The Infuriating Realities of a "Long Rest"

Everyone settles in for a long rest, and the circlet-wearing people are asked to rest as well. In the process of asking Kean to get rest, Yannic critfails his intelligence save, and falls limply to the ground, twitching in extreme pain. Some healing helps, but it’s a little while before he’s back on his feet. In the meantime, Fen asks Andra to rest, and learns that Andra is furious and wants Fen to take the circlet off.

During the first watch, there’s a bit of a hubbub from the necromancy school, and Yannic and Remi sneak up at the beginning of second watch to find a bunch of scholarly type people arguing about methods. They return and relay this to the people on second watch before going to sleep. Kean falls asleep a little ways into the second watch. The rest of the night passes fairly uneventfully, interrupted only by Kaiva perusing Kean’s binder of message paper after he falls asleep and by a potential ghost sighting by Fen (not really). Also Fen attempting to draw a mustache on Kean.

Once most people are awake, Kean needs a few more hours of sleep to regain use of his spells, so the party uses the time to identify and divvy up the things we’ve retrieved from the Therris vault. When we’re ready to go, we realize Mercury hasn’t returned from sleeping at her own home, so we check Kean’s message sheet to see if she’s written anything. Fen writes a message and doesn’t see a reply, so Remi uses Sending to contact Mercury, asking politely if she’s going to come with us. Mercury replies, “I’m sorry. I should have believed you,” and Remi can tell that she’s on a different plane of existence.

Fearing the worst for Mercury, we decide to leave without her. Kaiva wears Andra’s circlet, instead of Fen. Yannic wears Kean’s, and Remi wears Ondelin’s. We reach the Supreme Magus’ office, Fen pockets a shiny bauble, and we head back down into the maintenance tunnels.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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