We Actually Communicate???

Sometimes Badly, But Still

Fen wakes up from her tile-induced slumber, and we fill her in on what’s happening. We run in Jade’s tracks, hoping to stop her from killing Emit, and we arrive just as a slight time shimmer is fading midair. Betha sticks her hand into it briefly, but hesitates to jump through long enough for the shimmering portal to close. Sobren says he and Jade caught up to Emit, but he stepped into the air and vanished. Jade furiously hacks at a tree, angry that Emit got away. Yannic scrys on Nemit, but doesn’t succeed. It feels like he’s trying to push through a barrier of some kind, but it isn’t quite the same as cross-planar scrying.

The sun is beginning to set, but the barrier in the sky seems to make it darker and more muted. Fen talks to and hugs the tree that was damaged by Jade’s fury, and Remi and Betha use Mending to close its wounds. Fen promises the tree that next time, she’ll stop people from hurting the trees. In that time, the sun sets, and Yannic hears crashing in the distance.

We walk towards the sounds of crashing and shouting, and we find Sobren and Jade arguing. Sobren can’t see and wants to rest, but Jade wants to keep going. Remi convinces Jade that it would be better to rest, and Fen asks Jade to stop hurting trees.

Kean, seeing that Sobren is obviously a cleric, asks him to cast Greater Restoration on Yannic. He does so, and Yannic remembers the conversation he had with Keanvari, except for the end, which cuts off abruptly. The party convinces Kean that we should set up camp before questioning Yannic about this new information, so we head back to the hill over the cave we camped at the previous night.

Sobren immediately conks out, and Jade relaxes into sleep when she sees that the rest of us are actually setting up watches. After the two Banishers fall asleep, the party check in with Yannic, who shares that Keanvari asked him what he would do if had an hour without consequences. Yannic asked if Keanvari could reach into the other timeline to find Kean, which he did. They spoke, and Yannic apologized to that Kean.

Yannic attempts to cast Remove Curse to retrieve the last of his memory, but it doesn’t work. We discuss the plan to find a beholder, and we learn more about Kean’s beholder acquaintance, Jantrophix, or Jan.

At midnight, Fen and Betha take the first watch, which passes uneventfully. Yannic stays up, a little ways away from those on watch.

Kean and Kaiva are on second watch, which Kaiva starts by asking Kean about some correspondence she read in his binder. She tells him that she and other timeline Kean are good friends, it’s just that she never had the chance to ask him about this particular bit of information. Kean says he needed help with travelling, so he did some big magic, which required lots of materials. Kaiva asks how he knew the supplier, and Kean says he knows a lot of people. He elaborates that he chose this supplier because he’d heard about how discreet he was in his business with others.

Kean asks Kaiva what Yannic needed to apologize to the other Kean about. Kaiva demurs, saying she doesn’t like to get into others’ relationship issues. She tells him should talk to Yannic about it, especially since he loves Yannic. Kean is shocked, and leaves to finish his watch elsewhere.

At the end of their watch, Kean finds Yannic and wakes Remi. Remi, seeing that his BFF hasn’t slept, asks what’s wrong. Yannic says he doesn’t want to risk having nightmares. Remi offers to wake him if it looks like he’s having nightmares, and Yannic eventually agrees to try napping.

When the sun rises, there are no green explosions, and the barrier seems to be gone. Fen offers the party a goodberry breakfast, and Sobren and Jade leave, to go home.

Yannic tries scrying on Nemit again. This time, he sees Nemit talking to Ondelin, Kean, and Andra. The silver that had been swirling in his eyes is splintering into his skin now. The other timeline Kean teleports everyone, and Yannic’s vision is teleported along with the group. He sees a very big, fancy room with columns and gold leaf symbols all over the floor. Gadgets line the room. Ondelin continues to talk to Nemit, while the clones go out of Yannic’s sight to do something.

Yannic shares what he learned with the party, and we fret over the other timeline’s Ondelin, Andra, and Kean for a bit. We decide we should probably purchase better armor, and Kean tries and fails to teleport the group to Floy. We walk instead.

While walking, Kaiva approaches Kean to ask him about the murder room in Keyberry Ford. Kean is irritated by her line of questioning and tells her to stop.

Remi messages Kaiva to ask her what’s wrong. Kaiva explains how she was trying to ask Kean about the murder room in Keyberry Ford. Remi tells her maybe this isn’t the best time to ask. Kaiva asks Remi if he’s really okay with being a Banisher. Remi explains why he became a Banisher.

Remi messages Betha to discuss what he learned from Kaiva about the murder room. Betha says it wasn’t Kean who did those things in Keyberry Ford, since Kean was born much more recently. Remi shares this with Kaiva, who is still annoyed at Kean and the Banishers.

Seeing Kean walking by himself, Yannic joins him. Kean tells Yannic that he’s going to leave, but Yannic asks Kean to stay. He does, and explains that he’s upset because Kaiva keeps on poking at the bad things he’s had to do, the worst memories he has. Yannic asks if he can help, and Kean asks about his sister, Andra. Yannic tells him she’s a good person, and assertive and strong. Kean explains he’s trying to think of a way to resurrect her, since she might be dead when he finds her. Yannic says Ondelin would have helped last time, so he might this time if we asked.

When we get to Floy, it seems the teleportation system is working intermittently. The party heads to an armorer, and Kean, with Yannic in tow, goes to ask Kaiva if she really wants to talk. She says yes, so they walk out of town, Betha creeping along behind. Betha takes the opportunity to explain to Yannic why Kaiva’s so upset with Kean. When Kean stops, he looks around and sees Betha, who stares him down. Kean turns back to Kaiva and tells her that if he tells her, she has to agree to never ask him about it again.

Kaiva agrees, and Kean says none of what he did [in the murder room] was his choice, but he did it. Kaiva wants to know if it could happen again. Kean says he’s done everything in his power to prevent that from ever happening again. Kaiva says she’s worried about Andra, and asks if she was ever made to do things against her will. He says no. Kaiva asks how it happened, and he says they held the position before Callum came, in a time of great need, when the town was starving. Kaiva questions why the other Kean would have put the party there if things were so dangerous in Keyberry Ford. He says the Keyberry house is good and safe, but the rest of the town is not.

Conversation over, Kean walks back towards town, and Yannic catches up to him to tell him if he needs anything, let Yannic know. Yannic asks if Kean would rather be alone, and when he nods, Yannic clips off some of his hair for Kean to keep for teleportation. Kean leaves.

Kaiva and Betha rejoin the rest of the party in perusing armor options, while Yannic tries to scry on his mom. He fails, and feels like he was punched in the face by a blue sapphire wall. Everyone else buys some armor. Betha confesses that she knows where Fen’s missing diamond is.

At noon, after purchases have been made, the party regroups at the Step Back Inn and orders drinks. Kaiva asks Yannic about the Skinner, and encourages him to ask Kean about it. We talk about potentially finding Party Island and Arctus. Some of the Banishers explain to Kaiva why they joined the Banishers, and the party talks about how they feel about Gorloris’ status quo for the extraplanar system. Kaiva offers to punch a tree so Fen can fulfill her Banfey promise of protecting a tree. We begin to discuss the possibility of going back to the original timeline, and whether we’d choose to. (Fen says she would, to take back her diamond from Kean.)


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