The Five Stages of Grief

Lone Dragon figures out that Seru has figured out that she’s not a pale excitable elf woman, but in fact an actual, literal dragon. She throws up a Wind Wall and runs out of the house. Seru teleports out after her.

LD throws up a Zone of Truth around the house, affecting everyone but Seru (out of the house) and Yannic (who shrugs it off). She asks if the party was responsible for the death of Floyrian. Remi gives the party’s honest answer, which is “eh? We’re not really sure, to be honest.”

Shockingly, this is insufficient, and LD then asks if the party sent Floyrian to his doom, revealing that she’s tracked them long and far. The more persuasive folks try to convince her that he went willingly, but despite the Zone of Truth, she doesn’t believe them. Betha detects her thoughts, and gets a shit-ton of grief and rage.

Fen finally frees her frog familiar from its pocket dimension and sends it to tell Andraki that Fen might be about to die. Yannic texts Kean that he’s looking forward to their date on Thursday and also we’re all under attack from a dragon?

Seru runs around the side of the house and sees a big ol’ gold dragon, roughly 20ft long, who grabs her, flies her up, and drops her like last week’s chain mail. LD then flames on the house, knocking Betha and Remi unconscious. Remi pops up to 1 hit point due to Ondy’s forethought, and Ondy wakes Betha up. Oh, and Yannic sees a blob appear under the table in the house, and it’s growing!!!!

At this point the wind wall is gone, and the whole party moves outside, officially Frightened by LD and watching the roof cave in. Despite the fear, they’re throwing what they have at LD and doing some visible damage. Andraki (the blob) finishes materializing, turns her Planar Blade into a chair, and settles in to watch the show.

Remi pops out his own Planar Blade dragon, who attacks LD, bringing her down far enough that Seru can finish her off with a shot from her Planar Blade Crossbow. Hooray!

Only, closer inspection reveals the family resemblance – this was Bob’s daughter, roughly 700 years old. Seru takes two scales and wanders off to call her deity to head off a crisis of confidence. It doesn’t go super well, although he’s not mad. (About the dragon. He’s still very mad about the Keanvari thing.)

The only place we deem safe enough to rest and heal is the room in the castle containing the remnants of Callum’s statue, and we hole up there to lick our wounds. fin


shannon_m_allred Millie

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