The Day After The Night Before

Picking up at sunset on Banfey, the group sets about stripping Bob’s house for all they can find (but not the Soul Fire). Betha finds another Mysterious HiltTM, Remi searches for spell components, and Fen finds another ring and an Ice Arrow. Yannic sets up shop and Identifies the hilts as Planar Blades; Betha found the Mist Blade, which she gives to Kaiva, and Seru has the Star Blade.

When dawn comes, Kaiva talks to Bob about previous diplomatic missions to the other planes. “Didn’t work, don’t try it,” Bob says, reporting that he tried to deal with Morgaine, the Fey Queen, and it ended poorly. The Tower is currently about 45 mins/1 hour north of Bob’s house. After locking up behind them, the group leaves Bob’s house for the Tower.

They make it without incident, but as they get closer to the Tower, all the trees start looking like they’ve been blasted to hell and back (which is interesting, because the Tower moves). The Tower itself has a massive heat haze-type thing going on at the top, and a cloaked figure lurking mysteriously outside.

The cloaked figure turns out to be a person not unknown to Seru and Kaiva, a gold-skinned Celestial named Ondelin. After determining that the huge mass of energy upstairs is a fluctuating ball of celestial and fiend, and some heroic efforts to get a look inside, the group eventually throws their hands up and opens the front door.

They push their way up through a looooot of heat (holding hands!), until they hear screaming from the top, at which point Ondelin books it and they all follow like some sort of gravity-defying traumatized Slinky. Once they reach the top, they see that all the doors are open, something new is pulsing and flailing in the middle of the room where Bob’s heart was, and everything is covered in blood.

And that’s what you missed on Sol’sora!


shannon_m_allred Millie

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