The Last Bit Before Boom-Boom Day

So last week picked up just after Betha decided to go off to a mysterious undisclosed location with an unknown (to anyone else) fey. Kaiva, having witnessed this, runs inside the tavern to inform everyone (sans Seru, who is outside with Tana) of Betha’s recent life choices.

Remi and Fen (who had been doing her best to keep up with Bob in the drinking department) investigate the scene of her disappearance, finding lots of magical traces in the area, but not much else. Kaiva goes outside to tell Seru what had happened, and Seru goes to talk to Bob. Bob, very drunk by this point, nonetheless agrees to do what he can to help after the sun goes down. Seru takes her turn as Bob’s drinking buddy, and he tells her to trust the rusty hilt she took from his home, and also that she’s glowing.

While everyone is waiting for the sun to go down and taking their turns drinking with Bob, Betha returns! She is insight-checked by various members of the party, and they determine that it is really her. She’s cagey about the fey she left with, saying only that she met them when she was 13. Also, apparently Andraki has a brother, and we should all keep an eye out for a celestial being as well.

The group discusses what their plan should be, eventually deciding that Bob should fly to Gathering to enlist the help of an actual banishing squad who will know what they’re doing. The group returns to guard his home while he’s off doing that, finding an old friend of Yannic’s, Kean, waiting outside.

They set up watches outside Bob’s house. Seru and Kean take the first watch, and she grills him on the interplanar travel he appears to have been doing and why he keeps giving Tana the side-eye. Nothing exciting happens during their watch, and they go to sleep (Seru outside, Kean in the basement).

Kaiva and Betha take the second watch, and find themselves in a reenactment of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, before the murder parts. Birds begin to hang out near Bob’s clearing, and they determine that they are watch-birds, sent from different people – some are familiars and some are regular birds, and some of them seem to be guarding the group from danger.

Fen and Remi come out for their watch, having been informed of the bird situation by the other two (who go to sleep inside). The two of them try and fail to perform some beautiful music during their watch. Remi notices that there now seem to be people in the woods as well as birds, possibly setting up some sort of trap 30 ft into the treeline, with the birds as border police.

The final watch was meant to be Yannic’s, but he rashly makes a promise that he won’t run away. This infuriates Kean, because if you make a promise or commitment on Banfey, you have to keep it. Kean locks Yannic in the basement and takes the last watch himself.

And that’s what you missed on Glee!


shannon_m_allred Millie

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