To the Tower Again and Back

We’re still in the Step Back Inn, discussing what to do next. Remi remembers that his dad is still around in Wheatfield in this timeline, and at the very least, he wants to ensure any siblings he might have are safe from Theminor. The rest of us endorse punching the guy too. Arctus is still missing, as are some of Yannic’s memories. We consider visiting the Lady of Learning again or seeking out the god of time, to learn about time travel and all of its attendant problems. Since we’re still in Floy, though, we decide to check on Morthred and Bob’s heart before heading to Wheatfield.

Remi uses Sending to ask Ondelin where he is, saying we could use his help. It takes a couple tries, but Ondelin eventually gives us directions to where the tower’s moved. We trek through the forest yet again, and when we get there, Ondelin seems relieved. After Remi asks him to, Ondelin attempts some kind of healing or restorative spell on Yannic to remove the last of the Modify Memory Keanvari cast, but it doesn’t work. Yannic thanks him for trying.

The party tells Ondelin they’re going to check on Bob’s heart inside the tower, and he asks to come along, because he’s never been inside. We all go in, except Yannic, who stays at the tower door to keep watch, just in case. Up in the top of the tower, Ondelin chooses a lever at random and pulls, opening the portal to the Feywild. Betha rushes over to close it, and Ondelin, feeling awkward, retreats back outside the tower.

Meanwhile, Kaiva and Fen are inspecting Bob’s heart, which seems to be beating slowly. Kaiva seems to want to cut the heart open post haste, so Fen quietly steals all the sharp, pointy things Kaiva’s carrying. Betha suggests that Yannic try scrying on Bob using the dragon’s heart, and he does, making faces the whole time.

When he attempts to scry, Yannic feels as though he’s pushing through jelly, but it works. He sees Bob in his golden dragon form in a strange windswept plain that looks an awful lot like Gathering might, if it didn’t have a hollow blasted into it. Bob is talking to someone – Eric Bridger. There are no overt signs of hostility or anger from Bob, but it’s difficult to tell when he’s in his dragon form.

The party convinces Kaiva not to cut into the heart immediately, and she tells the heart that she’ll be back. The party revisits their prioritized to do list. Betha shares the letter Andraki gave her before the battle royale and expresses worry about her family.

We leave the tower, closing the doors behind us, and we convince Ondelin to take a “vacation” from guarding the forest, just long enough to help us deal with an evil life-stealing wizard in Wheatfield. We reach Floy again around 10pm, but decide to head to Wheatfield for some recon before finding a place to sleep.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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