The Therris Vault "Heist"

Fen, who’s just emerged from the tree, uses her tree monster form to clear the teleportation circle in the courtyard. A half orc lady protests, and explains that they’ve been using the rubble to try to keep the green fire (Soulfire) from coming through and killing people. After considering this and also her lack of options for fixing the teleportation circle, Fen permits the folk piling rubble on the circle to continue and instead splits off to find the rest of the party.

When Fen catches up the the rest of the party in the basement, Mercury is holding the circlet that controls Kean. Mercury puts the circlet on, wincing, to ask Kean some questions about potential solutions. She gets visibly frustrated with this method of communicating, and she tries to convince the party the best solution would be to simply call Keanvari to get all this straightened out. The party is hesitant, and they explain that Keanvari is hella scary and definitely evil, with no positive feelings for the group.

Disillusioned, Mercury says maybe Keanvari could be redeemed, perhaps with the use of a special pair of handcuffs she created long ago. This pair of handcuffs is stored in the Therris vault, along with some other items that, together, comprise the Godkiller Kit. The Therris vault has never been robbed, in 3000 years, which is why the kit was placed there. Aside from that kit, there might be useful gems and potions, as well as magical batteries that could potentially help with the efforts under the city. It’s possible to use the maintenance tunnels under the city to reach both other parts of the city and the maintenance and control hubs. The university’s entrance to these tunnels is in the Supreme Magus’ office.

The party splits, leaving a very sad Yannic with all of the collar-wearers and their circlets, while the rest head for the Therris vault via the maintenance tunnels. Using what they learned from the Lady of Learning, the party gains entrance to the tunnels, and they decide to stick together long enough to get a magical battery at the Therris vault before going down to the Control Hub.

They follow the stripe to the ladder leading to the Therris home, where Mercury casts a shielding spell to allow them to travel through the soulfire, if they hurry. Kaiva carries Mercury, and Fen and Betha hang on to Kaiva’s clothes, as they all rush through the deadly green fire. Halfway there, Mercury begins to slip off Kaiva’s back, but they all manage to keep her from her and everyone else falling. They reach the doors leading to the Therris vault, quickly get inside, and shut the doors against the soulfire.

Once inside, Remi leads the group through various security measures designed to trick or trap anyone who can’t interact with the ghosts commanded by the Heir of Therris.

Mercury elects to sleep in her own home, across the courtyard.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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