Time Bites Back

While Fen sleeps amongst the leaves near Bob’s house, the rest of the party discusses visiting Hell so that Yannic can get his right hand back. They wait several hours, and at midnight, a bat-winged creature delivers a box containing a gatestone. The party all touch the gatestone and are transported to a freezing cold building, where Keanvari is waiting for them resignedly.

Keanvari asks Yannic what he’d like his hand to look like, but Yannic forgoes a cool pirate hand and asks for a mirror of his left hand. Keanvari says he can return us to where we were, but only one at a time. Betha goes first, taking a 20 foot fall from where the Rod of Security had created the paradisiacal bubble. Kaiva follows, as does Remi. A few minutes later, Yannic falls out of the air into a blanket, after apparently conversing politely with Keanvari.

Remi casts Sending to ask Fen, “Are you alive? Where are you?” Fen, in the midst of a dream about lots of gold, replies, “Go away, I’m busy!” An hour later, Fen hears a loud clatter and crash, but she goes back to sleep.


It takes the party a couple hours after contacting Fen to find Bob’s house – or the remains of it. Bob’s house has exploded, and there are strange ripples throughout the clearing. Kaiva punches one, and it materializes into a pair of strange dark eyeless creatures with crystals around their waists and staves in hand. Betha, casting True Strike, senses that they are some kind of zombie creature, and having to do with time? Yannic uses Detect Magic, and discovers they read as being a strange mix of abjuration, transmutation, and necromancy.

The time ghost Kaiva punched into existence attempts to attack her, and when one of the attacks hits, they both disappear for 30 seconds. When they come back, they circle each other for a bit, freeze for 30 seconds, and then the ghost vanishes. The other time ghost moves through the same motions that the one fighting Kaiva did. The party backs out of the clearing, and look for Fen. Fen tries to cross the clearing, but she bumps into a beetle-spider time ghost that tears into her shoulder. She escapes the clearing, but not before bumping into another time ghost.

Remi attempts to speak with Bob using Sending, and he gets back a garbled and confused reply: I don’t know where I am. Fen asks the tree she’d been sleeping against for information about the explosion, and the tree lets her know Speak with Plants would be helpful, because it has a lot to say. Remi casts the spell, and learns that the some of the other banishing team were here earlier. After Bob ran into his house, the diviner had rushed into the house, and two of the banishing squad went in to drag the diviner out, at which point the house exploded and the time ghosts appeared. Remi remembers vaguely that the diviner, although he introduced himself as Emit (pronounced Emmett), was not named Emit while they were in school together.

Betha explains why she doesn’t want to ask Sivoreen if they can stay in the Feywild. Since it’s now past 2 in the morning, the party decides that the best way to avoid Soulfire is to walk away from Floy and the tower, southward, stopping halfway between Floy and Broadwater. Betha finds the hill over the cave where the goblins had taken Bob in the previous timeline, and the party hunkers down to wait for dawn. Slowly, slowly, the sun comes up over the horizon, and there are no green flashes of Soulfire in the sky in any direction. The party stays, watching, until 6am, at which point they decide that investing in some rope would probably be a good idea.

On the way back to Floy, they stop at Bob’s house, to see if it’s approachable. It is decidedly not, since there are many more time ghosts around now, including a large winged figure who appears to be carrying a flaming longsword.

The party skirts around Bob’s house and head into Floy, where they do a bit of shopping. Yannic buys a few vials and a pair of scissors. Remi locates a jeweler’s, where he purchases a locket to hold his scrap of Ondelin’s clothing. He also exchanges some of the gems from the Therris vault for gold, which Remi and Betha use to buy infinite rope at a general store. Fen and Kaiva have also gone looking for something to use as a Friendship Rope, so they ask around for ‘fancy rope.’ They’re directed to a sex shop, where a friendly salesperson walks them through much of the store’s inventory. They eventually leave after purchasing a length of silk rope and a pair of solidly-made manacles.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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