The Gift of Social Responsibility

Curtain went up on Bob making a valiant but unsuccessful attempt to attack Kaiva; Seru managed to yank him away long enough for them to explain the situation. Bob is Displeased but tells them that the bottle contains Soul Fire, which is very dangerous, fey in nature, and can destroy basically anything. He quizzes Kaiva on the woman who hired her, and they determine that the woman was probably a fey, given her green eyes. Also, the bottle Kaiva and Seru took may or may not have been the one the woman “lost,” which makes Bob very nervous. (Everyone is outside by this point, listening in.)

Bob further reveals that his home is safe while the sun is down because he’s more powerful then, and less safe when the sun is up, at which point he’s just a 500-year-old gnome.

After a bit of frantic searching, Seru finds the bottle where Kaiva hid it in the woods, and Bob takes it. He tells Kaiva to hold out her arms, which she does after a bit of persuading, and he attaches Floyrian’s Bracers of Social Responsibility to her arms. It’s made out of gold material that is scaly and organic, and tells her it’s permanent until she doesn’t need it anymore.

They decide to split the party in the morning, with Bob, Remi (although Lyric, you can object to this next week if you like, since you weren’t there), and Kaiva going into town, to see if they can’t find the fey-woman, and the rest of the group going into the woods to try and find the Banishing Tower, which Bob suspects is the source of the trouble. He only knows where it is at dawn, and it moves every six hours.

Betha asks for permission to take the Unbreakable Stick, and Bob agrees and enchants it for her. Fen refrains from bringing up the ring she took, but eventually they talk about it and Bob’s okay with her having it. Kaiva gives back the nightcap she stole, which Bob gives to Yannic. Seru gets a mysterious rusty sword hilt after apologizing for all the trouble.

Bob gives the Key to the Tower to Yannic, who determines that it is made of dragonscales.

At dawn, Bob tells everyone to stay put and goes outside. Fen follows him, at which point she discovers that Bob is a huge gold dragon in disguise as a gnome. Bob comes back inside and marks a place on a map where the Banishing Tower is. They’re to try and shove everything that they can back inside and pull the lever to close the gate inside the Tower, or destroy an object in the middle of the room if that doesn’t work. Curtain closes on the two parties setting out.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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