What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate


The first failure of communication happens when our intrepid party realizes that they can’t see or hear anyone. After a rousing game of Musical Roll20, the party switches to Skype and carry on.

So the substance in the middle of the room, the group soon discovers, is a giant organic heart with something in it that can throw a punch. Seru’s Divine Sense says that it’s a combination of every type of energy she can access (including undead! Fun). Kaiva gets too close and gets punched in the face by whatever is in there.

They disband briefly and inspect the doors. The white one is described as soothing, being like a misty waterfall. The blue/yellow one (identified by Ondelin as celestial in origin) is extra shiny and shimmery, warm but in an unsettling way. The green and orange door is fizzling and rippling, like something is completely contained but nonetheless trying to get out.

Remi, the true MVP of the night, gives way to his nervous tic and starts playing music, which soothes the savage beast in the heart RIGHT DOWN. Ten points to the power of music.

The group keeps trying to communicate, sometimes failing epically (whatever it is does NOT like the sound of Draconic), but eventually they settle on Undercommon, whereupon the thing inside begins to express its desire to please be let out of the heart RIGHT THE HECK NOW. So Seru, Betha, and Fen start cutting it out of the heart (an extremely bloody affair. So much blood).

The first part to emerge is a very very pale foot, which Fen promptly tickles. This sets the tone for the rest of her interactions with the mysterious Heart Denizen, which turns out to be a fey(-ish) male named Morthred. He’s looking rough, skin sloughing off, coughing, no hair, and so on.

Ondelin proceeds to lose every inch of his mind and starts to attack, saying that Morthred is on a List with two other people (Nimueh and Uther) of dangerous enemies from the original Banishing Times. He is unable to give any other information about this List, however, and is summarily ignored by the group. Morthred claims that the List is of political dissidents who were imprisoned by Gorloris for speaking out against his banishing plan.

What follows is a very tense negotiating session, wherein the group decides whether to just kill Morthred right there, push him into the Feywild, leave both him and Ondelin to duke it out alone, or take a road trip with both of them. During these talks, the red-lever door gets closed to prove a point, Fen keeps talking loudly about stabbing Morthred, and Morthred attacks her out of exasperation.

Eventually, Ondelin snaps and attacks Morthred, but is persuaded by Kaiva that maybe everyone should take a breath and try talking to Morthred’s mom, Morgaine, about maybe coming up with some peaceful solutions to the whole big-picture problem, maybe? This is aided by a clutch natural 20 Persuasion check by Remi, who now has a Celestial adherent/devotee/boyfriend?

We ended with Morthred on Kaiva’s back and Ondelin trailing after Remi, on what is sure to be the road trip of our lives. Gathering ho!


shannon_m_allred Millie

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