Teleportation Maintenance

Finally, we arrive at the promised time: Betha calls Sivoreen. Sivoreen, probably still nursing a few bruises from her last visit, appears on the edge of town, and agrees to talk with Kean about what potions might be needed. Yannic, meanwhile, asks Kean what sort of good things he wants Yannic to make him do. “I don’t know,” says Kean. “That’s the whole point.”

An incredibly long and circuitous potions talk ensues, the upshot of which is that we need 3 potions of level 8 or higher, which Sivoreen will help us obtain. The conversation ends with Sivoreen in possession of the Potion of Lots of Stuff and in pursuit of the other two, with us holding a Potion of Invulnerability that we’re not allowed to use. Ulita is distraught at how bad everyone is at negotiation, but they were hiding and couldn’t speak up for fear of being removed from the whole scene.

Kean says that he usually gets ahold of gems by going to rich people’s houses and being scary at them and then asking for them. Ulita immediately volunteers to rob some rich people, and somehow it shakes out that Ulita, Remi, Fen, and Kaiva will rob the Therris house for some shinies. Only the teleportation circle is down for scheduled maintenance.

Remi and Betha forage for food, coming across a deer that dies in front of them and sparks an incredible discussion about how to preserve what we can’t immediately eat.

Kean suddenly gets up and goes to sit by Yannic, taking his hand and telling him that everything’s going to be okay, and starts putting the Cuddle Moves on our warlock boy. We’ve figured out how long it takes for Yannic to start subconsciously mind-controlling him, y’all, and it’s creepy as fuck.

Andra’s gripping her circlet hard enough to draw blood, and Ulita puts it on to see if she needs to have hers worn to keep her okay. Only, Ulita goes blank instead, going into Puppet Mode. Betha rips the circlet off their head and Ulita faints, head smoking, muscles twitching like they’ve just been struck by lightning.

Later on, another huge-ass column of red light flashes up. “But all the Towers have already been destroyed!” you say. Yup. So Betha, Ulita, and Kaiva hop through a teleportation circle drawn by Kean to a shithole city Ulita knows near where the column was, Gehenna. (Yes, that Gehenna.)

Gehenna is a shitty mining town, producing fellstone (used to make the Shadowfell, back in the Before Times). The three snoop through the town, which is in a big hole in the ground on the third level of the Hollow, and peek their heads over the top to see a biiiiiiiiiig fuck-off army of demons and various nasties. There are chainghouls and zombies, and really really pale people with bat wings, and all sorts of other shit.

Having gathered information, the Investigators Three snoop back to wait for the teleportation circle in Keyberry Ford to stop repairing itself. Ulita finds a couple of books in the abandonded house they hole up in, and around 6:30pm Remi sends a message saying that the circle’s back on.

The Investigators Three snoop back towards the circle, except Betha trips, triggering an epic footrace against a chainghoul and a particularly threatening-looking pale person in a hood. Ulita manages to impress said person by casting Silence on them and interrupting their spell, and then pisses them off by doing it again next round. Eventually, though, the three make it to the teleportation circle and zap to Wheatfield, and then to Floy, and then back to Keyberry Ford, in hopes of shaking off any pursuers. And that’s where we ended!


shannon_m_allred Millie

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