Tree's Gonna Hit Ya

There is a gazebo-looking structure with a domed top in the distance. As several members of our party are utterly convinced that we must find safety this exact instant, we head for it. Halfway there, Betha goes stealth, because she is a tiny gnome in a field of grains taller than she is.

The gazebo is fairly standard as gazebos go, save for the intricate carvings along the columns, some of which are glowing. Seru and Yannic put their heads together and determine that these are magical glowing carvings, specifically full of teleportation magic to many different destinations; also, the carvings are a map.

Seru crawls under a bench, Tana by her side, and proceeds to reboot her hard drive. There’s been some software updates released in the past few days as well, so she spends the next handful of hours having a screaming breakdown, and then falls asleep.

Betha attempts to get onto the roof. Kaiva, being the tallest in our party, assists her, and Betha notices a small forest about 5 hours away. She flops down off the roof and stealths again, making for the forest. Because she is a tiny gnome in a field of grains taller than she is, no one notices for many hours. Specifically, Kaiva notices after a while, and somehow manages to corral Fen into helping her track said tiny gnome.

They find her after about four hours, but Betha is a very small gnome and manages to slip away into the forest, climbing a tree and settling in for the night. Fen and Kaiva track her into the forest and out of the forest and then back into the forest (a process which includes Fen yodeling and Kaiva yelling “YODEL” at the top of her lungs). They eventually find her, and settle in for the night, which passes uneventfully. Except for that Fen picks a fight with a treant and they all get thrown out of the forest. Whomp.

Rewind: Back at the gazebo, Ondelin is taking his turn on the roof, in a deep sulk because Celestials aren’t supposed to be able to be charmed. Whomp. Remi is as supportive a boyfriend as he can be from the ground, and also tries to comfort Seru, and then gives up and starts playing his flute lute. Yannic is going through his own software update process, but recovers enough to pull out his Magic Kean Note and scribble something down.

Off in the distance one direction he hears what sounds like a faint scream, possibly a half-Orc shouting “YODEL,” and off in the distance the other direction, he hears a figure fall out of the sky. Yannic sees a tiny tiny figure off in the distance. Remi decides to ignore the yodel.

At about 4:30am, the tiny figure who fell out of the sky reveals himself to be a normal-sized figure, Original Recipe Kean, and he and Yannic hug it out and go somewhere else for a private chat. The forest adventurers make it back to the gazebo by 9am, and lo, the party is unsplit.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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