Welcome to the Safetydome

Betha returns at sundown, the familiar whooshing sound waking us from our AU dream. It’s been two days for her, doing paperwork in the Feywild because Morthred’s gone missing and the line of succession needs updating.

We can all remember the dream, and eventually determine that it was semi-divine in nature and was specifically given to us, although we don’t know from whom.

Ondy’s still out on the town, and Remi sends a Sending after him. We discuss the dream while we wait; Fen has some vague ideas about where Party Island might be located off the northwest coast, and also Arctus was at the party! He had a shiny thing around his neck, never moved from one spot, and looked charmed to hell and not in the good way. Ondy texts back: It’s only been three hours on the Celestial plane, but he’s on his way back.

The watches go fairly uneventfully for the most part; the second watch, Kaiva and Yannic, hash out the whole Kean situation, and Yannic ignores a smudge of movement on the horizon. Third watch, Remi and Fen, notice that the smudge is in fact two dragons – one is gold (not Bob though), the other bronze, and while they’re smaller than the rest of the dragons we’ve encountered, they’re still fuck-off big. Remi makes bread for the guests.

Gorloris is gathering the remaining Banishers to a place a couple miles to the north, in preparation for a big strike against The Enemy and putting the barriers back up. Our party would really love to help, really we would, except half of us have to wash our hair and the other half of us have to help their grandmother stop being on fire, really sorry! Eventually the dragons leave and promise to come back later to pick us up. Also, they have an egg.

We head to the Tower as a potentially defensible place to wait for Ondy, and spot the meeting place on the horizon, north and a smidge west. Ondy finally teleports back in, and Kean, upon hearing what has happened, texts Yannic a teleport symbol, old and unrecognized by the party.

After a brief detour in the alchemy lab involving Yannic, a light spell, and a pot of boiling acid, we go shopping in Remi’s dad’s closet and head off to parts unknown.

The town we end up is about 300 years and very abandoned, although we find and hole up in a house that is significantly younger in terms of abandonment. There’s a big castle that used to be a temple to smaller local deities (with inscriptions in Undercommon), and the town is called Keyberry Ford. Also, as soon as we’re within the wall surrounding the town, a barrier goes up and seals us in. Yannic begins sending very very angry texts to a suspiciously silent Kean.

Betha calls Sivoreen (accidentally sending her splatting against the top of the dome), who says that she can’t get them out, only Kean or Keanvari can. Knowing he has Kean’s magic, Yannic manages to dispel a 30ft circle of barrier for twelve seconds, proving that we could get out if we need to.

We don’t need to, as it turns out, because at 5:30pm Andra teleports in, dragging her brother by the ear, and makes him drop the barrier. Kean tries to straight-up flee, but is knocked out by a clutch Sleep spell from Remi, who is nearly as pissed as his BFF about Kean’s treatment of said BFF.

While Yannic tries to talk about trust and betrayal and boundaries over Kean’s Apology Cooking (Kaiva as angry chaperone), Andra drops some knowledge about their hometown. The temple/castle/temple again was to Callum the Hungry God. She and Remi chat about the Awkward Boys – apparently Kean has a diary full of horrid love letters to Yannic that he never sent. Curtains down on this sweet scene, and, across town, on Kean creating food because he’s too bad at apologizing with words.


shannon_m_allred Millie

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