The First True Frog Party

Kaiva and Remi, accompanying Bob, arrive at the bar. After some idle chit-chat, the maid (from way back when, who Seru and Kaiva had encountered while trying to relocate their spooky-eyed, green-bottle-wanting mysterious patron) appears. Kaiva fobs her off onto Bob, who seems to trust and respect this mysterious woman, and openly tells her what’s been happening. She tries unsuccessfully to get any useful information from Kaiva, and leaves in a judgmental huff.

Another brief chit-chat interlude, and then some rando tries to kidnap Remi, citing Remi’s family’s wealth as the reason. Kaiva saves Remi and they are subjected to some extremely unsubtle threats: this dude’s business ain’t done, and he’ll be back for Remi in the future. It’s all very ominous.

As they settle back down, now kind of buddies, a dude with green eyes appears and approaches their table. Kaiva, uh, delicately hints to him that Remi is from a dang banishing squad. Kaiva and New Rando take their conversation outside. He wants those green flasks, but more immediately, he wants Betha (NOT SERU, WHICH I DEFINITELY KNEW THE WHOLE TIME). He puts a spell on her that makes her really, really want to get Betha to the bar before midnight.

Remi (who seems charmed by Kaiva’s sudden insistence) indulgently agrees to go to Bob’s to try to catch up with the others.

The whole rest of the group is at Bob’s. They all meet up and pretty quickly figure out Kaiva is under some sort of spell. Curious about the entire circumstances surrounding who and why would do this, they all make a plan to return to the bar. Fen scouts on ahead, hoping to get Bob as backup before they encounter New Rando.

While trekking through the woods, the main party encounters a frog. Yannic, Betha, and Fen seem to have some sort of history with this frog. She also is a demon queen who has a hyena army, which isn’t ideal. She tries to engage the group, speaking of her weapon—something called Needle, which she thinks those ragtag 3 know something about.

As she turns to leave, Betha hits her with a crossbow, and a fight begins! Betha burns the frog, it disappears, but not in any sort of satisfactory manner. The rest of the group fights the hyenas. A highlight: Remi, in an odd but inspired move, uses sleep!

Soon, a whack, gross, icky goop monster shows up. Some of the crew recognizes it from childhood. Seems like some stuff might be connected?? Hmmm. Fighting it proves ineffective at best, deadly at worst, as it is able to make certain party members attack others (in this case: Betha to Kaiva). The frog reappears and is a real jerk about the whole situation.

Seru and Kaiva, frustrated with being talked around during this whole encounter, try to bargain with the dang frog. Yannic finally decides to plead with her—he sincerely doesn’t know where the Needle is and is willing to prove it however she asks. She (now a striking and speckled humanoid woman) wants to “search” Yannic. This means grabbing his hand and performing a very painful (but ultimately effective) ritual. She now believes he’s telling her the truth about not knowing where her weapon is. She departs but not before imparting some SICK BURNS on Yannic, essentially saying: no tea, no shade, no pink lemonade, but you should definitely ditch this dude to the rest of the group.

Meanwhile, Fen has made it to the bar. She asks him to help, he demands an explanation. Fen explains that Betha, Yannic, and she had made a deal with the sassy frog when they visited the Tower. Bob is irate and very Over the whole situation. Fen accepts that the rest of the team is definitely dead, and she and Bob decide to just, like, hangout. They discuss the nature of the frog, and Bob’s whole daytime situation.

The rest of the party shows up. Kaiva is released from the spell she was put under. They all just kind of awkwardly hang around for a bit. Betha feels something poking and prodding her, and eventually gives in to what very well could be a ghost’s cry for attention (it’s not). She goes outside to confront whatever is harassing her and is promptly sucked into an interdimensional space by New Rando, who as it turns out, might not be a rando at all.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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