Step Two - Put Your Kean In That Box

The group decides that they’re good to keep carrying on without a rest, since Betha’s room caused mainly mental trauma and no one needs too much healing. Onward! Into the same room as before, but with a pedestal in the middle, and a shiny coin sitting on top.

Unfortunately, Seru (whose room this is) has had this conversation before, and is damned tired of it, so she cuts straight to the end and tells everyone about her backstory – this coin is the symbol of her clan, she gave it to someone who was starving without knowing what it was, got exiled and stripped of her name, yadda yadda. Only, whoops, turns out the coin’s loaded anyway, so fuck everything, basically. Seru reveals her original name and the door appears. (Also Fen is there and Seru’s still not sure why.)

The Lady of Learning is not entirely satisfied with Seru’s recital of the lesson, but decides it was good enough to get a “good enough” answer to her question.

Again, no one’s down any hit points, so on to the next room! Which isn’t a room, it’s a tower roof, with a swirling mass of Soul Fire being contained by someone who looks an awful lot like Remi. Spoiler, he’s Remi’s dad, and he’s a huge dick. But he’s also busy protecting at least twenty people inside the tower from the massive explosion of Soul Fire, so there’s that. #yfap

Kaiva and Seru decide to go find the survivors in the tower, and promptly find themselves back in the dark study. They find a couch and strike up a conversation that starts as Seru trying to express some insecurities about their friendship lately, and ends with Kaiva discovering that Remi and Ondelin may like-like each other.

Back in Wheatfield, Remi talks to his dad (and does not punch him off the roof, despite the ghostly voice of Fen and the real voice of Ondelin telling him that maybe he should do that) and realizes that while his dad is awful, he’s awful in the neglectful way, and not the track-you-down-and-drag-you-back way. The door appears, and Remi gets his question. The answer is that to undo the time-stop in Gathering, there is an intricate device in the core of Gathering, most easily accessed via a secret hatch between Supreme Megas Stygia, in a drawer with the combo 0482.

This time, the party takes a bit of time to explore the books. They’re all ridiculously specific textbooks. Remi flips through one, for example, on a very very ancient society from Way Back When. Then it’s onto the next room.
Immediately upon entering, Kean screams and then vanishes, and before them appears Hot Topic Kean, now officially confirmed as gasp Keanvari. He makes a door back to wherever-they-came-from and offers to let them leave while he deals with Kean. Yannic is going nowhere without that nerd, though, and the Rules of Friendship mean that no one else is going anywhere without Yannic. They follow Keanvari down a hallway, a weird portal thing that spits them back out where they were but with a more visible hallway, and then two glass coffins. Keanvari drops some truth bombs – Kean is his clone! Keanvari will inhabit Kean’s body when Keanvari dies! Kean’s a fiend but has a brooch that makes him read as celestial! Yannic’s soul belongs to Keanvari! – and then takes Kean away for a spot of torture.

We get a bit of Yannic backstory while we wait – he met Kean at a festival, and Kean lent him some of his own magic and started to teach him. After a short time, Kean returns, a bloody mess, and then starts the most epic footrace any of them have ever run as Keanvari also reappears. Highlights: Ondelin carrying Remi bridal-style, a giant fire wall, a clutch Banish spell from Kean.

Kean and Yannic both get questions – Yannic asks how to help his mother. Apparently she’s been suspended by Kean in the moment of dying, so the way to help her is the same way to help the rest of Gathering stuck in the time-stop. He could also let her die and bring her back as undead.

Everyone is tapped out after this footrace, and it’s sleepytime. Kean and Yannic hold hands while they sleep. It’s adorable. Seru pumps Remi for information on the Elvish word(s) for ‘light’, and then everyone settles in for the night (night? I’m assuming night).

Seru’s answers:

Save the still intact banishing tower and find alternate power sources for the other two
Go to 3 places to interrupt extraplanar bases

  • Hellenhell
  • Excelsior
  • Gehenna
    Stop or destroy the following:
  • Necromancer Galyara
  • Callum the Hungry God
  • Dossana the Soon-To-Be Conquerer


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