"You don't need pants at the end of the world!"

(this one got long, guys, but in fairness to me, a lot of ridiculousness happened. the title was shouted by Fen in all seriousness at one stage, which should reinforce my point.)

So as not to leave you in suspense – curtains up on the frog and Fen having a staring contest, which Fen wins when the frog blinks, waves at Fen, and hops away. Fen, naturally, follows her, and they wink over into a different roll20 game for a private chat.

While this is happening, Betha, seeing Fen wander off and presumably being used to this, goes exploring herself (taking care not to set off any alarms this time), and finds a supply room to the east and a reception area to the north, with a biiiiig ornate door in the north room. It’s locked. Fen returns, neglecting to mention her conversation partner to the rest of the party.

Seru and Kaiva (and Kaiva’s backpack) go into the jail (to the west of the main room) and immediately find seven people trapped behind a magical barrier inside a big holding cell, with an eighth unconscious on the floor. They summon the rest of the party, and Morthred drops the barrier.

The people inside are totally not criminals, nuh-uh, they’re all 100% innocent and wrongfully imprisoned and should definitely be compensated for their troubles, and also the unconscious one put the barrier up and then immediately passed out. After a brief convo, the party decides to tell them the truth, let them out, and leave what they do next up to them. After all, the world’s just ended, and all the judges are dead now.

Yannic and Seru stay behind to do the talking, while the rest of the group splits up to find the key to the holding cell. Betha takes Fen to fight the ornate door in the north room. We’ll return to them in a moment, because at this point Kaiva (with Morthred backpack) is searching through the desk in the main room. She finds some fancy pens. She takes the fancy pens.

Or rather, she tries to, because as soon as she picks them up her bracers activate, she takes a bit of fire damage, and her pants immediately catch fire. While on her body.

Luckily, Sol’soran elementary schoolers are taught the basics of fire safety, and she manages to successfully stop, drop, and roll herself into a doused state (squashing Morthred, who thinks this is the funniest thing he’s ever seen). Morthred offers to take the bracers off her arms (literally), and then off her hands (figuratively). Kaiva accepts. At the end of the whole ordeal, Kaiva is down pants and some Bracers of Social Responsibility, and Morthred is up a pair of Bracers of Social Responsibility. But Kaiva’s got fancy pens!

In the north room, Fen is losing her first ever battle against a door, but eventually manages to bust a hole in it with a chair. Kaiva (pantsless) joins her to rip the rest of the door down, at which point at least twenty fresh corpses fall out. After about twenty minutes of the worst digging ever, Betha finds the key and we release the prisoners, feed them, and heal up the unconscious man.

His name is Fenrin, a Druid elf come to help with some sort of cow plague. He’s also shady as fuck and Ondelin doesn’t trust him. After some tense back-and-forth, Fenrin is escorted to the teleportation circle and sent home to Webdel. (We assume. We aimed him at Webdel, anyway.)

On the way back, Seru makes a bird friend! Upon getting to know her new friend, she learns that the bird has human eyes. Seru nopes out of this new acquaintanceship and goes back inside. Some more time passes, wherein Yannic amuses himself by messing with Ondelin’s sightlines, Seru cuddles with the only animal friend she needs, Fen tries to make friends with the lead prisoner, and Morthred sets his own pants on fire telling Kaiva that she’s made good choices that day.

It’s time for the nightly watch! Kaiva and Yannic go first; Yannic sees Seru’s new bird friend, but the night is otherwise uneventful. Betha and Ondelin go next; Betha tries to take a lap outside, but makes it to the corner of the building before she’s herded inside by a frog.

Remi and Fen go next, and wind up having a frog encounter of their own. Fen approaches the frog and invites Andraki out on a date to kill some zombie cows. Clearly intrigued by this offer, Andraki assumes her human form, the better to kill zombie cows with. Remi (I assume wanting to avoid another player/NPC romance to rival his own) wakes the rest of the party up.

You guys! We made it to the end of the day!!!!!


shannon_m_allred Millie

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