Those Certainly Are Some Life Choices We Keep Making

As Banfey dawns, the group prepares by ransacking Bob’s house for healing potions, arrows, and other stuff that may be useful. As dawn hits (the sky ominously green), the Bracers of Social Responsibility clamp down on Kaiva’s wrists in an even more permanent manner, and Bob starts talking to her telepathically.

Bob reveals that there was a vial of Soul Fire on the teleportation circle when he got there and it went off, along with many many others throughout the Empire. Bob is dead, as are tons and tons of other people, and Gathering is literally falling from the sky. Everyone’s top priority is now to stay alive, and to get to the Tower if at all possible (Kaiva knows where this is now, due to her Bob connection).

As this conversation is happening, Remi (in the basement with Yannic) goes into a seizure. Yannic manages to stabilize him. Kean, still outside, drops to his knees and reports a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. He goes inside to break the news to Yannic that his parents were among the dead, and then puts a magical barrier around Bob’s house (password: “I promise not to kill Yannic”). Also apparently some of the birds are his familiars.

The group eventually decides not to risk the Tower just yet, and over the horizon strolls a perky Andracki, walking straight up to the edge of the barrier and declaring her intentions of killing everyone. (Kean gets the hell out of Dodge.)

Through some quick talking from the half-Orc, Kaiva convinces Andracki that what Andracki really really wants is to see Kaiva murder Betha in front of her. Seru then convinces her that what she really wants is to see Seru battle one of her lackeys, and then further proposes a three-on-one battle (Betha, Kaiva, and Seru versus one of Andracki’s lackeys), which the frog lady accepts. Fen gets a bottle from Bob’s stores and proceeds to get sloshed with the frog lady, in lieu of popcorn.

The lackey Andracki chooses turns out to be a chaotic evil demonic angel. The three manage to kill it. Andracki offers them one question answered honestly, which Seru flubs, and offers a favor to Fen, her new favorite drinking buddy. Fen asks for an antidote for something poisonous she consumed, and one of Andracki’s lackeys heals her. Andracki leaves, her (abandoned) lackeys scatter, and Kaiva gets to keep the angel’s longsword, being the only fighter tall enough to use it.

We ended the session there, at about 9am on Banfey.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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