Twenty-Eight Cabbages Later

The party books it out of the study as soon as the curtain goes up. It’s roughly 6pm the next evening, and Fen has a huge stack of cabbages she’s counting. She has 28 cabbages. Twenty-eight cabbages. That’s as many as four sevens, and that’s terrible. So Seru feeds one to Tana, and now the total is 27.

Kean, while very happy everyone’s alive, has ants in his pants and needs to go. The party packs up the cabbages and head back to their transport; Kean teaches Yannic and Betha how to ‘zebo on the way. Yannic gives Kean an earring, so Kean can teleport more accurately and not have to walk through a million miles of wheat.

Which is what we’re doing. We decide to head back to Wheatfield, both to see if the people in Remi’s dad’s tower still need help, and to use a teleportation circle to get into Gathering to undo the time-stop (the ’zebo only goes to Gorloris’ palace, which we assume is a particularly fiery hellscape at this point). The plan is to teleport to the University, which is a) probably safe, and b) the workplace of the Grand Megas Stygia.

I say ’we’ – we’re down one golden boy, sadly. Ondelin peaces out just before the ’zebo heads back to Wheatfield, leaving everyone confused and Remi heartbroken.

There’s no more green light at the tower, the party notices as they walk, and then they notice nothing but wheat until they’re back at the set for the CSI: Sol’sora special. The party decides to camp out in the house for some form of shelter. The first watch passes uneventfully, and then a big fuck-off hellhound starts pacing the house and then busts through the door.

It’s no match for this traumatized bunch of unlikely heroes, though, and we dispatch it without too much issue. The body is HOT, being a hellhound, and those who know how drag it to the middle of the road and Banish it. As the watches continue, Yannic sees someone walk down the path, stop at the Banishing point, and keep going, but otherwise the night is uneventful until sunrise.

Next up: More wheat.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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