The Great Sol'Soran Geography Quiz

When we last left our heroes, they were blinking awake after Remi woke them all up (with the exception of Morthred, who I imagine could sleep through anything after several hundred years in a reverse Tell-Tale Heart situation). There are two general reactions to the situation, one exemplified by Betha (who tries to get Fen to come back inside) and the other by Seru (who waves back at Andraki, because why the hell not).

Encouraged by this show of friendship, Andraki moves to enter the administrative building. In doing so, she sets off Yannic’s alarm spell. So once again our location is being loudly broadcast to whoever’s out there looking for us. Yannic tries to talk her down, and while he does, Kaiva moves over to her sleeping backpack and wakes him up.

Morthred is DELIGHTED to see his old friend Andy, and demands that Kaiva carry him closer to her. Kaiva (reluctantly) complies, and as soon as our dear Frog Lady catches sight of him, Andraki.exe stops running for a few moments.
She recovers herself when Kaiva puts him down and he starts walking towards her on his own two feet, enough to nope out of the reunion and teleport out of the whole damn building. Morthred is upset at this cold reaction, as they were once old war buddies! They were opponents after that, but still.

Also outside the building are several vaguely humanoid-looking shapes huddled around the teleport, as Seru and Morthred discover when they settle in for their watch. Seru invokes the Cheeky Campers Code and cashes in Kaiva’s favor with Morthred for a peek in at her home temple. It’s mostly standing! And mostly safe! Not entirely, and not everyone is still alive, but at this point Seru will take it.

Dawn arrives, the sun peeks over the horizon, and KAIVA CAN STILL HEAR BOB. Faintly, in a one-word-only type of way, but still. Our grumpy dragon is not lost forever. Kaiva asks if Bob can tell her anything about the new undead. Bob’s answer? “YES.” And then the connection fails.

The humanoids around the circle have reduced in number, but Ondelin points out that we may need to go that route anyway, as there is a SECOND massive cliff to traverse. “But wait!” several of the party object. “We tried teleporting a zombie to Gathering! It died instantly!”

“Giant. Cliff,” replied the rest of the party.

It is eventually decided, after much debate and back-and-forth, that the party’s best bet is to teleport not to Gathering itself, but to a city near Gathering, in the inner-most circle of the Gathering Hollow. Where to specifically, you ask? Good question.

What follows is an impromptu geography lesson, revealing that the adventurers know VERY LITTLE about the world in which they have been adventuring, but what they do have is a sneaking suspicion that this conversation is going to be retconned in a few minutes, as the players end the game there to do some frantic mapmaking and backstory-fleshing-out.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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