ondelin, but he stops to tell Betha he knows that Yannic isn’t sleeping. Betha takes the opportunity to grill Yannic about why he isn’t sleeping. Yannic shares his theories with Betha, and she decides she’ll try not sleeping, to test his theories.

Meanwhile, Remi asks Ondelin if everything is okay, and while hesitant at first, Ondelin eventually tells him that he can have kids. The process of gaining the capability would take a few months, but he can do it. Remi suggests maybe waiting until things are not quite so dire, but they can talk about how many kids later. Ondelin also asks if he can cast a spell on Remi and pulls out a platinum ring, which Remi takes to be a proposal. When he asks if Ondelin is proposing to him, Ondy says, “I guess?” and Remi tackle hugs him in delight. They decide to talk about wedding logistics later, when things are more settled.

After some futile attempts to cling to the stalactites on the cave’s ceiling, Fen gives up and calls on Lester. She tells the frog there are dragons headed to the council’s meeting, so if they want to come to the party cave, they have the option of doing so. The frog silently checks out the cave, winks at Fen, and poofs. Remi and Yannic get the impression that the frog was Andraki, not Lester.

Remi spots something in the trees, so Betha casts Detect Thoughts, to see if she can sense anyone out there. She finds Andraki’s thoughts, telling her to scratch her head if she can hear Andraki. Betha ignores this and goes to tell the others instead. Remi spots both the HTT in the trees with very amused expressions on their faces.

Kaiva welcomes the twins to this alternative meeting space, and after the twins conference with each other, Andraki asks what we plan to do. Kaiva or Fen says we’re trying to seduce Nemit, the silver-eyed destruction man. Andraki figures out we just need him here. Someone asks if she could bring him in a cage, but Andraki says that’s our job. Someone concedes that we do have manacles. Andraki is immediately interested and asks for the handcuffs in exchange for Nemit in a cage. Kaiva says sure, and as everyone protests, she hands over the pair of fluffy handcuffs from the sex shop in Floy. Andraki tosses them over her shoulder into the forest and says she’ll be back.

Kaiva uses the reprieve to label the discarded handcuffs as Andraki’s, and five minutes later, as everyone mills in or near the cave’s entrance, a cage materializes around the entirety of the cave, even including Yannic, who has been sitting above the cave’s entrance. Andraki stands on the outside, demanding the handcuffs. Yannic attempts to Dimension Door his way out, but the spell lands him directly next to Nemit, who is standing in the center of the cave, bewildered but ready to fight.


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